Stella Dimoko BBNaija Season 6 - Housemates Kneel Down To Apologise To Biggie, Angel Drops Bombshell Revelation + Other Gists..


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Thursday, August 19, 2021

BBNaija Season 6 - Housemates Kneel Down To Apologise To Biggie, Angel Drops Bombshell Revelation + Other Gists..

It is time for me to Introduce ' Hmmmmm' into Big brother posts on this Blog because of some things eeeeh.......


All the housemates on Wednesday evening apologised to Biggie after Head of House, Maria delivered a brief from Biggie.

According to the brief, the housemates are to apologise to Biggie in a creative manner for accusing him of shortage of food when they didn’t take their shopping seriously.

The housemates in response to the brief, went on their knees in the lounge and sang a song apologizing to Biggie.

Maria at the end of the song apologised on behalf of housemates for accusing Biggie for food shortage and assured that henceforth, they would take their shopping on Sunday seriously.

Kneel down? because of what? Damn!!!!



Housemate Angel, has disclosed her preference for group sex to fellow housemate Boma.....

Angel revealed this to Boma during their stay in the executive lounge on Wednesday night.

She said...

“If I wanted to do that, I’ll do that where I’m comfortable. I mean I like being watched, like one person at most. I like being watched when I’m having s#x,” she said.

Boma, who is the current deputy head of house, had picked Angel to be with him in the executive lounge after discovering the opening of the lounge.

The rich men that will contact Angel once she exits big brother house have noted this... LOL



Housemate Jackie B, has disclosed fellow housemate JMK that she was in labour for four days.

She said: “I was in labour for four days from Friday to Monday.
The period of my pregnancy was simple but labour was difficult.”

 Jackie B at the early days of the reality show disclosed that she got pregnant after having sex for the first time when she was 19.

Oh dear, I am just imagining the pains!!!



Housemate, Whitemoney has named two housemates that Head of House, HoH, Maria, may evict on Sunday.

He said, “For the female housemate, I think she will evict Queen but for the males I am not sure but it might be me.

“She has a personality clash with Queen, they don’t get along. I feel she might not want to have Queen cause she triggers her anger but I don’t know the criteria she will use.

I also feel she will eliminate me because she thinks I am her competition. She and Pere already had a meeting about the kitchen monopoly. She might send me out because I am her competition and if she does I will not blame her. This is a game.”

Biggie gave Maria a secret task on Monday to act as though she has the power to evict two housemates from the show on Sunday.

I wonder what Big brother is up to with all these manipulations... Hissss



housemate Tega said during her session with Biggie that the current Head of House, Maria is a manipulator.

She said

“Maria is a user, she has always been a user and highly manipulative.

“Her new role makes everything easier because it has always been what she wanted. However, I’m indifferent about the new development in the house because I know I will do my best and ensure that I carry out my duties properly,” she said.

Pere and Maria entered the house with an attitude because they were the wild cards..



Housemate, Angel, has advised Michael not to restrict himself to his love interest, Jackie B.

Michael, who got into the house two weeks after the show began, has been stuck with Jackie B who has been so clingy to him.

Though Michael is a year younger than she is, the mother-of-one had earlier said that she was attracted to him because he’s cute.

However, Michael during a conversation with Angel after the late-night games on Tuesday said that he does not really understand his relationship with Jackie B as he accuses her of snubbing him.

He further asked Angel for her thoughts on his relationship with Jackie B.

In response, Angel said 

”There’s a lot to consider in figuring it out. If you guys want to be serious, you’ll have to take it slow.
You can put it into consideration that you’ve only known her for a week. So you can’t exactly restrict yourself to her.
There could be someone in the house that you probably feel more,” she said.

Note that during a Diary Session on Tuesday, Jackie told Biggy that she was not on a ‘ship’ with Michael or anybody in the house.

What a nice way to give the green light....LOL

All edited excerpts from dailypost


  1. I think angels 'fans' are going to buy her private jet. She is very wild and freaky....just the way they like it

    1. 4 ur fresh affordable Gorontula chat me up @ 08156173381 Nationwide delivery(Wholesale & Retail)19 August 2021 at 16:02

      Angel is really selling her market in that house, seriously.

    2. Angel reminds me of Tiara in the men's club. Same carefree werey attitude.

  2. Kneel down as per what? They should stop treating adults like children all because of a show.They should stop acting as they hold they keys to their lives

    1. Madam did you watch it? No one asked them to kneel down, they chose too. Then White money raised an apology song and they all sang along. Maria concluded with an apology and Pere also took responsibility as the HOH past week.

    2. 90 million is not easy oo. I'm sure they can do just about anything.

    3. Be calming down. If you were there, you will do as housemates did. Ask evicted housemates which they'll prefer.

    4. With all the legit money/wealth these people make when they come out?, my dear, THEY hold the key to their livelihood.

    5. Angel the boyfriend snatcher, she has already destroyed Jacky's relationship with Micheal. The reunion will be hot.

    6. Thanks miss aboki.
      It was an awesome emotional moment, their kneeling down was their choice.
      Biggie would have blushed watching those minutes.

      *It is CHOSE TO anyway

  3. It would have been better if someone else had been given that task of pretending to have veto power.

  4. She hasnt learnt her lesson. Shes attracted to bad guys like ants to sugar

  5. Angel, don’t even know what to say about you anymore.. it is well with your soul

  6. It actually made sense when i thought kayvee was michael after reading about him online. Now i'm asking "what's the fuss?". Na dem sabi

  7. So biggie is a savage kingπŸ˜…πŸ˜†πŸ˜

    Maria to Biggie yesterday

    Maria:Angel is flirting with Michael,she doesn't respect the girl code.
    Biggie:You are channeling your anger to the wrong direction.

    Maria:boys will be boys you knowπŸ™„πŸ™„

    Biggie:Maria,If boys will be boys then Angel will be Angel πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜†πŸ˜…πŸ€£

    1. Biggie likes Angel oh, the day he told everyone to remove their glasses but he didn't tell Angel to. I like how freaky and bad girl vibe Angel gives. Tho I'm very quiet and covers up but I like bad girls and love being their friend

  8. Bikonu who is this almighty Micheal that you people wouldn’t allow me see cute guys in that house because of? Is it the one that looks like late Lucky Dube? That guy Kayvee is 10times cuter than him in short all the male house mates are more handsome than him.

    1. Michael looks like a younger version ofHanks Anuku.

    2. 🀣🀣 looks like late Lucky Dube. My Presido Fan with her mouth. But truly that Micheal is not all that abeg.

    3. Nothing wrong in them kneeling down after all it was their decision not biggie.
      As for Angel,babe no send anybody o.shes in a world of her own.

    4. Michael also resemble Jim Iyke

  9. Maria is manipulative, no doubt. She sees herself as smart. She discusses and agrees with Pere and comes out trying to individually talk to the housemates to absolve herself.

    I hope Maria won't feign shock and surprise when nominated for eviction next week as housemates see through her.

    Men will simply swam to Angel like ants to sugar. Her "fans" will buy her houses in different cities or state capitals. While cars will be by model.

    Saga is killing his game clinging and body guarding Nini. He had prospects but has distracted himself.

    Sammie still has student tendencies. Would not mind toasting all the girls.

    Housemates have not forgiven Pere as HOH for treating them the way he did.

  10. BITCHandSLUT.com19 August 2021 at 11:54

    I see no big deal there in them kneeling down to apologize for wrong doing.

    Since yesterday my opera mini is not showing photos, what can I do, people?

    1. Mine started today. I can't see or view pictures with opera mini browser

    2. Buy data then connect directly,their free daily 50mb has issues, to be resolved soon.
      Sorry about that

    3. Anon 14:22, I don't think it's a data issue cos it happened to me for a long time and I always had data cos I sub 24GB. However, it stopped after I upgraded to a higher phone.

  11. Angel no send person oo.Baby girl is going to cash out when she is out of the house.

  12. Yesterday was lit with the wonderful performance from Whitwemoney and his group which made them to win the cash prize from Storm perfumes. Maria was daring enough to tell Biggie that she does not like Angel. Trust Biggie with his 'indaboski' answer, he told Maria that she don't have to like anyone because they are all here to play games.

  13. Abeg the kneeling down is not biggie FAULT! He told them to apologize in a creative way but der felt that kneeling down would be more EFFECTIVE.
    I lOVE MARIA...she is doing a great job.

    1. Maria is doing well, she and Angel Peace are my favorites among the ladies....for the men I don't have a favourite but I'm watching Boma and Cross

  14. Replies
    1. Abiooo! 90m is not 1naira, I don't mind kneeling with legs and hands

  15. Replies
    1. Manipulative or not, I love Maria. Ds is like politics, same interests (90mi). Every one of them has their strategies that can either keep them in d house or not. I’ve forgotten that there are names like JayPaul & JMK , until yesterday. What exactly did they come to d house to do, taking other people’s chances at d competition, ended up eating & lounging around. Yesterday , Michael was telling Pere & Angel his kinda girl & Angel asked him to choose her, but Michael outrightly told her that she’s not his type. What? D show is getting interesting .

  16. I really like Angel, tho my vote is for whitemoney but I really really like her. I like her diary sessions too, she is so real

  17. Indeed a nice way to indicate interest...but I like the Angel girl naturally the kind of person I can roll with,plus she is beautiful. I have a feeling she will be the hottest babe after this who shine ya eye saga, her market go blow!
    This kind naija wey things hard like palm kernel ehhh, hmmm I'm imagining how babes go dey hustle.
    Anyway make dem enjoy, everybody get im time, and moreover make wetin we believe no dissapoint us by God's grace.

  18. Wetin we no go see for Big brother?

  19. Truth be told, maria is a smart girl,she's the nengi of this season. I notice these housemates talk so much during there diary session,there reunion will be real gbas gbos..As for angel i just love the girl,with her carefree attitude

  20. Angel is having fun in Biggie's house. She and JMK were discussing on how to create drama in the house but JMK is scared of being sent home. Make them shine their eye abeg.
    The housemates chose to kneel down, its not Biggie's fault. They should be serious when shopping next and buy what they really need.

  21. Angel .............i so much like the babe.

  22. I tell you most solemnly that Angel has a game plan/strategy. She said that to get viewers hooked on her and never vote her out with high hopes that they will watch her knack in the house.

  23. Madam Basket where are you????


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