Stella Dimoko BBNaija Season 6 - Housemates Pere And Maria Seen Trying To Kiss + Other Stories...


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Friday, August 27, 2021

BBNaija Season 6 - Housemates Pere And Maria Seen Trying To Kiss + Other Stories...

Who has been watching the cameras in Big brothers house? This season Biggie has been hiding all the nasty stuff going on under the sheets right?


Housemate, Queen revealed to big brother in the diary room that she saw Maria and Pere trying to kiss each other.

When asked if the cameras in the house were completely switched off, which housemate would’ve actually started a situationship or relationship, Queen said Maria and Pere.

She said Pere and Maria really like themselves and holding back because of the cameras in the house.
Queen told Biggie: “I think Pere and Maria really like themselves. I bumped into Maria and Pere trying to kiss.  I tried to go in between them.”

JMK also mentioned that Maria and Pere are forming, as they would have been together if the cameras were switched off in the house.



Housemate, Michael has said he cannot have a relationship with Liquorose.

“I can’t have a relationship with Liquorose. I have a personal relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Manyou outside the house.

He’s my boy and an ex-basketball player. Liquorose is like my Gee,” Michael told Jackie B.

Michael also mentioned that he doesn’t think Liquorose likes him and would entertain thought of a relationship.

 Liquorose has expressed her likeness for Emmanuel and seems to be interested in a relationship with him.



Peace while having a conversation with Maria in the garden on Thursday night  revealed her intention to undergo surgery 

She said
“Let me see how I’ll be if I put on weight – if I like my body, if not I’ll consider surgery for my butt but don’t know where.
Would like to do it in America or Dubai but it’s so expensive there,” 

Maria , responded

“It’s okay to do plastic surgery, however, ensure it’s done by the best doctor(s) so you won’t end up with a square butt.
You can try Turkey, Lebanon but to get Botox in America and Dubai is really expensive.
Since when you eat, you add weight in your Buttocks then keep eating more,” 



Pere has admitted it is difficult to move on without Maria.

Speaking with Michael about Maria, Pere admitted that Maria gives him mixed signals which is frustrating.

Pere said: “Maria gives me mixed signals and I cannot move on from her because I don’t have many options here.
Remove sexual attractions, aside from Maria, I don’t think I’m emotionally drawn to any female housemate here. If not, I would have moved on since.”

Michael said he would have checked out if he was in Pere’s situation as there are so many women in the house.


  1. Hiding to steal kisses and fornication
    Going under the cutlass to sew new butts to market their bodies
    Kneeling to worship humans
    Manipulative and domineering 🐀πŸ₯
    Chicks 🐀πŸ₯clinging on dudes like leeches.
    Diabolism -witchcraft 101
    Clash with each other
    Sleeping with each other
    Stealing of condoms to fornicate
    Drunkenness and crying crocodile tears
    porn shooting dreams and real
    kids watching porn
    men sucking the breasts of married women in full view of world cameras
    sex position demonstration on camera
    sacking volunteer cooks like "blatant failures"
    f-word galore and boasting
    slander and backbiting
    fights over food
    evil drama, evil drama, evil drama

    And sugar mommies and stevia daddies are saving up to buy suvs and mansions for them
    for jobs well done. And people stay up at nights with their kids to watch and copy these
    And brands of vanities will endorse these evil and atrocities?

    Reporting from Big BROTHEL House, it is me Onye nta akuko

    1. And tomorrow they will ask " what happened to us?what happened to our generation" yimu

    2. You are trying 😐

    3. Uou know the really hilarious thing, you actually think you are funny.

    4. @13:08
      Nothing about this house is "funny." Everything is rather disgusting. I am yet to see anything stated in that comment that isn't the truth that I also read here. Suck it up and stop throwing sentiments as negativity.

    5. And you think typing these ramblings in every bbn post will make the show stop airing? You actually think you're 'redeeming souls' with this display of madness?
      I'd rather you invest your time and energy in something more productive cos obviously you will never succeed in your dumb mission but..Keep at it boo!

    6. Shooter gal. Leave them. They are stark psyches.

    7. @15:42
      And who are the "stark psyches?" Those doing all those stuff written up there or those writing them? You can't even stand to defend them of any point on that list? Wow!

    8. Abeg shut up and get l.ost. @16:36 Just a little bit more before you start dancing on your head in the market place.🀣🀣🀣

  2. Hmmmmmmmmm. Maria n Pere, birds of the same feathers.
    Honestly, i dont like the two.

    I wish Queen survives this sunday eviction. I gave her all my votes. She is a srrong girl with good vibes.

    But wait ooo, whats going on with Emmarose. Is Liquor not too old for Emma? Abi Emma is cruising with Liquor fan base. Senior sister playing with kid brother. I dont really see his impact in the house. He should be up joor and be going! Niyi was even better

    1. unfortunately he wont go. her fans r solidly behind him cos they want a ship. yes he is young. but he has an old soul. he is quite mature for his age. I feel he is using d whole thing to get sympathy from her fans. it is working. everyone is happy

  3. No,Pere has moved move,the shakara too much,oshe mafi General ma kpa baye? Anyway thanks to everyone who voted for Pere...#Teamgeneraltill72days..Patriots we moveπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

  4. No Pere has moved other news ,thanks to everyone who voted for Pere...Patriots we moveeeeeeeeπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

  5. Anytime I see Michael, I remember that bv that said 'Alagbole Tevin Campbell' and na to laugh like hyena be dat. As in the guy legit feels that he is hot and attractive.🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

  6. Pere and Maria had already kissed. LiquorRose told her see saw them kissing in the bathroom passage. She formed amnesia straight and blamed alcohol.. A whole lot has happened in that house. Get showmax and watch The buzz with Toke Makinwa.. They only show us 10% cos of NBC regulations. Condoms keep reducing, people bathing naked and doing a lot of cunninglingus, smothing and fingerings. It's an adult show and it's expected. Don't be fooled by the pretentious display of the ladies.

    1. So that The buzz is action packed yea? I always skipped it. Off to watch πŸƒ‍♀️

    2. Toke does not see more than what we see. I watch showmax, it is still the same as they show on TV

  7. Na loneliness dey worry all of them. When they leave the house, they won't care about their partners here.

  8. Show max is the real deal noooooooo...chei

    1. Please tell us what has been happening on show max please. Those ones that have showmax

    2. Don't listen to their lies. Showmax doesn't show anything different.

  9. My problem is with Nini, fine girl needs hypo to wash her mouth, every time fu*king this and fu*king that and to think she acts like a baby most times, which baby talks dirty all the time. She can’t even make a complete sentence without using a dirty language. SMH 🀦‍♀️

    1. I thought I was the only one disgusted with her choice of words. Always using the f word like it's going out of fashion.

    2. Very annoying girl. Another one I don't like is Peace, Dear lawd!!! Can she be evicted already cos mehn she gets on my damn nerves with her unattractive looks

    3. It is extremely nauseating. Girl make a complete sentence without swearing please

  10. please what is the meaning of YIMU? i have been seeing it without understanding

    1. Just look at the mirror and say YIMU, that facial expression you see there is YIMU isπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

    2. Yimu is Yoruba translation for 'scrunch up your nose with your facial muscles only (i.e without touching your face).' It's a facial expression you make:

      1. after saying something you didn't mean and you want someone (usually someone other than the recipient of your statement) to see that you didn't mean it.

      2. when someone says something you don't believe.

      I don't know a better way to explain it. I hope you understand?

    3. @13:49
      Youths Illiterate Might Understand

    4. God warned us about people who "snub their nose at others".
      Don't begin using of yimu, it's not a good remark.

  11. It's just 3 months for pete's sakes! Can't they stay without a babe or is it strategy. What's with the 'moving on' and 'not many options' statements by Pere?
    Did they come for the fame, the money or for sex?

  12. I just love these two, individually and collectively,Maria and Pere,my persons😍😍😍πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

  13. You'd enjoy this show more on showmax.

    1. Showmax show the same thing like Gotv and Dstv,which other Showmax are you guys talking about?

  14. Pere is the type that like a woman with composure splashed with thug lifestyle by thug I don't mean rugged I mean a woman that would give him the toughest time a woman he cannot bend easily. Fall in love with his kind at your own peril. His type,the more you give them 'I Don't care' the more they want you but the moment you show them you care it will be too late. Ah!yes,he is a sucker for intelligent people you cannot catch his type with a slay Queen that has nothing upstairs.

  15. Thanks MetoYou, i now understand

  16. Anon 12:10 I'm sure you have this write up saved somewhere and you always copy and paste. You can't be typing that same thing everyday nah.

  17. From Biggie's Diary room this afternoon.

    Round 1 CROSS
    Biggie: Cross who's the housemate you least trust.

    Cross: Maria

    Biggie : Cross, why Maria

    Cross: Maria is err manipulative, stubborn and mean.
    Don't know if it's her real self though. It's scary.

    Round 2 PERE
    Biggie : Pere, who would you choose as your least trusted amongst all the housemates.

    Pere: Maria

    Biggie: Why Maria? Pere

    Pere : it's clear. Maria is untruthful, manipulative, sneaky, disrespectful.

    Round 3 MICHAEL
    Biggie: Michael, who do you consider your least trusted housemate.

    Michael: Maria.

    Biggie: why if I may ask

    Michael: Honestly I don't trust anything she says, she lies a whole lot. She's mean meennnn.
    The way she played the fake eviction so well also adds to my suspicion.

    LMAO. Maria is not Pere's spec, guy is cool though he gets too angry often.
    Maria you see your life, the three guys hustling to gbensh you don't like you. RUN!!!!

    1. they don't like her just cus they said she is mean? lmaoo u have a lot to learn about male psychology the laws of attraction. what maria is doing that has pere hooked that he talked about up there is called the push/pull method. it is an old trick used to seduce people. and i thought we all agreed that men like "mean" women or shall i say women that give them a challenge?

      Personally I don't use manipulative tactics to get romanctic interests as it becomes tiring n hard 2 keep up as emotions get stronger. if u are a spiritual person, u apply those tactics naturally n they become part of you

  18. Guys be patient with Maria and Pere. We've not seen the end, only time will tell when he leaves the house, though she's hurt, I see a strong connection. Forget all she said in her media rounds, Maria is the real game master.


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