Stella Dimoko BBNaija Season 6 - Queen Reveals Why She Cannot Date Pere ;Arin Knows Why She Was Put Up For Eviction + All The Drama


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Wednesday, August 11, 2021

BBNaija Season 6 - Queen Reveals Why She Cannot Date Pere ;Arin Knows Why She Was Put Up For Eviction + All The Drama

Housemate Pere seems to have caught the attention of most Ladies in the house..


On Tuesday in a conversation with Yousef, housemate, Queen revealed that she finds the current head of house, Pere attractive.

She said Pere has ‘King vibes’ which is her spec for a man but she cannot be in a relationship with him because he’s not light-skinned in complexion.

Queen said: “I find Pere attractive because he has this king vibe, even the way he walks. If Pere was light-skinned I would grab him and I wouldn’t even let him go.
Pere is my spec physically. I just wish he was light-skinned. Also, he’s with Maria and I don’t see myself scattering any ship.”

Pere who was across the table and heard her said he’s not in any ‘Ship’ with Maria yet as she’s yet to reciprocate his feelings.

“I told Maria I have feelings for her, but she was using me to cruise. She hasn’t accepted my proposal yet. We are just cool,” Pere said.

Pere declared his intention to have a relationship with Maria since the second week of the show but she has continued to rebuff his advances.

WHAT!!!! ::: She does not date dark skinned guys? WTF



Housemate Emmanuel during his session with Big brother said Angel is a distraction to him.

He nominated Angel and Arin for possible eviction next Sunday and when he was asked why he chose the two, Emmanuel said Angel’s personality is a distraction to him.

“Angel is a cool girl but I see her as a distraction
She has an amazing personality and her vibe but I just nominated her because she’s a distraction to me,” 

She is distracting him from what exactly? And he nominated her eviction?Chairman of wicked people association.. lol



Housemate, Boma when asked why he nominated fellow housemate Saskay for eviction said Saskay is not mentally capable to be on the reality show.

“In all honesty I nominated Saskay because she has had panic attack twice in this house.
She does not participate in the house socially. I feel she’s not mentally capable to stay in this house.
She has never participated in truth or dare games in the house.
I don’t think she’s strong enough to stand this house,”  

Na you know!



Housemate Arin has given reasons why she thinks some housemates nominated her for possible eviction.

During her diary session on Tuesday, Arin told Biggie she was nominated because she’s opinionated and some housemates can’t stand her personality.

When asked how she feels about being nominated, Arin said: “Many people like me but can’t stand my personality

“I was in their faces a lot, I have opinions and overdid the wild card thing so I guess that’s why they nominated me

“I feel Tega, Maria, nominated me.”

Arin disclosed that she thinks Pere nominated her because he hates her guts and Maria took his side because she’s his girl.

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  1. Ada Eji Eje Mba 111 August 2021 at 10:12

    Omo! Last night was hot hot πŸ˜‚. Pere has been with Queen all day, Maria didn't like it, she was kinda moody because of that. And during the 'content' Cross and Whitemoney created where they pick a number and serenade each other with sweet words through music, when WM was introducing pere, he called him a strategist and Queen was agreeing with him when Maria said "look at this one, just two days and you already know he is a strategist" in a condescending manner. E pain Queen but she waited till the end of the whole stuff to meet Pere first, told him she found it condescending and that she was going to meet Maria. They tried stopping her to no avail. She got to Maria who was talking with Kayvee, excused her for some talk. Maria was reluctant but later followed her. She was like "that thing you said when we were..." She didn't finish, Maria repeated same thing, omo, she flared up and Maria walked away. Fight start oh, pere was indirectly supporting Queen. Sha everything died down. Around 2 am, they were eating, Pere told them to finish up fast that he has something important to tell them. When they finished and gathered in the lounge, he said, "you may not respect me as a person but, you see this position of HOH, you see this emblem on my neck, must not be disrespected, did I make myself clear, did I make myself clear??", and walked away. I went to bed πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    1. And deep at night, he told Maria she is the only person he has hard on for in the house. Maria told him she will slap him if he tries that nonsense

    2. Maria like's so obvious πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
      But I don't know what pere is feeling like o, asking that they must respect him bla blaπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
      Emmanuel is very wicked o😲

    3. Major General Pere AbachaπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    4. Pere the wahala guy. lol.

      I like his game though he's giving some people headache. His sneaky attitude is content jare. Make everywhere hot small.

    5. It is obvious that Pere wants to have sex with Maria and she refused, otherwise , I don't see what else he wants since they are already friends. What Maria said reeks of jealousy but queen overreacted. The song game they had last time was the best entertainment to me since the inception of BBN6 after their first drama

    6. See that part he said "you will respect the emblem on my neck", he pain me say nobody laughed or called out his bullshit. Imagine the nonsense nau. Talking to adults like they his kids. He said goodnight to them with so much disrespect, then he came back to drop the list for house chores. Someone that said goodnight now went to "devour" the sweet food Whitemoney cooked. Radarada oshi.

  2. Just the way I like mixed races...

    1. I like dark guys..

      Fair guys will just be dragging cream with u

  3. The way Queen was screaming last night uncontrollably, i was like, 'abi them send this one come Biggi house ni'? She Over reacted biko. You went to Maria that was obviously having a conversation with Yousef, told her you wanted to talk to her, she asked if whatever you want to talk about couldn't wait, you said no, she excuses herself from who she was talking to and got to you for you both to have a conversation like two sane adults but you had to abuse it by screaming at Maria like a mad woman. I don't understand, what for? Chic had to walk out because she obviously wasn't ready for a conversation. What i didn't understand was why uncle agbaya was telling Maria that she should have respected her position as the deputy head of house and took Queen to another room, like how? He was just blaming Maria but didn't see any fault in what Queen did and was busy chanting, it's ok, it's ok to Queen. E kuku fit Maria well, when you allow yourself to constantly be manipulated and used, what happened last night is what she'd keep getting.

    Meanwhile Queen is just getting started. It's the was she started an altercation, refused to be calmed, got the attention she wanted and then crowned everything up with crying. What's your definition of a drama queen again? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    1. Maria was getting to know Kayvee not Yousef.

      Maria talks anyhow and Queen too has said her anger is bad.She said she stammers and when very angry she throw stuff.Towing tacha way sha.

      Emmanuel likes Angel.

      Pere is just a fool.Asking them do I make myself clear as if he will be HoH for the whole season. Ode.Very proud thing.They will so nominate him next week.Talking to them like they are his kids.Tega was fuming badly.

    2. Pere indirectly took sides with queen. I am really beginning to dislike him. Maria's reaction to drama queen was so lit. She really got my attention with that big babe move walking out on queen who was being overtly dramatic. Pere has this egocentric attitude.he kept on telling maria, am talking to u as the HOH and u have to respect that. Like what....

    3. Maria told him that he is the HOH not his father

    4. Chisom, yes Queen is a drama queen. But why must Maria be a pain in the butt though? Always throwing cynical and insulting comment at people. She did that with Jackie B remember. Not everyone can tolerate bullshit you know and Maria fucked up. Those words of hers to queen came from a place of jealousy because queen has spent a lot of time with sani abacha. So hearing queen say "true, true" to everything Whitemoney said did not really sit well with her. Kposhi Kposhi anyways.πŸ˜‚

    5. @Awesome R, she reminded me the reasons why i liked her from the first week before she allowed the wicked agbaya to mess with her game. While Queen was busy barking like a street dog, fly girl chipped in one or two with that her killer voice and accent and went to sit down, madam kept on barking, woof! Woof!! E nor do her, she begin cry. Plus oh my God, did you see the way she cleared pere the wicked power drunk agbaya? Baby gee was committing murder in the most classy and savage way while still maintaining beauty and poise. Hehehe.

      10:48 The guy is just so annoying, to think that he's the oldest in that house but acts the silliest is mind bugging.

      @Lyndy, Don't mind the Buhari of Biggi's house, maybe he thinks he's referring to his slaves/servants. Irritant! My own is that the very intelligent Cross should stay very very far away from him because he's not the type to advice, tell the truth or make friends with.

    6. Oh Queen, I felt like giving her a hug. You see hot tempered people eh? They need close marking and lots of tight hugs all the time.
      Just acting up on impulse now and then, breaks down and cries a river of tears. She looked like a puppy yapping and sobbing while trying to pass across her message all in a straight line. Not good mehnn, not good.
      When Maria asked her if the conversation she wanted so badly couldn't wait she insisted on a now moment meanwhile she wasn't ready for it.
      Maria was calculating and laying ambush for her for some hours the whole day, she knew what to say. That's a strategist. Rile you up and coil up in a corner with a chilled glass of wine as everyone sees you as the troublesome chic and a few petting you to a calm. What's Queen supposed to do?
      Ignore the timing and the crowd, fix a talk time at after hours then she'll single her out in the garden and masticate her ,one time. You don't fight everyone, YOU FIGHT SOMEONE!

      And a while ago, Team Golden won the Guiness task, a N3.5m money bag (that's N500k for each of the 7 in the group) and a 6 months supply of Guiness Company products. Good hit.

      Michael came with great innate skills on Sunday, he'll sure be in the final which is likely an all last 5guys standing on stage. These guys are the IT.
      The song by Naughty by Nature I told you about, listen to verse 2 by Vin Rock ardently, Michael been building a career of steel like in the time of Lee twillz. Low on but of quality personae. He came to hone his skills,speaking pidgin English better than a warri guy and marketing himself to music labels who are watching,not some arm to arm measure ups. Whitemoney, I repeat needs to raise his bar,else....

      Cross I wish he can go in the last lap and leave the N90m for others because his dad's investments is enough "future" for him and his 2 brothers jor but well all man wants a digit close to being an onye 3comma. Hahahaha.
      In my Daddy's voice " being a member of the 3 comma group is one person in a lineage, onye odaalu n'isi,nya gbujili bunata".
      3 comma in Igbo parlance I hope you know is the Billionaire Club. Billions have 3 commas and the BBNaija season 6 prize money is a one point away from getting close to ndi 3 comma. So nobody wan gree.

      I wish the guys goodluck because the ladies are headed home.
      There's too much "ibiliachi" in their system. Not serious one bit, what skills they got again?
      Falling in love and booing up?

      Xhlrted P

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Queen overreacted yesterday sha but Maria can't be getting away those her annoying side utterances. She finish saying one nonsense and goes to apologize and be like "but I just apologized"
    Nah... You don't do that. Same thing she did with Jackie B. Although she won that fight sha😌
    The Queen sef... Her frefrefre too much!

    1. Shebi you were entertained? Go Queen Go!!!πŸ˜‚

  6. Omo i miss the drama........choi

  7. Ada eji eject mba you have a good brain and you are a super story teller!! Pls dey download us gists like this

    1. Thank you so much, I go dey try

  8. First off all, a round of applause to the Host of last night game.. Whitemoney is not your mate!! Secondly, Queen. Queen Queen Queen!! I love her altercation with Maria. If Maria won't stop with her careless and subtle insults, then she shouldn't feel offended when her "victim overreacts".πŸ˜πŸ™„ To me, Queen did not overreact, she did what needed to be done. Maria's own is too much abeg, must she have a say in everything!! Anyways, concern them. Whitemoney is the only one I see in that house. Did y'all see the standing ovation, the respect he got when it was his turn to "strip"?πŸ˜‚ OMG it was so amazing. I stan a man with one big ab.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Goosebumps everywhere..πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

    1. Our Ego Oyibo did a fantastic job as always. The most entertaining game ever in the history of BBN. He changed the narrative, they all were happy and had mad fun for the first time without sexualizing anything, that guy is too entertaining and creative. Omo ehh, he's truly their Mazi, their Chief daddy and their Sugar daddy. The way Maria introduced him, the standing ovation he got from all of them with a clean heart and the way Cross was beating the drum for the King to take the stage and show his pack, i laughed so hard yesterday ehh till Queen and Maria came with their wahala. The song he sang for Arin nko? The way he had her blushing. People should learn that song and sing it to their loved ones, Issa romantic hit track! πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

    2. When he removed his shirt i was like, 'omo this guy is fresh'. Dude is truly an Ego Oyibo for real. God bless him.❤️

  9. But Maria does these things!
    She will make statements that will provoke somebody. And when they overreact, she withdraws and make them look like the troublemakers.

    “That’s the way she talks. That’s the way she talks. She does not mean it”

    Well, that is the way queen reacts “ you can’t tell someone how to react to disrespect or condescending utterances, that’s just manipulative”.

    Queen told ebuka on stage on Sunday that she’s bringing drama and she did. I like a talk and do πŸ‘πŸ½...
    Queen should've come earlier. Maria will learn how to address people politely

    Queen using Maria to introduce herself and get highlights…. A strategic queen πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ

    As for pere 🀦🏾‍♂️ forming dictator and talking to your fellow housemates as kids when you could not even talk to Maria your deputy, was this how peace and boma made other housemates feel like kids?πŸ˜‚ even king Geoffrey for game of thrones nor do pass this one Abeg πŸ˜‚

    1. No highlight in what queen did. If housemate left her she would certainly be out of the show by now. What happens to using your mouth? her attitude yesterday was too gheto like abeg. That girl has low self esteem Michael and kayvee already said it. #spotremover#

    2. The fact you and I are talking about it with others certainly means “HIGHLIGHT”πŸ™ƒ and do you really think she will hit Maria just being inside the house for 2 days or did you also believe the fake tears she had after it all?πŸ˜‚

      Someone clearly said she’s bringing drama and Maria went ahead to gaslight her by being petty over a guy you keep saying u have nothing for🀦🏾‍♂️

      Queen already knew Maria is a strong character and probably favorite out there and already has 2 weeks proviledge over her, so if queen was subtle in approaching her then Maria would have walked over as always, remember she respected HOH and consulted him first before even approaching her, how many people would do that?

      Then micheal and kayvee are obviously also trying to stake a claim to the game being 2 weeks also behind, so their opinion of her doesn’t count self

    3. IsaacBaba, you get it. It's the fake tears for me, for real 🀣

  10. Queen over reacted yesterday biko, I know Maria can be funny but she didn't do anything wrong to Queen. I think Queen has her in mind bfor. She just spoiled the beautiful moment they had that yesterday.

  11. Stella which one is wtf? She stated her preference naa. Same way some ladies say they can't date light skinned guys and vice versa. Her light skin doesn't necessarily mean whites or mixed-race.
    Boma Pele o Mr Capable, determiner of those stable enough to be in the house.
    Saga's head is not correct at all. I watched his diary session when he said he wished Pere had saved Nini instead of him, I was low key hoping biggie will ask him if he's willing to replace Nini on the nomination list though. Boy has been following Nini around like a lap dog on heat with no focus and direction.
    Pere is proud and annoying, chaiii.
    I've realize that fans are very superficial in making their choice of who to like in most cases. Arin was hated from day 1 when she hadn't even interacted with any housemate just because she is not on the list of 'physically attractice' ones, and some people just throw all manner of insults her way for every little thing she does.
    I can bet Maria, Nini or even Jackie B would get by fine if they do worse than Arin is doing just because they are easy on the eye. All these Arin yenyen yen rants from viewers o necessary imo.

    1. I initially liked Arin because of her piercings even though I hated her entrance dress. I love piercings and I have been psyching myself to get more so when I saw her I was wowed. Now I don't care for her because she is always in someone's business and I wouldn't mind that if I felt it was genuine. Just pure busybody. And she is Always insulting someone. Either someone is a fool or trash or something condescending. She should chill abeg.

    2. Really 13:31?? She insults people??? LMAO!!! Has she really looked at her self closely????? Hahahaaaaaa, this kind person insult me, na to laff join.
      Face be like wetin dem press commot from tube.

  12. I really enjoyed the singing thing, twas funny. Michael didn't come to play. Queen overreacted. I feel she saw some things before she entered the house. She's coming with Tacha's script somebody should tell her that Maria is not the one. What is Liquorrose doing with Emmanuel?

  13. Thanks for the update everyone.

  14. Queen πŸ‘‘ πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ˜Š
    She is keeping to her words and bringing on the drama. Queen I have liked from day 1. She has been very friendly in the house and has kolobied all the guys, lol.
    I like what she did to madam Maria. Maria speaks anyhow to people and expects them to swallow her behaviour. Well she should swallow queen's gbas gbos. Because she felt maybe she could always intimidate people. She will talk nonsense then say she was, joking, that is how she talks, she has apologized etc etc. For real I enjoyed Queen's response. A bit over the top yes, but that kind thing can pain ehnnn when you are on the receiving end.
    I am noticing Cross ooo. That guy get sense. He knows how to converse well with the housemates.


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