Stella Dimoko Bishop Oyedepo Replies Those Asking Him To Build A Factory Instead Of A Huge Church Auditorium


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Monday, August 02, 2021

Bishop Oyedepo Replies Those Asking Him To Build A Factory Instead Of A Huge Church Auditorium

Founder of Living Faith Church, Bishop David Oyedepo, in a church sermon on August 1st addressed a couple of issues including those asking him to use money generated from his churches to build a factory instead of a huge church auditorium. 

He said:




“We sent you to go to the villages to reach out to minimum 12 souls in a week and ensure that minimum 6 of them come to Church. Then 6 months, you don’t have 10. You are unprofitable!”

*We are building 100,000 seat auditorium; did they collect money from you?
*“They should have built a factory”: who told you? Do you budget for somebody’s resources?

* Keep quiet my friend and face your job.
* You will never keep unprofitable stewards in your system.

You want all round rest? The kind He gave to your Church: All Round Rest
You know something: we have never built 200 Churches in a year before, in this Commission. Now we are getting close to 2000 this year. Simplicity!

While we are sorting out land issues here and there to be sure, because we can’t remove building. You can’t remove a building. Praise God. But the first 1000 plus (Churches), we have…no issues, they are worshipping there now. In one year. Yet simplicity, because He said so and you just simply embrace the simple Word of God and then things begin to work for you. 

In the name of Jesus, you will never lose whatever belongs to you again", he said


  1. Just own is the arrogance in the way he talks. Wow.

    1. It is really really really really, as in terribly pathetic how much arrogance he displays as he talk.

      Man know God for yourself ooooooh, stop worshipping man.

      It is a business enterprise my people.
      Look and see!

    2. And he won't stop talking that way 😎

    3. Beyond arrogant. Win souls for God? He wins souls for Devil because I know 3 different people that not only goes to his church but are real devoted one and come rain or shine, they must be at Ota every Sunday. Btw, they are 3 individuals that didn’t know each other but can tell you that you don’t need to look further looking for Devil because they are Devil himself and everything about them makes me to wonder what that church is about . For someone devoted to church that strongly, one expected better from them but they cannot only forgive but will do everything in their power to damages anyone that cross their path. Please run away from all these so called hypocrites church people 🏃‍♀️ 🏃‍♀️ 🏃‍♀️

    4. 12:07 you just realized that it's a business enterprise? So you've been dumb all this while? Let me school you more since your brain is not cooked. The church is registered with CAC. Have you understood why it is a business? Mtsewww.

    5. Anon12.56 that it's registered with CAC does not make it a business enterprise.

      There are classifications of companies.
      1. Business Names(Small Biz)
      2. Limited by Liability via Privately owned shares(LTD) or Publicly owned shares (PLC) -Big Companies
      3. Limited by guarantee (Organisations for profit)
      4. Incorporated Trustees(Non profit)

      LFC falls under nos 4 and it's not regarded as a business under CAMA. And most ITs are governed by a board of Trustees that regulate the affairs of the organisation.

      'Business Enterprise' which is a wrong description BTW...connotes that it falls under nos 1...wrong again.

      While calling others "dumb", try schooling yourself as well cos you ain't smart either.

    6. "Mind your business" that's their new language. Oga G.O who told you it is not our business. We have the right to correct or call you back to order when you are going astray.The word of God is for doctrine, correction, reprove/criticism, and instruction in righteousness. When you tell people not to criticize or judge a matter, you're simply telling them not to be discerning. Lack of discernment doesn't make you spiritual; it makes you vulnerable to falsehood and deception.

      When Christians tell me not to criticise pastors like this it means they are simply trying to tell us to stop thinking by ourselves but depend solely on whatever anybody that has the title of a pastor tells us. Lol, when I no dey mad. We all have access to the bible and I believe nobody has supremacy of knowledge of the word of God. If God has doesn't want knowledge of his word to be accessible by all man , then the bible will not be made available for all. Oga, you and your likes should stop telling us to mind our business. We are in this together. It is the business of all Christians.Yes, God is our father as well as he is your father.Our fathers business is our business. Nobe only you follow come this journey o.

    7. Madam Lawyer, don't you think Anon 12.56 was just being sarcastic?

      Me think so. But I may be wrong; and you, right.

    8. Anon 12:31, they are devoted to church and not to Christ. Know the difference.

    9. Anon 12:56, you had to call another dumb just to express your opinion abi? What is wrong with some of you that find it easy to use such words? Don't take out your frustrations on someone else please. You should be mature enough to know you can disagree without such words. Act your age.

  2. Now,Its his Resources, but when they ask for tithes and seed offerings, they say give to God.

    1. TERRIBLE!

      People open your eyes and see.

  3. I dot think it's fair to use corvid year as appraisal year. so may churches lost members.

    1. And so many like living faith doubled in number because kept going on after lost souls. Anyone that has plan to be company with his or her money should start up a company. Ema ba olówó na owo ẹ.

  4. Hahahahaha, the hustle is real.

  5. It's not all about building churches here and there. How do we talk, how do we Christians treat our neighbours, some Christians are even on social
    media, on blogs, cursing and causing calamities. while some common Christian around us don't even answer our greetings. Let our life potray Christ-like then we can call ourselves Christians.

    1. Well said Chinedu👌.

      If only we can be more Christ.
      Let love rule and reign in our hearts towards others.

      Father, help the Church in Nigeria.

  6. Lagos Mainland Girl2 August 2021 at 12:29

    Hmmmm, speechless

  7. Anybody this size?
    Fear short men!!!!

  8. Every week you bloggers send people to just go bring this man down. You'll all get tired. This church will not stop. What they do is not anybody's business. Out of all the thousands of churches, why does it have to be this one every week. What is your business with what they do. He is not answerable to any of you. He is law abiding to the last. So you guys can cry oceans. Face your punishment which God gave to you wicked souls as Buhari. Anybody in his employ not meeting up will be sacked and there is nothing any of you can do about it except wail and talk rubbish. In fact the publicity is garnering more members. So you guys continue crying. All the rubbish most of you have been writing about him for years, has it done anything? It cant do nada! Nonsense! Most of you hiding behind your second hand phones to convulse will quiver if you meet him in person. The same people writing trash will jump at anything to be in his employ if given the opportunity.

    1. Lol,so christlike,welcome o,defender of Oyedepo!!

    2. Don’t mind them, they will just be looking for ways to criticize him. His ministry has been a huge blessing to me anyway.

    3. @anon 12:51, If you can defend this pastor using such words then that says alot about who you are and the god of man you are serving blindly.

    4. I had to go back and read to see where "blogger wrote anything against him." They quoted only what he said in his church.

  9. Acts 2:47 "...And the Lord added to them daily as many as are being saved..."
    Note: those SAVED not those that come to church.
    Psalms 127:1 Except the Lord build the house, the laborers labor in vain
    Zech. 4:6 It is not by power, it is not by might but by my Spirit says the Lord


    1. And the Lord as really continue to increase LFC greatly through various operations and out reaches as directed by God even in the year of lock down. Critics will only continue to rant ise Olúwa ó dúró.

  10. Hmmmmm. It is well.

  11. What do you need these number of churches for? I don't get it.

  12. There is fire on the mountain run run run. A big big fire run run run. God have mercy on us. what !!!!!!!

  13. Yes...No one has the right to tell the church how to spend their money.

    Then again, the reason we have christianity esp in Africa is cos missionaries not only built churches, they also built schools and hospitals as well and they were not for profit but to spread the word of God.

    Your schools are the among the most expensive. You have private Jets that are not accessible to your members, now you want to build more churches in a country where unemployment is skyrocketing and youths are literally turning to criminals to survive.

    Hmmmm....oh well, let me keep quiet and face the job that pays me.

    1. It is the duty of government to build free schools and hospitals.

      The old churches were aided by the colonial government in doing most of their charitable works. You know that churches in UK are registered as charities.

      Nigerians pay tax, but do not hold their rulers and tax collectors to account as they hold churches to account.

      Any person who does not attend LFC has no right to complain about what goes on there. Only dissatisfied LFC Members have the right to complain about the use or abuse of their tithes and offerings.

      And any member still dissatisfied with the response to his complaint has the freedom to change church.

      When I was dissatisfied with the over political sermons of a well known pastor in Lagos, Nigeria, I quietly move to where I was taught to pray and read the Bible (search the scriptures) myself) like the Berean Christians.

      If today's Christian does not pay tithes and or offerings how will churches be kept and maintained as worship places.

      Any pastor sacked by a church should go elsewhere instead of the SM naming and shaming. If truly called by God, such pastor will prosper beyond measure. Further, being a pastor should not be a full time job. Jesus disciples still fished as their occupation while following him. Paul was a tent maker.

      By the way, I am not a member of LFC.

      No vex o.

    2. In other words, all poor pastor are not called by God and all rich pastors are called by God....No wonder you people are easily brainwashed. No where in the Bible did Jesus cut off anyone because they didnt win enough souls. Even Judas the betrayer was not cut off how much more pastors. Unless you want to tell us they were called by the G.O and not by God.

    3. Vex for wetin bro/ need.

      I was a member and was dissatisfied esp during Covid but I was partially attending.

      But What made me leave finally was when an overzealous member reported me to the pastor on a whatsapp platform to stop sharing NSPPD links cos according to her it will cause "confusion".

      The pastor sent the admin to warn me to stop. I politely told them to eff off and removed myself from the platform...

      The irony is that the same set of people will encourage you to share about LFC church activities esp during Shiloh on other church platforms but you can't welcome others???

      This is just one of many reasons.

      Like you said it's not the duty of the church to provide schools and yet we have Catholic schools and co. It doesn't have to be free but atleast enough for the poorest person in your church to be able to attend.

      He keeps saying the church is rich and doesn't need the govt then he can build and fund a hospital as well.

      The monies used in acquiring land and building churches can go a long way in providing jobs if used for something else other than a church esp in this clime we are in.

      The land my former branch is standing on is over 100m. Do you know what that money could for a lot of people??? And yet I can't enter as per my "father's house" unless I'm a church worker or there is a service going on.

      It's really unfortunate cos he is exuding arrogance and not empathy or humility which is not a good impression for a renowned MOG.

    4. Amethyst @16.43, thanks for your clarification and understanding.

      Anon @16.08, being "blessed beyond measure" is a phrase in context. It does not mean wealth or monetary prosperity only. A Pastor called by God will not be vexed sorely by being sacked from a pastoral job. He/she will not create a fuss on social media over such matter. Anywhere he/she goes next, he/she will be favoured by God. Blessing beyond measure includes good health (no need for hospital bills); brilliant and/or scholarship children (no need for school fees or payment of partial fees); support from parishioners (lower food bills, free accommodation, etc.); favoured placements and useful info for the pastor and family by any parishioner in a position to help legitimately; the peace of God that passeth understanding in this world of turmoil; and above all, assurance of heaven because he/she is doing God's will and work.

      Look, any Pastor feeding the souls of his/her congregation will not lack or beg for tithes/offerings to "feed". The Bible is clear on this fact. Please see Psalm 1 v 1-3.

      Not all of us run after "rich" Pastor or respect a man/woman only because of his/her actual or claimed prosperity. God also gave some of us rich fathers and or mothers who were not pastors.

      So, "pastors wealth" do not awe some of us, and no Pastor can brain-wash me with wealth.

  14. What a tiring person. Just reading his words put a heavy weight on me.

  15. My own is he should read Deut 26:12 to his followers

  16. Hmmm
    His response most times ehn


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