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Sunday, August 29, 2021

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative...




I live with my uncle, but the wife is frustrating me a lot, always talking bad at me and spreading lies and wicked talk about me:

She say that I am old and still single at my age, no job, I am just helping her in the house. I am still looking for work, no help, my parents are dead. Everyday l regret this life. I feel like going back to the village. Please l need your advice.

If you are staying in this kind of house, you need to leave to protect your mental health.... If going back to the Village will give you peace of mind then go back and find a small business there to start with....

Why dont you discuss with your Uncle if he is someone you can talk to?



I need HELP. 

Please why do i keep falling out of love so quickly? now i have met a helper, but i don tire already. I need to keep up with the appearance and lovey dovey till he completes his promise. 

This thing happens with both single and married men. my love/accommodating /tolerating span is so short.

 *You are keeping up appearance so that he will fulfil his promises? you dont love Oooh, you be runs babe, they dont love..... I dont know what your solution is abeg....


  1. Find a way out of that house

    Hian! Try and zero your from hurt you would love.

    1. Poster 1. Early morning try nd go out to submit cv dan seating at home helping like house maid.

      Even if na teaching job! Take up any job! Marketing full ground. Teaching dem. No dey select! As far u commot. Na from der u go meet friends nd opportunity. Going to village no be option. U can make friends u cn rent or squat with but u hv to go out nd stop being lazy.

      Poster 2. U obviously cnt give wat u dnt hv. U only attach temporary love wen u hv something to gain.

    2. Poster 1 please consider Sexy Hips advice.

    3. As Stella said, you be runz babe.
      Move to your village or get an apartment in that city and move on with your life.

    4. Sexy hips has said it all.Please get up and go hunt for a job.Na see finish dey cause am.Going back to the village is not an option please

  2. @Posternumber1,move out of that kinda house in one piece
    @Posternumber2,i accede with Stella cos you sound as though you are runs girl or some 📞 lass

    1. In this context @Geius vincent you should not use the word "accede to". Look up the meaning of ACCEDE and check again if you should have used the word. Life is simple, so is English!

    2. A** missing above
      Mark Morgan,what are you on about?
      I use the words agree,accede and acquiesce interchangeably..It be nice you jump and pass,Mr.English..😆😆

    3. *ambiguous words*

    4. What did I say is well.

  3. Why don't you accept the Love of God in Christ who died for your sins.
    Most times, people do not even understand what Love is. They mistake 'lust" for love. Lust to be married, lust to fornicate, lust for material things.
    But they neglect Jesus entirely. When you come here to talk about those who are "happily married" but not in Christ. Talk about what profit they get when they gain this whole world and lose their souls.

  4. Poster one. If l were you. I will refuse to go back to the village. Ignore her talks and focus on being a better person. Tough time never last.

    Poster two. You asked a.quearion and answered yourself. Good luck.

    1. You said ignore?
      We keep ignoring and that's the reason a lot of people are depressed, same reason a lot still resort to suicide.
      I pray you don't find yourself in such situation.
      Flee for your peace. It doesn't mean you must go back to the village.

  5. You see poster 2? Men/women, pray not to meet such people in your life, you will think you have done something wrong, you will even question your sanity. If you know, you're such a person, please stop dating and putting people through emotional torture

  6. Poster 2. You said both married and single men. And you dey find love. Werey dey disguise!!

  7. Nawaooooo for today chronicles... It's well with your souls.

  8. It is never good to stay where you are not welcomed. Being around someone throwing spiritual bullets at you daily will damage you in ways that you do not understand. The vast majority of ppl do not possess the strength of mind to remain unaffected by the ugly words and thoughts of others.

    Your uncle means well to try and help you considering you have no parents. Get out of there and go back to the village. Unfortunately, the world is in a topsy-turvy tight now. Nothing is sure anywhere. Please pray for guidance and protection, but most of all to open your mind to wisdom and show you what you can do to advance yourself. You need divine help. Especially with you being an orphan, your sincere prayers will be heard quicker cause God has a special love for orphans, so seek God first in your plight, have faith and trust in the goodness of God.

  9. If this was few years ago, I would swear I'm the one that posted that narrative one. Poster one you need to gather courage and move out of that house for your mental health.

    I was in your shoes though I'm not an orphan but my case seemed like I was one. I was abused in so many ways but one day I picked myself up and decided to move. They were surprised and didn't believe it cos they believed I have nowhere to go to or who to help me. That seemed like the case but I cared less, my confidence was and is still in God.
    The first few years was rocky and at a point I had people asking me why I left and even pushing me to come to regret my decision but I refused to. Now, I'm not in the best of places but I thank God for growth. Now, I'm more grateful to God for making me take that decision. I bet I would have hated myself now if I had remained there.
    Please flee that place for your peace and sanity.

  10. Poster 1, if you are in a city like Lagos please endure. Being single and jobless is not a crime; as long as you are trying to get a job.
    You can start from house cleaning for those working class women in your area that leave at dawn & return at dusk. Clean during the week & weekends. You'll save up to buy data to apply to Jobberman etc.
    Also to buy a few outfits for upcoming interviews.
    God will do it for you, in Jesus name, amen.

  11. @Poster 1, why not have a chat with your uncle, if getting a job is not happening at the moment, perhaps he can set you up on a small business. If that works out, start putting money together so you can become independent & move to a small apartment to start with. Best of luck to you.

    Aunty Poster 2, with the sort of relationships you described in your narration, it’s difficult to understand what you think love is. You said single or married, then ‘helper’? You might need to review what you seek for in a relationship because I don’t know what deep/permanent love you hope to achieve with a married man.

  12. Poster 1, try and get any job no matter how low the salary would be. You need it. Don't go back to the village. Also, pray more and commit your desires to God. He's the Father of the orphans.

    Poster 2, I don't know the colour of your condition....

  13. Poster 1 just bear tough people last..same thing happens when people feel and claim small god over positive that one day it will become history..dust yourself look for jobs no matter how penny it's better you take it to avoid receiving insults from your uncle's wife..pray this phase passes quickly..

  14. Poster 1: First pray heavily deeply, do Hallelujah challenge, cry to God and tell him exactly what you want in this life. 2 Apply for jobs all over and believe that even if they say only one person will be accepted, you will be the person. 3. Use what you have right now- insult na for mouth e dey. Start an Instagram page doing grocery deliveries for busy working women ( just an idea). 4. Don’t lose hope, I was in your exact same situation in my sisters house, insult full ground but I decided to stop waiting around for an ideal situation. To the glory of God, when Covid hit and my bro-in laws business went down. I ended up paying the rent from what my small business made 5. Don’t try RUNZ , ‘helpers’, ‘blesses’ and just focus on God.


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