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Saturday, August 28, 2021

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative...



I really don't know how to feel, I live in a family compound I am a ttc mom, I really don't relate with people around , some I greet some I don't, I don't know if I am shy or trying to avoid insults to my face.

To the main gist, one of the couples did child dedication and we all went and after the whole stuff the pastor called for those expecting I was reluctant to come out, cause I really did not want to give side talks to the area people cause they all came out for the lady.

I came out and while the pastor was praying I did not know when I found myself on the floor. now my issue is that. 

1. Was I did one that fell myself ?

2. Was it the holy spirit? I have been so afraid and shy of everyone cause I don't know what they will be thinking of me now. I have not been able to sleep and I am yet to get over the thought of falling and how to face this people from now on.

*You are scared of someone using your TTC condition to abuse you in case of problems and that is why you keep yourself right? You are not handicapped and God has not told anyone he will not bless you, so please get out this mood... Even if they use it to curse you, God will still bless you.
As for your falling, I cant explain that because i was not there.



Please how many times in a week can someone in a relationship meet themselves?. No sleep over yet, just seeing and going. He is a contractor, so has a bit time, my own job is flexible too. How many days in a week is healthy please. I'm an indoor person, just want to change a bit in this new relationship.

*There is no predicting how many times you should see.. If both of you have time and want to be together , why not? Just make sure he is into you as much as you are into him, other wise wanting t see him all the time when he does not feel the same might actually scare him away.


  1. Poster 1 Those that know their God shall be strong and do exploit. Forget whatever anyone thinks about you and look unto God, there shall be no barren in the land. Say to yourself, I am only waiting on God.

    1. Poster 1, the only person you owe an explanation this world is God, all others don't matter. Stop being shy and hold your head up high as long as you are living your life. People must talk, even if u had kids they would still talk differently.

      Poster 2, there is no way of determining how much you see your man. Just go with the flow.

  2. "No sleep over yet", meaning you are trying and hoping to sleep over, in spite of everything you read and learn here?
    Once you begin to "sleep over" (fornication, possible pregnancy, baby mama or abortion and the consequences), just consider the relationship soured and over.
    Maintain your dignity by have dates with him in open places at weekends perhaps and if he is so desperate to get into your pants, let him do the needful; pay the bride price.

  3. The issue is not "falling down," but what happened to you after you fell;
    Was there any encounter with Jesus;
    salvation, healing, declaring the favor you seek from him etc." See Luke 4:18...
    If there was no change or if you became "afraid and shy," what is the difference between this falling and
    what hypnotists do?
    Jesus gives life in abundance and does not imprison people in fear.
    Please study your Scriptures to know Jesus and do not depend on
    "pastors" to know him. May the Lord grant you the wishes of your heart.

  4. Poster 1.. What is your business with people around you.. Focus madam..

    Poster 2. Which kind question be this??? Anyways..
    Is you be virgin and no wan do till after wedding, then once a week is ok and talk more on phone..
    But if you don dey knack.. sister, see yourselves and knack everyday if you like. No lele

    1. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 see yourself and knack everyday if you like. No lele 😂😂😂😂😂

  5. @ttc mum, you really should let go of yourself and become flexible. As far as you can recall, you just saw yourself on the ground...y yo can't really the pastor being the one pushing you down,and no one else gave you any funny details later on.

    I want to ask,how did you feel after the experience?,search yourself deeply... what do you think really happened?. Personally I think it's the power of the HolySpirit that touched you.

  6. Poster 1 forget what people say they're not God..he will do his miracle at the appointed time.. keep hope alive.. poster 2 if truly you're both into each other please as often as you can to save your relationship because I was told so that my distance caused and absence changed alot when he needed someone to lean and talk to
    ..this is some one that knows my modus operandi o... abeg do the needful if you want to keep your relationship

    1. i don't believe that notion of long distance causing breakup because many long distance couples have made it through due to the fact that both parties were ALL IN. infact some people will even tell you that distance makes the heart grow fonder and too much see finish kills attraction. At the end of the day, poster do what comes natural to you and mirror the guy's availability and interest as Stella said. don't be the one asking to see him all the time. showing that need and interest is ok sometimes but only after he has shown so much interest in you.

  7. Poster 1. It is well with you, fear not soon you will testify...

    Poster 2 . 2 times weekly is ok.

  8. Poster 1 calm down, God is in control, iyanu ma sele (Your miracle is around the corner)
    Poster it's well

  9. Poster 1, I think it was the holy spirit that touched you. Please praise more and believe God. You will smile in good time.

  10. Poster 2, it's up to both ppl to decide, could be everyday or a few times a month. The energy and flow of the connection will help to determine that too. Sometimes time may be tight, but the desire us so strong to see the other that time will be found. You ever hear of men who travel nine hours just to spend two hours with their beloved.

  11. Poster 1, I beg you in the name of God, don't torment yourself over what you think people are saying about you. Live for yourself and not for others. People must surely talk, and believe me, some of these people have their own problems and are not even thinking/talking of yours.
    Release yourself and be free. God will surely visit you and this year you shall conceive,carry the baby to term and deliver safely.
    Poster 2,it all depends on you and your partner. 2-3 times weekly is not bad.

  12. Poster 1 why are u so concerned and conscious about what people have to say concerning you,instead of u to focus on using that prayer as a point of contact in ur situation u are busy having sleepless nights over people’s opinions.focus on ur issues poster,keep seeking the face of the lord,everyone around u there has one problem or the other na cloth dey cover person.

    1. I tire for her, paying attention to something that is irrelevant than concentration on what is more important.

  13. Poster one you are the one wearing the shoe so I don't think is necessary for you to look at people's faces when you are in search of your own solution. You cannot tell what others went through before having their own babies, 8 will say concentrate on yourself and stop worrying yourself about what people think about you.

    Carry yourself high, do not worry of what people think about no be you be God way dey give children.

    Poster 2 there is no time limit to seeing someone you love, both of you should agree on timing and that is all.

  14. Good day Madam Stella, I have a chronicle to talk about. How do I publish it in your blog?

  15. Every of your so called problem is in your imaginations

  16. You will soon carry yyout own baby. Just believe God.

    Close legs like a mermaid. That's our chorus here. Goodluck

  17. Poster 1 break free from the bondage of people's opinions. Sometimes they are and sometimes they are not talking about you, but even if they are So what? They will still talk even if u have 10 kids and find something unpleasant to say. Let yourself free and enjoy every day. Count your blessings, because you have a lot of them. Baby dust to you n hugss hugss


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