Stella Dimoko Farmer Who Married His Baby Mamas On The Same Day Explains Why He Did It...


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Sunday, August 15, 2021

Farmer Who Married His Baby Mamas On The Same Day Explains Why He Did It...

Two Wives instead of one wife, one side chic?... It's becoming the new normal!

Ekpe Akpove, a 34-year-old farmer from Delta State, tells Punch why he took the bold step to marry two women on the same day against all odds.

Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Ekpe Akpove. I hail from Igbide, in the Isoko South Local Government of Delta State.

How old are you?

I am 34 years old

What is your occupation?

I am a farmer. I am into fish farming.

How did you meet your wives?

I met my first wife in 2008 and I met the second one in 2010 and ever since I have been dating them. I love them both equally and that is why I have decided to get married to them. 

They both have three children each for me. So, I had to do the right thing and pay their bride price and be married to them legally. My firstborn is 11 years old; fortunately for me, my wives usually give birth within the same period.


  1. Buy one, get one free? No, no no, This is,
    Get one free, take the other as jara
    Let me provide those to help you carry your jara home 🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍
    What a shame of womanhood
    What a portrayal of blatant apostacy
    See as shame leave una ladies dey catch me.

  2. Nawa o,must u date 2 women at the same time to the extent of impregnating them 3times...all without.

  3. That make up no be here oh

  4. As long as they are all happy with the arrangement they should continu. I wish them well. I hope he has enough money to provide sha. Dazzall

    1. The women are expected to each fully support the man in providing for their respective children. With such support, they would all be okay. But if they fit for resource control out of greed, then ...

  5. So, the guy give the babe belle at 22 years😝

    1. I also calculated it. This is becoming a normal in that area now.

      Lack of self worth...

    2. No, it is not becoming normal in that area.

      Impregnating a woman at 22 years happens in all parts of Nigeria. Also, it has nothing to do with lack of self worth by the man or woman

  6. U see dis kind of women, they are the ones who will be feeding the man sef. Talk about lowest self esteem.

    1. Very common among Isoko and Urhobo. Na their women dey hustle, train children. If no be oil company money, some of their men no dey gree do anything else. It's sad. Honestly, some of our men no dey try.

    2. Janey @14.36
      The man says he is a fish farmer. Would any woman feeding a man stay with him for 11 years to have 3 children for him? Are you not judging by your own standards?

      Both women are taking a decision which best suit them. Would you prefer that they stay as Baby Mamas, or that the one be married and the other left as a Baby Mama till another man comes along to marry her? If it is an issue of low self esteem, does that mean all unmarried Baby Mamas are women of low self-esteem?

      Anon @15.56
      I believe you are Isoko or Urhobo because you use "our men" in your comment.

      If you are Isoko or Urhobo (or both) how many same-day double marriages who know of that made you conclude the practice is now common among the Isokos and Urhobos. Please separate this issue from polygamy that is practiced generally by almost all tribes in Nigeria.

      "Some of their men no dey gree do anything else" dey all tribes. Examples plenty. But I refuse to offend the hardworking men of those tribes by citing them.

      Again, "Na their women dey hustle, train children" dey all tribes in Nigeria. Are all the women you see in markets, farms and offices in Nigeria Isoko or Urhobo women. Do all the women use their incomes/profits to buy face powder or clothes for themselves?

      When a woman marries, she should expect to join hands with her husband to train their children all round. Even the Bible that the few very vocal women are quick to cite on the financial obligations of a man to his family says so. Therefore, the silent majority of women are investing in their children.

      Thankfully, Isoko and Urhobo women are strong and hard/smart working as the majority of Nigerian women. And it is not a crime if they support in training their children from the fruits of their strength and smartwork.

      All the Isoko men I know are 85%+ responsible for the provision for their family.

      You sef know responsible Isoko/Urhobo men hence you use "some of our men". Maybe you for use "few of our men".

      By the way, I am proudly Isoko man and God is putting 90% provision of my personal family needs in my hands and also putting provision for my wife's personal needs in her hands.

    3. Is it your feeding? Abi they complain come your house? Evening newspaper

  7. Mazaje, correct human being. Many men wants to be like him but they are afraid of their wife's reaction.

  8. Threesome every night? Or turn by turn.

  9. I shouted, when I read, "They both have three children each for me."

  10. My hands dey up for u.......One man one woman is my watchword....can't put my children on the same problem I went through

  11. ‘Fortunately for me, my wives usually give birth within the same period’, what does that even mean? Make una ride una boat I begπŸ™„ Hopefully you’ll take good care of your six kids, try not to fortunately add more.

  12. Let God help the married in sustaining their marriages, and give each unmarried person a good marriage.

    From the Chronicles we read here every day, monogamy can even be more terrifying and traumatic than polygamy.

    The other day, until she was counselled here to her good from the brink of her own demise, a monogamous woman was planning on how to waste her husband.

    I refuse to judge.

  13. Nothing ear no Dy hear ooo😳


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