Stella Dimoko NDLEA Chairman Marwa Shocking Quote...


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Tuesday, August 31, 2021

NDLEA Chairman Marwa Shocking Quote...



  1. Replies
    1. It's truly that bad or worse in the north. The most painful part is that their women are not spared.

    2. He's so right

    3. Miss Saphire, that was a blatant lie. Women in the North don't take drugs, I have lived in some states in the North, fornication I agree but not the women taking drugs.
      It is true their is high rate of drugs in the North and it started from a very young age,this is prevalent among the guys.One thing that is also prevalent is "juju" but not money ritual.

    4. That area na another highness itself.

  2. Na now he dey know?
    Shebi he said na south dey drug pass in Nig.
    Tnk God say he don agree say na north dem dey drug pass

  3. That is the fuel for their jihadi-terrorism.
    And even their hisba na so o

  4. If his data is accurate, could we use this to compute the true population of Kano State?

    Just asking for a friend

    1. It's like 60% of Nigeria youths are from street.Just saying

  5. This is common knowledge..I mean they even get high on lizard faeces burnt with that deflatable rubber from tyres 🥴🥴🥴🥴

  6. He is so right on this..I once stayed at Court road by Yoruba road...

    These people are the baddest, they commit alot of attrocities

    1. Why I call them hypocrites.
      If you want to sin,be open about it .Than hiding under the umbrella of 'holy holy'.

  7. Where is the lie???
    Though I expected the statistics to be higher than this.
    Ọkwa ndị Sharia ooooh... if you know, you know......

    1. I don't doubt this.
      And the society suffers the consequence most.

  8. Fucking hypocrites. Them suppose really divide this country.

  9. In the absence of alchohol, they resort to taking drugs to get tipsy or high. Poor people. Please allow them access to the lesser of both which is alchohol. I feel for them sha.

  10. Marwa fine man.
    Abokis get high on anything highable even the women too.

  11. This is not news.The north are the worst drug consumer and addicts in Nigeria but they always want to act like they are the most religious part.They need to fix themselves,they have numerous issues.

  12. In Federal high Court Kano back then, at least half of the criminal cases then bordered on drugs. The exhibits alone during trial will leave you speechless.

  13. Not only kano but all the core northern states. They said alcohol is haram! Are illicit drugs holy?

  14. This Marwa sha dey form activities shaaaaani !
    Abegii we know the scope.
    They really think is cool, by them associating all the vices on this earth with the Northern Nigeria...e.g
    Lack of education
    Druggy/Crack heads
    Over procreation
    Cattle Rusting
    Cold blooded
    Low JAMB score
    Quota system
    ID camps
    Grass clearing
    Election rigging.....

  15. Dear Marwa, you and your colleagues turned poverty on them. They cannot be in school, you discriminate against the poor in implementing your religious laws, your rich have Hennessy and Guinness but the poor have no access to alcohol but cough syrup which is a low level controlled substance, a downer, to make them forget the hopelessness you inflict on them. It’s not the real deal here, not a “drug” and is allowed without prescription in many states. What hope do they have Mr Marwa. Let the schools function, with your friends create a fair & just system with equal access to everything. You cannot be drinking and forbidding it in poor people. 7.5million kids in northern Nigeria are NOT in school according to UN/World bank data yet your elites held a wedding for 20 year olds in which customized IPads & gifts worth $1700 was allegedly given as souvenirs. One TV host here was raising funds for desks for kids in Africa & $1700 will buy 17 good solid desk & chair because it’s not inflated by the TV station. Look in the mirror for the causes as you only live off government with no private sector experience. Recycling in governance has to stop. No fresh ideas. From Lagos to NDLEA? Na wa!

  16. Illicits drugs are ubiquituous in Northern Nigeria like used satchet water

  17. Illicits drugs are ubiquituous in Northern Nigeria like used satchet water


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