Stella Dimoko Pastor Oyedepo's Wife Faith Describes The Type Of Women Under Demonic Influence


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Saturday, August 14, 2021

Pastor Oyedepo's Wife Faith Describes The Type Of Women Under Demonic Influence

 Faith Oyedepo has spoken but she did not explain it properly .....

What type of position is she referring to that would make one who questions it demonic?


  1. Ok now....subjecting to a man is based on the man's attitude towards his home,his wife and children.

    A man that drink to stupor, comes home late, doesn't give the children money for food or even buy food stuff at home instead, goes out to lavish his money with side turkey and comes home to give story is not worthy of such respect from his woman

    1. Mc Pinky,such person is not a man.
      Real men don't do that.

    2. All these women that don't know how to stay fashionable likes carrying this submission thing on their head like gala.

      Them and the ones their husbands don't have free spirit/ have husbands that were left behind in 1888 when the world moved on

      Sometimes they speak from a place of jealousy not Godly concerns.

    3. @Mc pinky, for this ur response may Almighty God bless u real gd
      These men of God know say some women believe whatever their spiritual parents tell them n a woman going thru crises wil.definitely follow wetin dem.dey talk dogmatically...
      Let them b a adding this to watever they want to say: RESPONSIBLE HUSBANDS/MAN...

    4. Mc Pinky, in an attempt to sound smart and woke, you want to argue with the Bible, right?

    5. My own is man go preach woman be submissive, woman too go preach man be under man. Pls who then preaches on how a man is supposed to love the wife and give himself up for her like Christ did for the church? When they even preach it, it will just be in passing, but when they reach woman and submission, the will be expanciating for the next 2hours. What kind of impatiality s this biko nu?

    6. My own is man go preach woman be submissive, woman too go preach woman be under man. Pls who then preaches on how a man is supposed to love the wife and give himself up for her like Christ did for the church? When they even preach it, it will just be in passing, but when they reach woman and submission,
      the will be expanciating for the next 2hours. What kind of impatiality s this biko nu?

    7. They whisper men loving their wives

      Silent on submitting one to another

      Loud on women submission

  2. So, even when a man is a drunk,or abusive the woman shouldn't question him or else she is demonic. Like husband like wife. Amos 3:3

    1. So the man wasn't drinking and getting drunk before marriage? If the marriage was built on a Godly foundation from the onset all these vices of the man you mention will not be present.

    2. 15:04

      people pretend
      People change

  3. Abegi!! All these old school ways of thinking. So make I kuku Dey submit my salary to my husband to gamble off cos I wan submit. Mama I beg times have changed. I know it’s feminists she’s referring to. Na this type go dey tell u to submit and pray while ur husband is slowly killing u. Gone are the days when having a dangler bw ur legs makes u a revered being.

    1. No where did she mention you should submit your salary

    2. Shooter gyal it’s just an eg of the submission. All join. U must not take everything literally

    3. Where has your "newschool" (wokeness) way of thinking led you? Where has it led this generation? Are you not seeing what is happening to marriages and family? Yet it hasn't occured to you that this woke generation is lost.

  4. Na so. Madam I remember when u were ill and they rushed u abroad for treatment. Meanwhile ur church behind my house will not let us rest performing “ miracles”. Since then I don’t listen to anything u say. This ur talk is outdated!!

  5. 100% true- naturally, physically, mentally and otherwise. I still don't know where and how this dragging unnecessary power with men started. The most annoying attitude is that of the average Nigerian female. She will drag every power with you, but disappear when it comes to paying bills. Na that time she go remind you say "you're the man, it's your duty".

    1.'s time we men stop the act of making our wife feel like w slave .they are help mates and not maids.

      Your wife will drag anything with u if u are found guilty, or you are a drunkard, or a womanizer or u love spending money lavishly on side turkey rather than using the money properly to give comfy at home.

      Till tomorrow SP..will elaborate

    2. Ceasar the dominator, I pray you get a woman you can enslave, only then will you 'feel' like a man..

    3. Wetin this Pinky dey always yarn Sometimes sef..

      Oga, you're only respected as much as you respect yourself.. why don't you advise the girls to always make sure they bring something to the table no matter how little.. if not they'll contine to be treated like they worth nothing.. that's just the plain truth.

      What this woman said is the truth.. that's why every lady should do her due diligence before getting married, cos when you marry, you have to submit to him.. no go dey marry for the wrong reasons cos na premium tears go end am. Also, a man should also love his wife and treat her right..

      See ehn, men no too get wahala, our mumu button na just respect.. if you know how to massage a man's ego, you don get better maga.. but many of this generation woke girls are just plain dumb, you want to be antagonistic and wants him to lov and treat you right at the same time.. na for stellz chronicle e go end.. no matterz..

      Blessings Bro

    4. Mc pinky abeg what brand of champagne do you like?

      I will send it accompanied with "Dorime" song on arrival.

    5. Hi Dante, The bible does not only say women should submit to their husbands, it says they should submit to each other. The man is the Head of the home and the wife, a helpmate. I don't understand why this narrative of only women being submissive has been propagated for so long when it has NEVER been a one way street.
      Agreed, one way to get a man's heart is by romancing his ego and showing respect but, can a man reciprocate just a little bit of the respect shown him to his wife?
      You keep talking about girls that behave childish, are you purposely surrounding yourself with them?

    6. You see this Ceasar boy; stop worrying about him and his mindset.

      The boy is completely confused on what else to do with himself aside subdue women.

      That was the icing on the cake they promised him while growing up.

      Telling him he cannot run women as it pleases him slashes his veins and gives him semi stroke.

      You saw how that Imani in coming to America felt so useless after Hakeem didn't marry her? That's how Ceasar feels over the woke generation. Imani backed like a dog for years because she was only raised to think of how to please Hakeem.

      It will be hard for Ceasar and his types to change. There is no other life they know than believing women are sub humans who were born to worship them.

      It's just like a man used to having many slaves waking up to the harsh reality that he will clean his butt himself henceforth. Sure he will rebel no matter how stupid he looks doing it.

      Dearest Ceasar, we understand! But better wake up fast o. Plane will leave you behind o...

    7. Lady Diana..

      Read the reply I gave to ***** below, you need it to stop misquoting the Bible.

      Maybe someone might be kind enough to throw more light for you guys to understand, but not me. I don't encourage laziness, so please do your research. You can start with Google.. very easy.

      Ask Google to explain Ephesians 5:21.. then do the same for Ephesians 5:22. Many of you don't like to read and do personal research.. Una go come dey disturb person with shallow talks

    8. Dante, you are a man! I respect you. You've said it all. Women have to do their due diligence before getting married, so to should men. If a couple are Christians, once married, there should be no arguement on submission. That's why we(Christians) have to open their eyes, pray and seek God's guidance before setting down with a partner. What we see these days is that people rush to get married to anything without seeking God's guidance then when the problems arise, they come to God wanting him to transform a partner.

    9. Hello again Dante.Eph 5:21 contradicts your point sweetheart. Understanding the word of God does not come by using Google. It is clear you are not well versed in the word of God.
      Love and light

  6. Women have suffered in this world Sha.

    1. No wonder women are abused and the girl child deemed worthless, religion including Christianity doesn't make it any easier..

    2. The Nigerian Christian women especially. Nobody advises or teaches the man to love their wives as Christ loved the church. Every time: submit! Submit!! Like say na answer sheet for exam hall. A good woman will naturally submit to a husband who treats her right. Like one recent chronicle where the woman is avoiding sex because her husband is sleeping around and even brought another woman to their matrimonial bed. So, she should submit and obey and contract STDs right? We need balanced advice please. There is nothing demonic about disobeying the devil's disciple and son in the form of a husband. Respect is earned. Men and women ought to earn it in a relationship or marriage.

  7. Truer words have never been spoken. God bless you ma'am

  8. Ephesians 5:21 Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ. 22Wives, submit to your husbands as to the Lord.…

    So dear,
    The word used in the Scripture is "submit" not "subject". And the submission is to one another out of Love.

    1. Lol. I no even send this post but look at this comment of yours. Thank you for at least understanding the difference in these words, "subject and submission" and also pointing out that the two people involved in the marriage should submit to one another.

      When one is married to their ideal partner that they love, all this unnecessary rants won't be necessary because marriage/relationship is not a war zone. Marry your kind of person people and allow us breathe, is that too difficult?

    2. @*****
      I used to think you understood the Bible, but you see this part you quoted, you don't understand it at all.
      Why don't you do some research on the difference between-
      1. Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ.
      2. Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord...

      If you can't do a research, talk to a Bible scholar to guide you.. that's how some of you go about teaching rubbish.. to think you always quote scripture always, I wonder what you teach the people who think you know the Bible..

      Even with common sense you should know someone cannot say people should submit to themselves then go to the next verse and tell one to submit to another, is that not confusion?

      I can explain the difference to you but I'll prefer you learning it yourself to expose your mind more.

      And please, stop going about quoting verses of things you don't understand next time

    3. I don't know why they're misquoting the Bible and thank you once more ****

  9. I don't buy this talk.
    Her opinion though.

    1. You ladies like problems..

      Shebi the same chapter in verse 25 admonish men to Love their wives, you don't see men making an issue about it asking why women are not asked to also love their husbands..

      Una leave the one weh concern you, the one weh Una go enjoy, come dey drag the one weh no concern you..
      You think it's not demonic possession? If only you guys really understand the root of 'feminism' spiritually.. some of Una suppose go deliverance

    2. And a man who cannot provide for his family is not better than an infidel

      Have a conscience
      Treat your spouse how you want to be treated

      It is sheer stupidity to give slave treatment and expect royal behaviour

      Insecure people see everyone as competitors

  10. Subjection: meaning - oppression, repression, enslavement, exploitation.

    Please Mama, preach to the men how Christ FIRST made a HUGE SACRIFICE for His bride, the church.

    Most of you preachers put so much burden in marriage on wives that they buckle under depression.

    I've worked as a Christian Counselor so I can speak from experience. *Continuous marriage counseling and parenting skills are needed for the lifetime of a family.*

    Teach men to be spiritual leaders at home living exemplary lives as Christ before their wives and children. (It's only women that are advised by church and society to 'die' praying for nasty and philandering husbands)

    Remind men to love their wives as Christ loves the church and not have adulterous affairs breaking their marriage covenant.

    Tell men to work hard at honest jobs providing for their wives and children rather than running around town spending on side chics.

    MOST MEN HAVE FAILED CHRIST and THEIR WIVES for centuries till date yet women get dragged all over the place like sacrificial lamb.

    ARE ALL WOMEN PERFECT? Certainly NOT! However, some men a riddled with unsavoury character - just because society complicitly condone and applaud them!

    IF men would make HALF THE SACRIFICE women make in marriages, divorce rates would drop remarkably, children would be happier and society will be better. - Kay (my personal opinion)

    "After seven years of being married the verse in the Bible from Amos 3:3 “How can two walk together unless they are agreed?” rings more true than ever. Who wants to walk through life together miserably? And a marriage where two walk separately is not marriage like God intended." - Copied, 11 Feb 2019

  11. Subjecting to a man that is God fearing is d simolest thing 4me to do
    But d other way around na to dey sing "bye bye to jatijati in d name of Jesus bye bye to jatijati"

  12. This mindset is all for the appeasement of the males of the specie. Whether he does or doesn't, whether he is or isn't, no matter who or what he is, just subject yourself to him because it is God's will for you as a wife. God loves you so much that the free will He gave you it is for you to toss away because you were made as a subject to a man. Then if this is the case why pay for your sins? If a woman is under subjection to her spouse then it is he who should carry her sins too. The mere fact that everyone is judged individually and responsible for their own spiritual life shows that everyone is under free will and none a subject to the other. Not one person on earth is even under subjection to God. If the Creator hasn't put you under subjection to Him, then nobody is under subjection to another.

    When men who have not even submitted to God has a wife who chooses to submit to him, that woman has in effect putting that man above God in her life. To submit to an ungodly man is a sin! Stop preaching this foolishness and causing ppl to lose their way with God. How can a woman submit to any man even one that is ungodly, just because she is his wife. Utter foolishness.

  13. I am so weak with society bashing women,even older women bashing women. At the end of the day God will judge us individually. For crying out loud,leave the female gender alone.Jeez!

  14. She’s talking from a consumer perspective. Na from where she de chop she de support. Listen to these lazy sorts at your own risk. As long as they are being fed, they stay there. You expect her to say anything contrary to her husband? That abusive fellow?


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