Stella Dimoko Shocking Confession Of Three Children Who Say They Are Witches And Eat Human Flesh


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Tuesday, August 03, 2021

Shocking Confession Of Three Children Who Say They Are Witches And Eat Human Flesh

Oh Dear!!!

Three children in Adamawa State have confessed to turning into cats and lizards and eating human flesh.

The minors, all members of a family from Song town in Song Local Government Area of northern Adamawa, who were accused of witchcraft after their acts were uncovered, confessed to a court in the state capital, Yola, that when diabolically transformed into cat or lizard, they feed on human flesh every three days.

The three kid ‘witches’, aged between seven and twelve, further confessed before Chief Magistrate’s Court 4 in Yola to have bewitched and afflicted a friend of their father, identified simply as Umar, with a strange disease.

The three kids and a woman were brought to court by a community leader, Garkuwan Sarkin Mayun Adamawa, for allegedly bewitching Umar.

In their confessional statements, the children said that initially, they had used demonic powers to bind their father’s friend with rope and iron as directed by the woman.

The court, presided over by Magistrate Adamu Abdulrazak, ordered the children and the woman, identified simply as Handama, to restore Umar’s health.

The oldest of the kids alleged that he was initiated into witchcraft by Handama, and that the woman has six children “and all of them are witches.”

He said the woman initiated him at night while they were neighbours in the same compound, adding that they normally go out for a meeting after every three days, that he turns into a lizard before going out for meeting, where he eats roasted human flesh.

He said he wished to be delivered from witchcraft.

His seven-year-old brother who also spoke said Handama opened his eyes to witchcraft, and he has been a witch for a year.

He said although he has never killed anybody, he has been participating in clandestine night meetings and that operating in the body of a white cat, he eats human flesh at such meetings.

The girl among the three said she has been a witch for three years, and that she operates in the form of a white cow and often inflicts headaches, malaria and typhoid on her victims.

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  1. Speechless!,they need serious deliverance.

    I cover my household with the blood of Jesus ooo

  3. Lord have mercy

  4. Mental health of Nigerians are declining daily, at a point this country needs to invest in physical/mental health and general rehabilitation

    1. Gbam.
      The cycle keeps going because nigerians see mental health issues as evil arrow. Meanwhile most ppl were raised by parents who really needed to be checked in d head.. now thoes one gave birth and passed d mental doings to d next generation which will also pass it. Befre u knw it,dysfunctional society we already have.

    2. You guys are funny. Everything is now mental health. How about my 50years aunt,a vice principal and never been married,self confessed witch
      She had Achaere(I don't know the English name). I had to beg my parents to bring her down to our house for treatment. It was during the Mfm 70days fasting. Every midnight she'll come and be shouting amen, amen while we prayed. We were having strange noises and evil birds flying inside my room every night. Until the 17th December,few days before she left, she started confessing. She said her major aim of coming to my house was to donate my mom and initiate me but she didn't know that we were prayerful because the prayers didn't allow her to work throughout her stay. The story is long but I thank God for delivering us. Imagine, the only person we were allowed to collect something from childhood.

    3. Thank you Akuoma, another MFM 70 days prayers and fasting is about to start and my household is ready gidigba. Funny enough, I'm not a member though I belong to another Pentecostal Church whose strength is not on deliverance.
      Someone being pursued by a dog will not run the same way as someone being pursued by a lion apparently and the Bible says wisdom is profitable to direct.
      People's experience and background are major things that shape one as an adult
      The truth of the matter is that witchcraft is real; reader than people think and sooooo many people adults,youth and even kids are members. He who has ears let him hear

    4. Everything to you “ woke generation “ is mental health, you try so much to be termed “ exposed “ even the white men you trying so hard to emulate believe in witchcraft and the whole spiritual stuff, why do doctors and nurses ask if it’s full moon when patients and residents are behaving in a way beyond medical expertise? Why do the white doctors and nurses ask that you open the windows and doors of a room after the patient in the room dies? Why do they tell you to be careful what you say and do during night shifts that both good and evil spirits are around? Why do they sneak up to family members of a patient to ask them if they know how to pray that whatever is happening to a patient is beyond medical control but they will do their best as “physicians “. Before you say anything I’m not a religious fanatics but in my line of work I have “SEEN” things that can’t be explained and we as doctors sit down and we are “lost “ and can’t explain whatever it is that is happening. I tell you today that “Life itself is spiritual “ even to the littlest, most reasonable and unreasonable things that happens has a spiritual backing, just that religion and “ wokeness” has messed with our brain. You think those American and British paranormal movies are just fiction like they say?
      May we all know our purpose of been created

  5. I cover my love ones with the blood of Jesus

  6. When I read comments like Anon12.02, I just thank God for such people who have been spared the agony of witchcraft attacks thus believing such cases are as a result of mental health issues when they hear it. May God Almighty by His mercy continue to spare such people so that can continue to live in innocent bliss.
    I've been having witchcraft attacks from the age of 17yrs because I come from a family where having witchcraft is like having aso-ebi. I'm a grandmother now and would have been long dead if not for the grace of God. We actually have self confessed witches in our family, some are dead and some are alive but they didn't have mental Heath issues.
    In 1987, a woman came to the house of the most popular herbalist in our area, shouting for help that she had 3children, 2 had been killed by her co witches(she ate others' too), now they want the third one and she can't die childless. So she came to report herself and her coven members.
    The man told her to start listing names, she listed almost all the women in all the street except just a house, she mentioned my paternal grandma too as their head and a woman who used to sell rice and goat stew that all of us used to buy(sad story for another day)
    I now realized all the attacks and beatings I had been having had 3 of those women (my grandma inclusive) in my dreams every blessed night.
    Would you believe that when my grandmother was confessing,she mentioned all those she had killed(one woman's case was particularly sad), how she killed them and how she had been attacking me and wanted to kill me too; meanwhile I never told anyone else about the attacks except my mum(who wasn't mentioned as part of them)
    Worthy of note is the fact that this woman didn't live on our street but said they usually converged on a particular tree in my fathers compound (so all the trees had to go)

    1. I believe your story. Only mad people will say otherwise.

      Let's all run to Jesus Christ for cover. Mouth no dey talk again

      Congrats to you for sailing thru

    2. So if you are told, your child is a witch, you would believe coz you have been attacked by witches before? Hian.

    3. Blackberry, I don't need to be told by anyone. The Holy Spirit reveals deep and secret things to the children of God. Even if anyone tells me such,my own is to go to God in prayers and go with the child to MFM(not some prophets) for deliverance. Lobatan!

  7. Poor children, may the have mercy on them and deliver them from the evil strong hold, amen.

  8. Lord have mercy!
    No evil shall come upon my household.
    My beloved children are blessed and commissioned for godly and great things through Christ who strengthens me, Amen.

  9. 🤢🤢🤢🥵🥵😱😱😱😱😱

  10. So why in court instead of a house of prayer to the Lord Jesus, the only power over witchcraft?
    It this litigable in the courts?
    Certain humans always pose like they know anything.
    And who told them that the devil lets his captives go free? 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  11. Those attributing the story to some mental health issues.,I pray you get healed from spiritual insensitivity and recklessness. Man is a spirit being and will always be influenced by things done in the spiritual realm(good or bad). Be ye in Christ where your safety is guaranteed.

  12. Those children have been beaten into confessing madness and poverty everywhere

  13. Amarachi with C3 August 2021 at 18:25

    This is why l find it difficult to leave my baby with children or adults. I will try my best and leave the rest for God.

  14. People. Do not let your education get in the way. Don't let education make you stupid. Before there was man, there was spirit. After man, there will be spirit.
    What we see with our eyes are merely illusion. Reality happens behind the scenes in the spirit realm and there, there are no impossibilities. No logic.
    The frequency is far higher than the human mind can articulate and that's why you would rather call it "mental issues" because your mind can't apprehend it.
    You dont need to understand it. Just know that spirituality & spiritual entities surround us and our world is controlled by them. Let go of ego and understand that we know nothing.


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