Stella Dimoko BBNaija Season 6 Housemate Pere Says His Marriage Ended Because His Wife Saw Him Kissing On A Movie Set..


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Sunday, September 26, 2021

BBNaija Season 6 Housemate Pere Says His Marriage Ended Because His Wife Saw Him Kissing On A Movie Set..

Big brother Naija season 6 Housemate, Pere Egbi who was married to Pamela has explained why his Marriage crashed....

After the Saturday night party, Pere disclosed that he got divorced when he was 25 years in 2011 because his wife thought he was cheating with his female best friend.
He said problems in his marriage started after his wife saw a scene of him kissing his female best friend.

Pere said: “I got divorced to my ex-wife because she thought I was cheating on her with my best friend.

I never cheated on her.
Myself and best friend( A female) shot a lot of films in America , and we were always on a project together but found out we could not date each other.
When I got married, I introduced my best friend to my wife but my ex-wife didn’t like her.
One day, my wife followed me to a movie shoot where my best friend played my wife. While we were shooting, we kissed and this got my ex-wife angry.

“After this, our marriage became unstable, then I travelled for another shoot and came back to an empty house. My ex-wife had packed her things out of the house.

I went to her family house and begged her to stay but she filed for a divorce.”

from dailypost

*WOW......Just like that? If he twisted the facts, she may respond to this.....
At 25 years, he may also have been too young to handle the issues properly.


  1. At 25 but wait ooooo..why will she follow u to the location if not for the issue of trust.

    It is well with you jare

  2. Eyah ...waiting for ex wife response

  3. You were too young for marriage as a man. I hope that you have learnt that female best friends should never be choosen over your wife.

    If you are a female best friend to a man, please do boundaries and never be in the face of his wife.

    Stop taking people's emotions for granted.

  4. Bestie again
    Besties have done more harm than good.

    1. I know right, I had a male best friend, very one thought we were dating but we were just friends, when I met my husband, he became extremely clingy, but I didn’t see anything wrong with it at that time. He met another girl and she became extra clingy with me, I later realized it was due to insecurities when she told me one day my then best friend always talking about me blah blah blah, I ended that friendship immediately when one of my aunties in church told me that even the blind will know he likes me, to be honest, I never felt that way with him, one day we got talking and he was like I can’t believe u never knew I liked u that way, and I was like I thought we were just friends, he was like I really liked u but I was scared not to spoil the friendship and I hated ur boyfriend now husband cos u immediately fell sheepishly for him, I then realized he never wished me a happy married life nor congratulated me on my baby’s arrival. Funnily enough my husband never made references to him as a friend unlike my other friends. I have blocked my ex best friend everywhere never to cross paths again. His clingy girlfriend then now wife still tried to contact n chat me up but I have left a distance, I won’t let it spoil my husband is now my best friend, your spouse should be your best friend. It’s very rare not to have a best friend secretly crushing on you

  5. Please who is a best friend of a married man?

  6. He was young as at then he might be saying the truth

  7. Let me the get this straight. You and this your so-called best friend actually considered dating but you found out you couldn't. When you met your wife, you introduced her to this your best friend who you considered dating and you're surprised she didn't like her. Then you continued working closely with her, even kissing her on set as husband and wife, your wife saw and marriage scattered, you're surprised?!

    Am I the only one who feels like slapping him?

    1. No
      I feel like slapping him too.
      You and your Bestie couldn't date, but have probably funked or still fucking. Shior!

    2. A married man shouldn't have friends because of the insecurities of women. My wife have friends, friends she went to secondary school and university with. I have never complained, because there has never been a reason to complain . Your insecurities should stop others from living their lives

    3. @Alexander, a married man is allowed to have friends but his friendship with women should have boundaries. He has no business having a female best friend when he has his wife, the same way a wife has no business having a male best friend.

  8. No. Slap him for what nah? You are on your own on that slapping matter.

  9. You definitely had smthn in d past with dat bestie,probably sex too before ya'll decided u couldnt date... You too probably still had feelings and ur wife noticed dat and has probably been warning you abt d girl(reason she didnt like her).
    You refused to dump her as a friend and working partner and it put a strain on d marriage.
    You going on another shoot with ur bestie and her imagining you guys in another kiss sent her over d edge.
    Pls married folks endeavour not to keep ard ppl you have had relations with in d name of friendships. It brings up too many issues in marriage. Also dont keep opposite sex bestie if u spouse isnt comfy with it.

  10. Pere & currying & spicing his gists. We dey wait for ur ex & her response.

    1. By the time she responds you will find out everything he said na trash as usual.

  11. All l'm asking for is an understanding godly lady that is confident and secured.

  12. All l'm asking for is an understanding godly lady that is confident and secured.


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