Stella Dimoko Beauty Entrepreneur Ese Eriata Posts About Having Good Metabolism


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Thursday, September 16, 2021

Beauty Entrepreneur Ese Eriata Posts About Having Good Metabolism

Big brother star and beauty entrepreneur Ese Eriata says she can be fat and slim when she wants!

She captioned this beautiful photo...

''I just love the fact that I can be any size I want to be any day any time
Just so you know I can be thick, thick slim and skinny for your job , just let me know 2 weeks before the shoot.
I hope it stays that way forever  #goodmetabolism''


  1. Replies
    1. Good for you.

      My own is ordinary water makes me fat.

      All thanks to intermittent fasting.

      We move 😎

    2. Just so you know I can be thick, thick slim and skinny for your job , just let me know 2 weeks before the shoot...............she is just passing a message to directors and producers for movie roles.......................nice one..

    3. 🤣 Apple...., you just made me laugh cos it's so true. I wake up looking slim but by the time I start drinking water cos of IF, I feel so full and fat.

    4. Ese I thought you said you've never been small, that you've been a big baby from birth, or am I mixing things up??
      Was there anytime you were ever slim?

    5. @dainty this lady will make your dreads to twist with her lies, she weighs nothing less than 90kg since 2012, don't mind her internet stories

  2. Must be nice. As for me, mere looking at food makes me gain weight smh. But the good thing is I can lose the weight as fast as I gain it.

    1. Same here about the weightloss part. I pray it stays this way.

    2. Pls what's the secret to loosing weight fast biko


    3. Anonymous16 September 2021 at 12:38...the solution is falling in love with the wrong helps...hahahahaha talking lime and hot water, morning and evening, exercise, sleeping,

    4. Not lime
      It is too acidic

      Lemon is better

    5. Anon 12:38

      It depends from person to person tbh. For me, all I have to do is to maintain a low calorie, very low carb diet and I can lose up to 4 kilos or more in two weeks without exercising. Not very healthy or sustainable but I do this when I want to quickly lose weight.

    6. Lime thins the lining of Ur womb.

  3. Replies
    1. I'm that way too. I add weight and lose it without stress or too much exercise.
      A bv one time like that wrote about Mesomorph,ectomorph, endomorph. I got to know about my body type with that post.

    2. Ohhh that’s good. Lucky you Raquel. Mine takes me at least 4-6 weeks before I start seeing all obvious results and that’s strictly on a diet of vegetables and lean protein with lots of water.

  4. So what should we do this crap of an info???!!! mtschewww!!get busy woman!!!

  5. Nice!

    Rest of mind and sleep makes me fat. Not even food.
    I can lose the weight swiftly.

  6. She only wrote that so people won't comment on her weight gain. All that money on Lipo down in the drain. Who wants you to be slim, fat or skinny in Nigeria for a shoot? They don't ask celebs to gain or lose weight for photo shoots or movie roles in this country.

  7. True, some of us are just lucky like that on this and l got this from my mum.
    If you don't have good metabolism, you can induce it by eating herbs that aids fast metabilic rate, regularly.

  8. Story!! So producers ask u to loose weight before u take a movie role??as per say na only u dey? In this Nigeria where a movie takes 3-2weeks to shoot,and release In cinemas..continue 🤡 madam.


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