Stella Dimoko Big Brother Star Maria Explains Why She Agreed To Be A Fake Housemate


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Thursday, September 02, 2021

Big Brother Star Maria Explains Why She Agreed To Be A Fake Housemate

Big Brother Naija season 6 former housemate Maria, has revealed why she agreed to come into the reality show as a Wildcard (i.e a fake housemate).

She made this known in a Facebook live interview with Punch Online on Wednesday, where she said she took on the role because she loved challenges.

According to her, she didn’t know she was going to be a Wildcard till the day that the show began but still agreed to take the role because she loved adventures.

Maria said, “It happened on the actual morning when the girls were going into the house by 2 am. We didn’t know that the guys had gone in on a Saturday.

In the early hours of Sunday when I had an interview with the creative directors and they asked if I wanted to do this. It was 50-50. They told me it could help me and it could also damage me depending on how it panned out.
I love adventures. I love challenges so I didn’t really think of a negative side like, ‘what if I don’t deliver this properly and I get evicted after a week?’ That will deprive me of the essence and purpose of me going on the show.”

After many considerations, she decided to take on the persona. However, she pointed out that she didn’t know there was another Wildcard till Big Brother announced it when the show began.


  1. This season is the most boring ever from day one oh.

    1. E don do abeg. Your complaints of it being boring is becoming boring 🙄

  2. Big brother didnt treat her fairly....From being a wildcard, to the fake eviction etc Housemates built a distrust with her. Saw her as competition dat had an edge over them and the audience hated her and cldnt relate with her. Nigerians love a sad story,they feel they can relate more to someone humble, struggling or hustling to make it. To make matters worse Maria too now get bad mouth join and her character needs to be worked on. All was just a recipe for disaster and her fast eviction.
    Love her or hate her, she brought smthn to that show. Be it her drama, her sharp tongue,her situationship with Pere etc. Both were annoying but i loved their dynamics and they entertained me bcos dis yr is BORING to be honest. I watch more on SM.

    1. Thanks B and R

    2. Biggie should have given Maria the next week as immunity week. Her HOH week just gave her enemies with the game biggie decided to play.

  3. Then how come Pere is claiming Whitemoney was told who the wild cards were before he came into the house. Or is this damage control by bigbrother

  4. So what would have happened if she refused, maybe they would have been dropped. These organizers nawa

  5. To the illiterates who argue that big brother Naija reality show is not scripted and recorded before airing it, here it is...
    “It happened on the actual morning when the girls were going into the house by 2 am. We didn’t know that the guys had gone in on a Saturday"

    Live eviction:
    They went in at 2am, they record with some musical performances, add some Instagram and Twitter comments from 12noon then air as live 7pm dot to viewers.
    There's no timer or clock in Biggie's house, visitors and judges to game shows from sponsors of the program are not allowed wrist watches or handsets.

    This show is fully scripted.
    JMK said she noticed a lot of things, before the show starts,they penned down the winner already.

    Fight Les.
    Argue less.

    1. In as much bad is it reality show, it mustbbe well planned and organised too. I am Not disputing your claim oo. All I am saying that, there are some some things you don't loose to chance or else it gets disorganized. Even american realities show are planned too, there is like 70% of reality and 30% of planned efforts or else, the show will be so disorganized.

      The shows are planned before hand, but keep in mind that, human beings are mostly unpredictable.
      Everything takes planning, do you even know the amount of times this organizers have to improvise. At the end of the day, they have the power to play the narratives as they want, but bear in mind that, if there is no action, there won't be reaction, that is, some of this housemates themselves plays this games into the hands of this organizers. They will use it as they want, after all it's a game to everyone

    2. I knew that statement she made ' they already know their winner' was pregnant. Hmmmmmmm.

      Maybe it's common knowledge too amongst the housemates which is why some are just doing like they attended the show to eat and sleep.

    3. You are dumb dumb. The show is live. Ask people that work there please and stop displaying your ignorance.

    4. Did they also sway the public to like WM? Picked their winner indeed.

    5. Na wa. How could they have gone in at 2am please? Go through what she said again. At times read to comprehend na haba.

    6. Ojaelba she did media shows with Jmk & Sammie in Lagos radio stations, the three spilled many things search them out & listen to the interviews then return back here for arguments.
      Blackberry for the records, liquorose is the chosen winner not your Whitemoney, he himself knows.
      Shine ya eyes

    7. I don't understand how they could have entered the house at 2am and we saw it live at 7pm that Sunday. How were they able to cut off those hours without people knowing. As some persons watched into the night and saw the ladies going to bed and 7am on Monday no time shortage or time overlap.

    8. Bianca Bruna how did you know it was live?
      Were you there?
      Is it not what they tell you ,you will believe?

      Was there not a certain address from a certain head of state that we were told was live but was obviously pre recorded?

      Abeg leave story.

  6. I think the organizer must bring back Maria from drama because wow this show is boring

    1. They missed it when they evicted maria. Maria would have been left till at least a week to the finals. The ones shouting "let her go" have succeeded in voting her out but they themselves are not watching as before. Even though they "kept their favorite" they've soon become bored as there's no drama anymore.

  7. This is news.
    All of them are fake, is there anything or anybody real there.
    It is a fake unsustainable lifestyle; being locked up in house for 90 days.
    Everything about them is fake.

  8. Maria and arin were the people who made it interesting. Plus yerins as par his intelligent talks. The rest choi


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