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Saturday, September 25, 2021

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative...



Bvs please what can i do to a man that won't stop sucking my breast? We got married 2 years ago and i delivered our baby 4 months ago, but my husband is so obsessed with breast that even as I'm breastfeeding our baby, he won't stop.
I want to know if this is normal because I'm finding it weird, if i complain or refuse him from sucking, we will have issues.

My husband is a good man, i keep on thanking God for blessing me with him but this is the only issue i have with him.

I don't even know what to say .......

Isn't this a sick behavior that portrays something deeper? Please stop him from sucking for now, the World will not end if he does.... He is a good man and will adjust.....




Please y'all should pardon me but I really need to bare my heart out here since I have no one to talk to. 

I am only 27 years old, graduated and served since 2016 but no job yet. 

My family especially my mother has used this situation to always taunt me. Sometimes I find it hard to believe she is my mother judging from the very hurtful words she throws my way.

 My whole siblings sides her too. I am someone who has big ambitions but right now, I don't care anymore. I just want to get married and start my own family and that is where the problem is...why can't I find the man of my dreams yet, I believe everyone has a soulmate, why is mine taking so hard to find me.

 I've been a good girl all my life because I thought that is the only secret to a happy ending for me but as it is now, even my very naughty friends back in school are very happily married now with beautiful kids. Why is mine different ... I'm really loosing it right now::

Awwwwwww. this is not nice... cant you sit down with your mum and talk to her?

Tell that you know she means well but that her words are too harsh? Getting married in this kind of situation is not good will be from frying pan to fire...

Your mum is like this because you do not have any money to give her.. She will change when you get a Job....LOL


  1. Narrative one
    Nothing is wrong with your husband oooo
    Allow him suck jare
    Narrative two
    Go rent a room and leave home(don't know what else to say)

    1. I doubt she can just rent a room. Firstly, she doesn't have a job which means she has no money to rent. secondly, even if she has the money the landlord would want to know what job she does to see if she can pay the rent when due. But she is currently out of job so what would she do.

      I think she should try and understand her mother loves her but just frustrated too. By now she should be reaping the reward of sending you to school and resting. Go to God in prayer, keep asking those around let them know you are job-hunting but do not leave home yet or get married to just anybody.

    2. Poster 2. Please find yourself before finding marriage, otherwise you will be faced with new set of problem.

    3. Poster2 focus on finding a day job ooo.

    4. Job is your focus or business

      Pray 3 days, fast
      Ask GOD to open your eyes and give you courage to obey HIM

      Marriage is not a solution to the problems you have

      Don't let desperation lead you to destruction

  2. Poster 1, there is no issue here. Most men love breasts and whether it is flat or standing, they enjoy it all the same. Allow hubby to suck jus breast in peace ☮️. You people will always be looking for wahala where there is none.

    Poster 2, I quite empathize with you. I feel your mum is also frustrated that after sending her child to school, there is still nothing to show for it.
    Don't be quick to rush into marriage as an escape plan before you jam a man who will give you triple of.waht you are currently facing with your mum.
    Pray fervently for God to give you a good job, apply for any vacancy that comes up.
    Be patient with her and soon, you'll be free from the hurting words.

    1. Suck breast that is bringing out milk.
      Na wah ooo

    2. @16:33
      So you wanted him to suck the one that is bringing out cheese?

    3. Poster 1, you have two babies, take it like that.
      Poster 2, look for something to do. These days, men are not looking for good girls again but girls that have something doing. Country is hard and nobody wants to carry another's burden. Ignore your family and look for something no matter how small to do and if you are capable enough you can move from home.

  3. Give him breast to suck o, atleast he is not pressuring u for anal like some of your married counterparts. If u like allow online opinion to cause problems in your home. Even bible supports you breastfeeding your husband, it's in songs of Solomon

    1. @Blackey
      Proverbs 5:18May your fountain be blessed, and may you rejoice in THE WIFE OF YOUR YOUTH:
      19A loving doe, a graceful fawn— MAY HER BREASTS SATISFY YOU ALWAYS; may you be captivated by her love forever.

    2. Bible says everything in moderation

      Gently remind him of that and pray it into his life

  4. Poster, you ain't looking for a job, na husband be your problem.

  5. @Posternumber1,y'all should sit down and talk the ish out now

    @Posternumber2,it's well even in the dang well

  6. Poster 2: I was in your position 3 years ago. When I eventually broke through. I keep the fake family love aside. Mama na Mama. But Mama wey no day pray for pikin progress na on allowance she go dey see. I don't visit. So if you leave house and change location, things will fall in line.

    1. Poster 2, being a good girl is not a ticket to a good life. God is not a shop keeper .
      On the aspect of soul mate, let me ask you, if you are the soul mate, and you see yourself in this condition, broke, desperate, no current ambition , will you date and even marry yourself?. Men are not dumping grounds please. At this rate, na scum go find you oo.
      Look at all your problems and think of solutions to them, first and foremost is MAKING MONEY.

    2. Anon dee πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    3. I agree. Forget husband for now and focus on finding a job. Maybe it is at work that you will meet your soul mate.

  7. Let me correct this good girl notion. We should live right because it is the right thing to do before God, not because of the reward we expect, otherwise that becomes self righteousness. I will encourage you to spend time on the story of Joseph's life. All the best.

    1. True o. I used to reason like that but life has taught me otherwise. Now, whatever good I do is to please my Creator. Whether He decides to bless me with my heart's desire or not, may His name continue to be praised.

    2. Here is agape love for you Anon 15:19. Cheers. I am a good this.. I am a good that... How does that affect God? Live right and trust God for everything.

  8. Poster, they are like that wgen you dobt have money to give them as Stella said.
    I was in your shoes tho days but now that i am working and livibg well i suddenly becomes a fear daughter.

    I wish you can move away from her. Thats what i did. I only see her when i choose to and she respects me only regret is not looking into her eyes then with those tears to tell her# YOU WILL LOOK FOR ME. YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS. YOU WILL REGRET ALL THESE IN FUTURE!!!. And truely she is paying for it now at old age without me telling her.

    I know what you are passing through. Please try to be strong and make something out of your life. They will all come worshiping you. Trust me.


    1. The lack of understanding that makes parents especially mothers mock or frustrate their children is heartbreaking

      People lash out and torture others under the excuse of "trying to force whatever"

      It is a nasty means of achieving whatever goal, job, marriage, children.

      Nothing good comes out of desperation

  9. I don't see anything wrong with your husband sucking your breasts while breastfeeding your baby. There's nothing weird about it, it's very normal.

    Some parents are very good at being aggressive at their children that are of age, like in their 20s but don't have jobs. The moment their children start working and bringing in money, they become their parents favorite especially mothers. Some mothers don't even care about the kind of jobs their children do, all they care about is the money.

  10. It's well with you poster 2. May God come through for everyone going through this

  11. Poster 1, Well, if that is the one flaw with your husband continue to thank God and give him his breast in peace.

    Poster 2, Five years without work experience on your resume will make you a less attractive candidate. Employers love experience and ppl who are currently working in the field. Open your mind to how you can pad your resume with experience. You may have to volunteer or take an unpaid internship. Apply to internationally known NGOs or multinationals for internship opportunities. These too may open employment opportunities. Also learn another language, French, Spanish...etc. You can do these online. Even if you are only at an intermediate level in the language you can use it to pad your resume and make you a more attractive candidate. Attend online free workshops and webinars, read books and learn what is new in your industry. Your are five, almost six years behind, keep yourself up to date so you can communicate in and understand industry jargon when you go to interviews.

    As soon as you are able to move away from where you are. Emotional abuse is never healthy and kills the spirit, worst you may start believeing what ppl say about you and fail to thrive.

    May God give you a new story, sooner rather than later ijn.

  12. Poster 2: abeg hope the baby dey milk suck o,so you can know who needs formula? As these life can balance πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  13. Omg, this sounds like my story.

    Mine illtreated all her children and we all ran away from her. She is living all alone at over 70 years. No one to assist in jouse chores. None of us is married both male and female. She showed us bitterness. She made us cry. She was violent. She was crude, everything a mother shouldn't towards
    Hed children . But i thank God for escaping and turning my life arround. I am still looking up to God for my own life partner. I hadly relate with her now.

    See her calling me today to help pay for a maid for her. If she was good with us will she be alone at old age?

    My dear. Look for job and find your way. Husband will come. God bless and keep you. May God give you rainbow for your tears. Turn your sadness into joy and laughter

    1. She damaged you guys emotionally and psychologically. That's why you guys could not settle down

    2. Jeez!!!! What did I just readπŸ™†πŸΌ‍♀️... dear anonymous may d lord heal u.. ur mum really broke u.. chaaai... Nigerian parents, for their mind now it’s part of training a child o... not knowing Dey are psychologically causing harm... it is well with u anonymous

    3. Jeez!!!! What did I just readπŸ™†πŸΌ‍♀️... dear anonymous may d lord heal u.. ur mum really broke u.. chaaai... Nigerian parents, for their mind now it’s part of training a child o... not knowing Dey are psychologically causing harm... it is well with u anonymous

    4. @Anon 16:17, I hope you and your siblings can make peace with your mother before she passes. It may sound crazy right now, but it will be too late when she passes. When you get married and begin to have children you will have better appreciation for your mum.

      I am not saying how she treated her children while y'all where growing up is right, but we've got to understand that our parent's era was very different from ours. Some parents didn't know better than they did back then.

  14. Proverbs 5:18May your fountain be blessed, and may you rejoice in THE WIFE OF YOUR YOUTH:
    19A loving doe, a graceful fawn— MAY HER BREASTS SATISFY YOU ALWAYS; may you be captivated by her love forever.

    Madam, you see, your husband knows the Scriptures, you are the one that has a problem. Please breastfeed your husband (your
    first baby) very well. You can wean other babies but not this one o.😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
    And please learn to study your Bible, that is the manual God gave us to live this life abundantly.

  15. Hi second poster
    Do not lose your ambition. Make sure it is godly ambition and keep it in focus.
    The moment you begin to see yourself as "a good girl" and think that God owes you marriage, you get it wrong.
    "For ALL have sinned and come short of the glory of God..." Romans 3:23
    Please marriage isn't what will give you fulfilment in life. Besides, isn't is the same school and country that
    those dudes you are hoping to marry you graduated from? Isn't it same job market that you all are seeking jobs from?
    So how will they get the monies to marry you off your mother.
    You've got to be very patient and prayerful. Your mom isn't your problem. If you harbor unforgiveness toward her, it makes
    it worse. Remember that "God forgives us our sins just as we forgive those who sinned against us?"

  16. Please those of you saying there's nothing wrong with a grown ass man struggling for his wife's breast with his 4 month old baby, you are wrong!! Yes, there is nothing wrong in sucking breast as it is a very exciting foreplay and triggers orgasms in some. However, when it becomes an addiction then there is a problem and Stella is right as it often portrays something deeper like abandonment and mummy issues in men. Some men even detest their babies because of this sucking breast issue.

    1. 16:44, what have you just said?

  17. Yea, if you enter marriage with that "I don't care" attitude, you'd make a total wreck of it.

  18. It infuriates me when graduates cling to the notion that unemployment is normal, it is not!!!
    When I graduated, I took up a job regardless of the pay just for experience sake and also to ensure I left home daily. I left that prior to NYSC and went to teach right after serving, in lieu of sitting home engaging in self pity.
    Today, my story is highly significantly different! I have siblings who refused and still refuse to start small, today they’re still looking for who to leech on instead of taking a page out of my book & practice.
    Poster, go to private schools and apply for a teaching job!
    It’s not about the money right now, you don’t have experience so this would be a start. There are always teaching jobs available, if you want to leave home you may likely find one that gives accommodation to staff. Get out of that environment right now.
    It is weekend and schools have just resumed this month, get yourself ready this weekend and go out there from Monday please. There’s no shame in survival!!
    Do this whilst also developing yourself for further plans. Prayer without backing it up with action will NOT work!

    If you think marriage is your escape plan, let me break it down for you; you’d be much more miserable than you are at the moment, you’d be grossly disrespected & tossed about as he knows you’re fully dependent on him.

    Best wishes.

    1. Wow!
      Very thrilled to know that there are Nigerians like this that reason wholesomely.
      Kudos dear for telling the truth just as it is.
      Many Nigerian ladies do not like to hear that "start small." Even the Word of God says;
      Do not despise the days of small beginnings. Zech 4:10
      The God you pray to has already told you to start small. But many of them want to have ready made men
      and most of those men are dubious. They end up falling into the hands of yahoo boys and wife abusers or ritualist.
      So refreshing to read the truth right here.

    2. So anybody looking for a job should just go pick a teaching job right ? Whether the zeal n passion is there or not as per teaching job is like what to you pls ???? This your suggestion is why we have too many quacks in the teaching profession. Teaching is a nobke profession and not just any side piece job for anybody looking gor alternative way ok??
      I come in peace !!!

    3. @Nk
      Did you teach during your NYSC?
      Was that your intention or passion?
      So many graduates of Engineering, law, accountancy etc. taught for a whole year during NYSC.
      I am a medical doctor and I was taught by doctors. NObody is demeaning teachers. We are talking about
      survival here. If Nigeria has industries, no engineering graduate should have anything to do with teaching
      Physics or chemistry in secondary schools during NYSC.

    4. Please tell her. It annoys me when ladies see marriage as a meal ticket or an escape route from their parents' house. That's how some end up in far worse situations aka bad marriages.

      Poster 2, ignore your mum and put more efforts into looking for a job. You can also start a small side hustle of your own. The goal is to become independent and leave your parents' home. As an adult, you're not even supposed to be living with your parents.

      Besides, if I'm a man, I'll definitely not want to marry someone who I would see as a liability to me when we didn't agree that she'll be a house wife. Many young men reason like that these days o. Caring for a family is very expensive and it really helps if the woman can earn enough to care for herself and even contribute for family expenses, not asking for money to buy pant or maggi. The same way you would not want a man who's financially dependent on you is the same way men are reasoning nowadays. I have male friends who have admitted they didn't ask a particular lady out because they observed from the lady's background that they would probably be responsible for carrying her or both her and her family's financial responsibilities.

      So please, focus on being financially independent, instead of relationship. If it happens, fine. If not, you move.

    5. @16:53 Gbam Gbam Gbam. Thank you. Lazy ass poster.

  19. Sucking breast producing milk? Isn't that disgusting to an adult? Stop him please.

  20. Poster 1.. if you do not give him breast and side chick starts giving him, you will start writing chronicles of cheating husband.

  21. Poster 1, I feel you as I was in your shoes not too long ago. It creeped me out but I was reassured when I learned that the milk doesn’t come out for the man, only for the baby. It’s two different sensations. The most important thing is to clean your breast before the baby feeds.

    1. Are you sure about this your statement???

  22. Poster 2, this is what you should do, leave your home in the morning like you’re going for work. But instead of work, print out your CV and go to companies and ask for job opportunities. Some days, go to a computer village and research online and apply to jobs. Or carry your laptop somewhere away from home and browse. You need to step up and do the work. If you stay in the house 247, no one will respect you in the house including your mom. Get out of the house and don’t let them see you too often. Na see finish dey cause this. Explain to your how she bags you is affecting you seriously and it’s starting to cause depressed mood. Be firm but respectful if she’s not listening. I don’t understand why some parents won’t plan for retired and put the damn burden on their kids. I’m not saying the kids shouldn’t help, but the pressure is insaneeeee! It’s not fair at all. Give yourself good 3yrs to up your game and work on yourself. If you marry by 30, you’ll be in a much better position. 30 is a very good age in terms of emotional maturity and financial stability. You need to have your own money. You’re definitely not ready to marry now because you have a lot of baggage you need to get rid of. Emotional baggage, lack of job baggage. Work on yourself sister and temporarily cut off or limit conversation with anyone that’s not supportive of you and adding to your depressed mood. Your mental sanity kid very important.

    Poster 1, your husband is disgusting 🀒. He needs to stop the nonsense and let the baby drink his or her milk. Make he no give the baby some type of bacterial infection through his mouth! That’s a new born baby we’re talking about. Jeeeezzzz.

  23. Poster two,the first thing is to review you cv, does it show the skills you have then also ensure you check those online job sites they post vacancies daily. Apply for the ones that say entry level or 0-1 year work experience, even if the pay is small accept it for experience sake. I pray God opens doors for You.


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