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Saturday, September 04, 2021

Dr Freaks Journal - All That Glitters Is Not Gold

Before you "de-friend" that "big boy" friend of yours or disown that brother or sister of yours because he or she is "enjoying" and seems to have forgotten all about you, read this.


I once worked in an establishment where some of my travels were done via private jets (known as PJ in the Naija parlance) by virtue of the status of my then boss who would not have anything to do with commercial flights within the nation. Deliberately, I refused to post the pictures at the material time.

Of relevance is a particular experience when I, my "Oga" and that naughty boy -KJ travelled to one of the South Western States where I had had to relocate to for 14 whole weeks to contribute my little quota to the Governorship election petition at the Tribunal. 

After one of those private jet trips, KJ and I needed to unwind and we had gone to the Bar in search of three different Gifts, to wit, Guilder for KJ, Heineken (my brand at the time) and Suya. On getting to Mt Moriah, we found out we hadn't come with the "lamb" (money). Wow! Between the two of us, I think we were able to raise a sum of N800 which could not even get us 2 bottles of drinks, let alone get us Suya.

For the very first time in my life, I hated my profession. Here was this young man, in a 4-Star hotel, aboard a private jet few hours earlier. In a convoy of about 5 cars few hours earlier, with less than N1,000 in my pocket and bank account.

 To the uninformed, I was rocking my world.

Dejected, we sat there and an idea sprang up. We were in an hotel, even though we had no express permission to collect any item and sign but I was ready to take the risk. At worst, I would ask the management to pass the bill to the account of Mr Governor, after all, we were having sleepless nights over his case. Guess what, the idea worked! That was how we started collecting and sending in our apparels for laundry services and signing.

Long and short of the story is that most of the things people put up on the face of social media are a mere flash in the pan. It is advisable not to base one's assessment on such. If you do, you so do at your own risk.

Sometimes all that "glitters" does not even glitter.

Stay Safe

It's Kunle


  1. Mr Kinle, dem no wan know o. They just assume you're stingy.

    It amazes me how grown up adults would be deliberately waiting on someone else to pick their bills.

    1. Gbam!!!
      Sense of entitlement abounds a lot in Nigeria!!!

  2. I can actually relate .. that's why I'm not longer moved by what I see this days.. sometimes the outer glitters supercede the inner..if you know you know

  3. Never be deceived by packaging

  4. Exactly,it does not glitter at all
    Nice one sir 👍👍

  5. Packaging has dealt with alot of people so people are careful now

  6. And some will be tapping what they don't know

  7. Story of my life. I work in an establishment where I have to put up appearance. I hold a very big position with a very big name. But shi shi no gum me. Infact na gbese wan kill me but God no go gree. I can't wait to switch profession as I'm already training in another profession.

  8. This is so true. some of us are sitting comfortably on this table. Thank you sir for the write up.

  9. This is me now, the only difference is that i don't do social media, when people see you they think that you have but even 200naira no dey pocket. A friend of mind called me yesterday that I should help her with food items, I just laugh because she don't know that I am in a worst place now but I still thank God for the grace of endurance.

  10. I am on anonymous to avoid trolls.

  11. The slogan is, Fake it till you make it..

  12. Kunle this one loud fa !
    Very true... e.g me I have attended some bigboys/girls party/occasion,rode in fancy cars, entered some places with connection when i had nothing in my pocket and I took great pictures which I posted on social media... I wasn't impressing anyone atm I was just living and enjoying the moments as they came.
    Finally one day I will e able to afford better things on my own account in Jesus name Amen! 😂

  13. All that Glitters is not gold....
    Nice write up 👍👍👍

  14. People on LinkedIn are on this table. With big job titles with no money for pocket.To fresh graduates, do not be intimidated by what you see on LinkedIn, all nah packaging. Package yourself too. Thanks to my former boss, he taught me humility and packaging well. He is a Nigerian-British. I can remember whenever we go to meetings with foreigners, dude will display his polished British accent kiakia. After the meeting, we go back to our real self. He ones told me, let all your audience feel you are part of them. If you see me in any of those meetings, you would admire me and think I schooled abroad with my poise. My salary was token but most people thought I was already a big girl. Me that I was depending on Esusu to do something tangible.

  15. Wow, this where I dey oh, Kai God, I think say na only me. 😟
    God when.... 😖

  16. Nothing new here.
    Who dem dey deceive before?


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