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Saturday, September 18, 2021

Dr Freaks Journal - ''The Ivory Tower''

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” —Mark Twain

 This is an Encounter With The Old Wise One That Changed My Mindset.


I had just commenced my law programme at the tim
e and after my Constitutional Law class, there was this elderly man who beckoned to me and I was at his beck and call in the twinkling of an eye.

The old one wasted no time in introducing his mission. He had spent seven years at the university and was seven two (72) years old but was still battling with one "notorious carry-over" in Constitutional Law! 

He needed materials, and maybe if I was smart enough he wouldn't mind some tutorials, from me. This was a double-barreled request though. 

In respect of the former, why not, my notes were forever up to date; but as per the latter, I would have to think about that and revert. Within a short space of time, the old one and I had bonded and since I was home bound I sought to take my leave but he wasn't done with me yet as he insisted on paying me a visit. 

I attempted to dissuade him from visiting by coming up with all sort of excuses because I honestly did not have enough transport fare for that trip from Faculty of Law to Main Gate. I lied to the old one that I preferred to walk down home after lectures so as to be able to meditate and ruminate on life issues. Guess what, that was exactly a moment my newfound friend had looked forward to, a moment when both of us would walk home together and rub minds! He got me there and I bowed to pressure.

The trip started at about 6.10pm. Five minutes into our memorable journey to my humble abode, the old one asked me a question. He asked me if I had ever come in contact with the word - "ivory tower?" 

At that stage of my life it would have been so shameful if I hadn't but hey, I was damn wrong! I actually had no idea whatsoever. In a cocky manner, I responded in the affirmative. Then I attempted to define an ivory tower to the best of my understanding and knowledge. "It is an institution of higher learning, like a tertiary institution, bla bla bla." 

The old one smiled and offered to educate me. He then asked if had ever sighted an ivory before. I nodded in the affirmative. Then, what of a tower? I also chanted yes! He then asked me to try and visualize a beautiful ivory and a very tall tower.

 Having imagined the two afore-mentioned objects, the old one proceeded by stating that a tertiary institution is like a market place, different people come from all walks of life and they all gather thereat chiefly for one purpose, education.

 Then the essence of a tertiary institution is to raise the consciousness of every candidate and put same on a pedestal such that he or she is elevated to the pinnacle of an ivory (beautiful) tower and that way he or she exposed to a higher realm from which he or she is exposed to a wider view and from that vantage position is able to see life differently. 

By the end of his or her studies he or she is able to go back into his community in particular and or into the society at large in general to preach a new message -a message of hope and a message of how things ought to be done, having seen life from a wider perspective. Education is not just about cramming to pass examinations. There is more to education than passing examinations or possessing chains of degrees.

 He then digressed by educating me in Pidgin English thus: "...after your university education, you should be able to go back into your society to tell them "NA SO E BE" or "NA SO E SUPPOSE BE" and "NOT NA SO WE SEE AM."

The old one concluded by saying shame on anyone who has been through an institution of higher learning and still goes back to his or her society and refuses to make a positive change, no matter how little or great. From that moment, his admonition stuck.

As I was having my bath this morning, my mind raced back to that life changing conversation and I asked myself again, "what is the meaning of an ivory tower?" As a university graduate, what group do I belong to? Is it the group of "Na So E Be" or "Na So E Suppose Be" or "Na So We See Am? 

May I NEVER be in the camp of "NA SO WE SEE AM!" Amen!

Stay Safe...

Its Kunle


  1. "The old one concluded by saying shame on anyone who has been through an institution of higher learning and still goes back to his or her society and refuses to make a positive change, no matter how little or great".

    This line is all I see.
    If you passed through school and not making any positive impact you are the same with 'agberos' .
    I'm team 'Na so e suppose Be'
    Weldon Mr. Kunle.

  2. The old man truly is wise. I hope to be blessed with good wisdom as I climb the stairs of age..

    Thanks for this thought provoking piece...


  3. Nice words from an old man. I hope we practice that

  4. Really thought provoking piece, nice one there, Kunkle

  5. Hmmm na so e suppose be but for this Buharia na so we see am

  6. This is powerful. Those have have ears should ear! Thank you Mr Kunle.

  7. Hmmmmm, thought provoking piece, unfortunately most of us are in the "na so we see am" group,o ma se o

  8. Replies
    1. This's a nice piece.

      This NOT NA SO WE SEE AM." Got me ROTF


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