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Friday, September 10, 2021

Friday In House News....

 Hailings and happy Weekend!!!


I finally prepared my Nigerian stew Yesterday and it turned out just right but the pepper i added is dealing with my stomach.. I guess i am no longer used to the Nigerian kinda hot hot hot........

I do know that some people learnt how to make stew sauce from reading that in house news where i asked..... One or two mailed me to thank me...Hehehehehe

I need to look for who dash this chicken stew sauce to or I will wash out the chicken and throw the sauce away...I cant deal!


Friday going well? See you guys in the Friday Amebo post later.

The face of In house news competition will be posted on Monday. please send your photos if Interested, if you no win money, you go win data, so it is a win win........



You see this my area eeeh, sometimes it feels like it breeds drama on it's own, mtchewwww abeg na me your Amebo drama queen, yes I have decided to add queen to my name since them say make we no be king again, I been wan answer the king of gossip... okay straight to story cos am Hangry....

E get one small girl for this my area, she comes to buy things from my shop, most times she doesn't come with money, they will now pay me later, but that later will take like forever, so I warned her to stop playing with my business money:

One day she came, bought things and begged me to allow her go, that when her father leaves for work, that she will pay from h
er pocket, my aproko antenna triggered me to ask of her Mom cos for sometime I have not seen her, she then promised me that she would come back later.

 She left, few hours later she came back and told me some hurting stories, she said that her dad was in the habit of beating her mom and cutting her with matches, so the last fight they had, the woman decided to run for her dear life leaving their 4kids behind, this girl is just 15 but the father has been giving her to his colleagues to sleep with, they will pay the father, and the small tip they will tip her for a job well done, papa go wan still collect am and will still not pay their bills hence her hiding money from him.

 I was beyond shocked but then there's nothing I can do, I talked to a neighbour that I want to interfere, she warned me to stay off the case, that the last person that tried helping the woman ended up dying mysteriously with his wife in less than one month, omo na so I keep qwayet ooo...

Recently, I got back from somewhere cos I left the house quite early in the morning, only for this girl to come to my house, her eyes was so red, she was crying, I asked her what happened, she said her dad raped her the night before, that he came home drunk and pounced on her, she said her vagina has been bringing out so much discharge and having s#x hurts so much nowadays.

This 15yr old girl has been s#xually active lately without any care health wise, i think it's infection, i was so so angry, I told her no problem that I will be praying for her, she left, so I went to the landlord association and reported to them and begged them to hide my Identity which they agreed.

They came to the compound, brought the girl out and interrogated her, she opened up to them after so much conviction, (as they told me ooo cos I called them for updates) the man is not yet back but this night gonna be hot for him cos they said they've been planning for him, ranging from the torture on his wife and kids to giving his first daughter to men and now this.

Well I quietly went back to my house and mind you that I never promised the girl that I was going to do anything, I no want wahala, na love I love gossip, I no want to die or chop beating.... 

Please if you are a mother in an abusive relationship, it's very good to run for your dear life but please don't leave your dear kids behind, run with them too, this generation is something else, i am even wondering why the woman has refused to reach her kids or check up on them....

 Anyhuuuu, this story go get update shaa but until then, Tankiuuuu

This is a really really sad story, please update us.



Good day, I write this in response to the lady who wrote in about being suicidal due to financial constraints. I hope this is worthy of being posted.

I’d like to say first of all that your feelings are valid but suicide is never a good option for any challenge in life. Let me share a little story of myself (events took place about 7yrs ago).

After my NYSC, I was jobless for a full year. I sent my CV to many places and got rejected. The insults I got from a family member no be here o lol. I remember being compared to a certain lady who finished the building of her father’s house all because I asked for some money for transport when sent to NEPA office to pay bills and was asked to trek instead (little did I know what was ahead).

As God would have it, I later got a job. HMM!

According to the employment contract, I was to receive 50k monthly but here’s what happened. I started working at the organization in January 2015 and got paid my first salary at the end of February. February salary was paid in May and it just kept getting worse. Then in July, she (the owner of the organization) told us to take an unpaid holiday and return to work in September.

September came and we were welcomed with a letter of termination.

She fired us!

In the same letter, she stated how she’d pay the salaries she was owing (4months but she only agreed to pay us our salaries of 3months… which, to this day, she still owes).

I know how I suffered while working for that woman. I remember my full dedication to the job even when other colleagues mocked me. I remember how

I trekked from Shitta to Modupe Johnson in the mornings and evenings but rerouted when people started talking about how I used to trek to work (they talked like they pitied me and I didn’t want that).

I stopped trekking on that route but started walking from yaba to
Ojuelegba daily. For what? Just to save N100 daily. I had no one helping or supporting me. I ended up using the money paid as salary for transport.

I looked as dry as kilishi but I still had my confidence intact (talking about
being confident while suffering huh?).

Time came to buy the form for my MSc and I had to borrow 24k from my
sister to purchase the form. Along the line, I got a side gig that paid me 25k monthly (this lasted for only 2months). That was how I was able to pay
back the loan. October came and I got a job that paid 55k monthly. Started saving gradually. Then came December and I received admission for my MSc. That was how I was able to pay my fees. I remember crying in the toilet
because my fees remained about 20k to be complete. No one was there
to help me. I called the few people I knew for help but no way.

Grudgingly, I was given a loan again from my sister (was able to clear that one the very next month). Then I got a job of 70k which I was allowed to do while schooling (God bless my former boss). That was how I was able to save a little more.

In all this, I just knew I had to be strong for myself.

Long story short, today, with the help of God, I have my MSc and have gone on to achieve new feats, no matter how small. I’m still not where I want to be but I’m not where I used to be.

So my advice to you is; take a day at a time, learn to pause and just breathe. Don’t bite more than you can chew. Care less about what anyone says or thinks. It will only get better. Trying times don’t last forever. Suicide is not a good option. God always shows up and He’s always on time.
Stay strong! I’m rooting for you.

Thank you


WOW... thank you for this!



Who posted? What is a mog?  he cleaned and used the tissue for Jazz or what? Can you send me a mail explaining? or can you drop your explanation in the comment section? Please leave Judgement and punishments for God you hear? ..... Na wah, Drama everywhere.



  1. Divine Health Confessions!!

    Whatsoever is born of God overcomes the world! I am born of God; therefore, I have overcome the world and its deceptions, limitations, and negativities. I am impervious to sickness, disease, infirmity, sadness, depression, anxiety, and everything that is of this world.

    1. Good pm to y'all on here and do have a smooth Friday for yourselves..πŸ₯°πŸ˜πŸ€©πŸ˜˜



    *How I wish we can write down these and paste them by our bed sides to memorize, and cross check our lives regularly!*

    *-To be rich, - Give.*

    *-To succeed, - Serve.*

    *-To laugh, - Make someone laugh.*

    *-To prosper, - Be honest.*

    *-To excel, - Be faithful.*

    *-To go far, - Get up early.*

    *-To change someone, -Change yourself!*

    *-To be great, - Be disciplined,*

    *-To be strong, - Pray often.*

    *-To do a lot, - Speak little.*

    *-To be fruitful, - Praise God.*

    *-To live well, - Forgive.*

    *-To talk well, - Bind anger.*

    *-To sleep well, - Work hard.*

    *-To be loved, - Love.*

    *-To be a good husband, - Listen to her.*

    *-To be a woman, - Submit yourself.*

    *-To be respected, - Be polite.*

    *-To bind Satan, - Sanctify yourself.*

    *-To grow in faith, - Meditate on the word of God always.*

    *None of these has ever failed!*
    *Give it a trial, and see for yourself.*

    *Deeply Pause To Deeply Reflect!*

  3. Send in your photos for face of in house news competition to Two photos with the same outfit but different postures.
    thank you


    Yesterday, I went to First Bank to use the ATM
    I got there and looked around and joined the long queue. A young lady came to meet me and asked how much I wanted to withdraw.

    She said she over withdrew money; She was supposed to withdraw 3k but mistakenly pressed 30k. She will give me 20k cash, I will transfer it to her account.

    This is what shocked me; I have been standing on the queue for approximately 5mins and I never saw this Lady around that ATM, she wasn't on the queue, she never made any withdrawal. Which ATM did she use in getting the 30k?

    I told her I will wait for my turn, she left my side, I asked the man in my front, did you see this lady around? I wanted to point her but the Lady had disappeared, I didn't see her again.

    I told the man what she said and he laughed and said it is an old logic. They come with fake naira notes claiming they mistakenly pressed and withdraw the wrong amount

    When you are in a hurry to leave the long queue, you transfer the money to them and they give you cash You leave happily thinking you have escaped long queue, go to wherever to buy something with the money and realise you were given fake money

    The man called it Old logic but what saved me was my keen observation, she looked so innocent and pretty, you won't even suspect a thing...

    I am sure someone out there is hearing about this stealing logic for the first time.

    I had to post this because I am hearing it for the first time too o. It might help someone who doesn't know this trick... copied

  5. Hiya everyone. 😘😘😘😘. Pele o, Stella. πŸ€—πŸ€—. Gumbucks, your story touched me. Thank God for your life.πŸ€—. Blowing y'all 😘😘😘😘😘. Stay safe, stay blessed.

    1. My darling πŸ₯°❤️πŸ₯°❤️

    2. My darling sistas, 😘😘😘😘😘😘. Hope you ladies are good. Much ♥️♥️♥️

  6. Had a good lunch few minutes ago. The meal is so good and delicious. Hot okazi soup filled with snail and periwinkle. Didn't know etche women can cook this good. She have gotten a customer πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

    Make I rest small, my Belle dey heavy me hehehehehe

    Good Afternoon guys.

    1. I cover your anus with the blood of Jesus,any gaybriel following you up and down like a he goat on this blog will never succeed.

    2. You like enjoyment no be small

    3. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ anon I no wear pant ooh. As woman sweet reach especially those my spec. I can't deal naaa.

      Blacky, life na once ooh. Eat Wella while alive.

  7. What a father from the pit of hell,giving out his 15years old daughter to men,I pray the law catches up with him.

  8. Please I have a question;
    Is sex the only occupation of folks these days?
    sex, clean, sex by mistake, sex by omission

    1. @14:44
      And why if I may ask?

    2. @15:04
      Ask the people having it.
      I only answered your question.

  9. I have been reading a lot of baffling things on social media that still takes us back to the stone ages.

    It's women saying they won't leave their husband if he cheats. Madam, it's not in your hands. You are not in control whether to leave or not. He can decide to leave you when he is caught cheating. So what will you do? Cry blood and blame the other woman for snatching. Don't think you are controlling him,the woman or the circumstances by staying, the man is with you because he has not seen the cheating that will turn his head. When that happens, he will walk away with zero consideration on how you accepted his STDs as a virtuous woman.

    Same women running amok with their condemnation of Tega for cheating are same accepting men to cheat on them.

    Some Nigerian women outdo themselves with this Godly wife that they don't know the difference between Godliness and low self esteem. If you are truly in a child of God and trust him, you will know that you are hot cake and you will get a worthier man.

    These women say these because they fucked married men when they were single so their conscience is pricking them and they feel it is their karma. Is Karma a warrior that revenges on women only?

    If you were busy condemning Tega for cheating yet you can accept your husband cheating on you then you are a goat.

    Imagine when he is done cheating on you, dashing you STDs that you accepted with your full chest, he will still eventually leave you for another woman, what will you do?

    I feel some Nigerian women are only smart when they are single, as soon as that ring enters their finger, that's the end. Their brain goes on a long time vacation.

    What will people think?
    What will society think?
    We make up the society.
    It starts from us.


    1. Madam staying or leaving is a choice. It's not about low self esteem. It's called sacrifice. If u really care about your kids then ull sacrifice to give them the best. Most men love their kids so much that they will do anything for them. Why deny them such privilege? As long as theres no domestic violence involved, I advice wen to stay and pray for their husbands. I pray everyday for my husband not to encounter temptations that will make him forget his family and it's been working for me for 7 whole years now.
      As for cheating that will make him move out of the house, that one na jazz. No sane man does that no matter how bad they are.
      If u want to leave u can, don't give this kind of advice please

    2. Always yarning upside down.

    3. Pls be putting your XOXO Mystery at the top so we know which posts to skip.

    4. And pls don't give me that "you are sleeping on a bicycle, you don't know your husband is cheating vibe". Every woman knows when their husbands cheat or start cheating. People everywhere tell me I'm lucky cos he's a good man but I know it's not my doing or cos of love but the Almighty God who answers my prayers everyday. So madam xoxo hand your marriage over to God and see him give u the sweetest marriage. Divorce is not in my dictionary at all. I will forgive him if he offends me but I DNT pray it comes to that and it has nothing to do with esteem. IT IS A DECISION I TOOK EVEN BEFORE I GOT MARRIED FOR SO MANY REASONS ESPECIALLY FOR MY KIDS.

    5. You are truly miserable what happened to you? Did the fat man you were dating whom you cuddle and fondle as teddy bear🐻 did he leave you? When did you become this miserable? Lord have mercy. Say hi to Gj.

  10. That Chronicles poster of yesterday, take it easy. If you hear stories, you will do thanksgiving tomorrow, Sunday. If you can't pray any more or feel your prayers are not being answered, just stay calm and go your normal activities while waiting for upgrade. Life changes and yours will be positive.

  11. We had a little misunderstanding on monday and I apologised before leaving n still apologised whn I got home yet hes still showing passive aggressive behaviour.
    The communication is one sided n he responds with one liners. This is the height of wickedness,I've decided to let go. A new relationship with these signs I can't tolerate this nasty attitude anymore.
    I still don't understand why people avoid communication in relationships which to me is the best way to resolve issues. All these leo men selfπŸ™„. Ahbeg I don japa. God will bring me a better man. Amen

    1. It is well with you.Its never too late to start all over.

    2. Better japa, unless you feel like staying with a toddler.

      Apologised twice, this one is still waiting for you to stand on your head. Biko, tell him to get lost!

  12. Queen Amebo..You try abeg make I clap for you πŸ™ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ You be correct Adanko but you did something to save that girl..Mehn God bless you immensely.

    Good afternoon everyone..Happy Weekend to you all..My people God is good oh, it is not about how your life is or how many time you pray or fast..He is just God all by himself....Something is cooking nicely..Stay tuned...

    Suicidal lady please just do what you can..Have short and long term goals ok Ehugs dearie...Take life easy...let suicide not come to your mind abeg, it will never be option...Kisses to you...

    1. Good afternoon Phoenix..
      Hope that your day is going well. Have a beautiful weekend.

    2. Hello Official Prestige how are you..My day is going so well and fine..Thank you and how are you and business..

      Hi Paris baby hope you are good..Kisses

  13. Stella so you want to throw away your chicken sauce because of too much pepper?....Please don' throw it away, just add 2 or 3 tablespoons of corn starch to reduce the hotness...

    1. I love the fact that you know stuff. πŸ‘πŸ‘

    2. Thanks Blacky Candy dear I always love to questions stuff..Thanks How are you

    3. Chai see this easy remedyπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

  14. Good afternoon beautiful people.

  15. Hmmm things are really happening, good afternoon lovelies.

  16. Atella blend about 6 bulb of onions and add it to the stew, it will reduce the pepper. You also freeze the stew as this will reduce the pepper too

  17. Nice advises... Good afternoon blogfam

  18. Na wah ooo. Too much drama abeg. Una good afternoon.

  19. Goodafternoon beevees.. Happy weekend to you all😍❤️

    1. Good afternoon good people...
      It's a hot sunny day here, the heat no be here o.

      Two days ago, I was in my shop jeje when we started hearing orisiirisi shout, barawo, ole etc the noise was coming from the security office which is right behind my shop line kaduna bvs will know how shops in central market are arranged, so I and some neighbors went there to check what was happening.

      A woman fully clad in her ijab and socks came to the market to steal kids 😲😲😲, it happened that she saw these two small boys of same mother and gave them 10naira each and they started following her God on those children's side, their mothers friend saw them and stopped them to ask where they were headed and they pointed to this woman,she was grabbed and the kids told their mum's friend that the woman gav ethem 10 naira each, alarm was raised and the news got to the mother of the children by this time they had started beating the barawo woman and she was asked to pick her money she was already on the floor but she refused saying she had rather die than touch the money 😟😟😟she was taken to the security office but las Las she was set free, they said the mother of the kids should thank God her kids were found that it's the important thing, I was weak.

      What I have learnt in this North is that not everyone on Ijab is a Muslim that is No1 thing, some wear this Ijab so that you won't suspect them when perpetrating evil.

      Secondly is that, the Northerners i.e the core hausa people know how to support each other even in evil, if the woman was another tribe especially Yoruba omo na another story o, they wont allow her go free like that.

      Finally, whatever you do, make sure nothing join you and them together because they will so support each other without even knowing who's at fault and they are always ready for fight.

      Till I come your way again with ogbonge happenings in the market daAllah forgive any typo no time.

      Elegant Mai Shago.

    2. @Elegant, nawao. I noticed that things about Hausa,that was how one almajiri collected 1k from a small girl from filling station, it happens the mother was buying fuel ,and left the kids in the car, the almajiri woman came ti meet the young girl,I don't know what she told the small girl o, someone noticed and call the woman attention,while the woman was dragging the almajiri for her money,her fellow Hausa don gather the woman, she has to forgo the 1k o

    3. Na wa o. I wrote it here sometime ago how these hausas support their own even when caught ref handed.

  20. Friday IHN present✌️
    Sucidal lady see this life bah it is not balanced, there are people in worst situations and are still thanking God. As long as God is still on the throne you will smile soon.

  21. Good afternoon everyone, I hope your Friday is going as planned... this life no balance someone is earning 80k and wants to kill herself wetin we wey dey collect 30k go do? Babe abeg just dey try live within your means......

  22. Pls how do I comment on SDK blog frm my iPhone...Ever since I started using this phone I cnt comment.My Network is goo. I tried using chrome,phoenix,opera yet its not working.

  23. Its a beautiful Friday afternoon!

  24. Just found out I'm pregnant, I don't really feel happy because of what I passed through in the previous one, the morning sickness, lack of sleep and almighty labour pain. Who is scared of being preg like I'm or am I alone in this journey.

    1. What you are going through is normal, but the Good Lord will see you through. Amen.

    2. I can so relate, I cried when I found out I was pregnant with my second, God is beyond faithful. Now I am grateful, I had him then. I love him so much....

    3. Congratulations. This one may be different, you can't tell yet.

    4. You are not alone, don't worry, God will see you through.
      Just be strong for yourself and your baby.

    5. Congratulations πŸ’ƒ❤️

    6. Awwww, congrats Queen.God will give you strength to carry to full term and deliver painlessly.

    7. Congrats. Pregnancy are not always same, be hopeful that this one will be better,but in all be happy for the incoming new addition

    8. Congratulations Queen, no two pregnancies are the same, be positive. May God ease your affairs.

    9. Congratulations Queen Amy how are you

    10. Congratulations I pray this one is easier.

      I’m scared to take in again too 😒

  25. That story up there is heart breaking. Queen of amebo abeg remember to give us update. So sadπŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”

  26. I dont know if i should be angry or not. Yesterday, I called my girlfriend to inform her that my dad and grand dad are both ill and that i am the one assigned by my family to take care of them. The next thing she said was "ha, this old people that will not go and rest so that their children will see road." I got very angry and dropped the call. Now i am having a rethink. Am i supposed to be angry? Since two days that they have been hospitalized, i have not had a moment to myself. I have not even been to the office. I want to call my girlfriend now to apologise. She just might be right.

    1. No Anon 15:18...
      Your girlfriend is absolutely wrong.
      Your Dad, grand dad is ill and u were assigned to take care of them and you told her, she made such a comment?
      If she was the one and you make such comment, how will she feel?

      Brother, please beware of such a lady. Tmrw you marry her, ur family may not be invited to ur house on flimsy excuses.
      Please be wise and be firm.

      My two cents

    2. If cruel and insensitive was a person it will be your so called girlfriend.

    3. You want to apologise to Jezebel? No wonder your father and grandpa are sick - they can see that you're a willing lamb desperate for death.

      God has just given you a clue to discard that toxic girlfriend. If she can say that about your forebears, she has no respect for or rating of you.

      You must never call her again. Even if she calls, ignore her. In fact, block her number

    4. Hmnn this is your father and grandad here. They deserve some respect. She should be apologising not you.

    5. That your girlfriend will make a terrible daughter in-law, very wicked minded person.

    6. Foolish girlfriend wey no get sense. Did you fall from the sky? So you should abandon them?

    7. That's was wrong
      You too will grow old if you eventually marry her and with this mindset na wa

  27. Don't throw away your peppered chicken sauce, take out chicken,refry with oil+diced onions garlic & spring onions.
    Add a little tomato paste,fry, sprinkle thyme leaves & fry.
    Put a little water,a little salt to taste & add perboiled rice, pour in your sauce, little curry. Then turn all well to make a special kind of jollof rice.

  28. Never let any one tell YOU you can't. Its always a win win for me.

    IHN as e dey hot. Drama every where.. God save and help us abeg

  29. God! How can a mother abandon her children to be raped by their father? God will punish that woman

    1. You are a fool!! Do you know the story of that woman or how she's managing to survive now even without her children that you are saying God will punish her?
      Thank God God is not man.

  30. Hey Stella, mog ...could be an acronym for man of God...

    1. That one no be man of God but g boy.
      Ritualists everywhere.

  31. Hello ihn 😘
    Good afternoon everyone,I'm typing from an owambe venue..chai to attend Yoruba owambe sweet o..see varieties.

    Kai neighborhood amebo this ur story just turned my tummy,as if I want to throw up.What a disgusting father..tueh.

    Bvs una dooh oo πŸ‘‹.make I finish this my party jollof rice.😁

    E go surely be ✌️.

  32. I want to participate in face of In house news competition but I Don't know the email I go to

  33. Wow this Friday ihn is just a lot.
    Lesson learnt and government and society still got a lot to do.
    Mehnnn that evil father needs to be checked into a prison and never to be let out

  34. That neighborhood amebo story is so touching, thank God for what you did.

    Indeed things dey happen o, mog means men of god ,in this case na small god

  35. Good evening o,Nepa dey show us shege for here o

  36. Yes thank u amebo for ur help.


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