Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 314


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Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Labour Room Drama 314


Good day blog family,

My journey started 2018,when I got married, we spent just 2weeks with Bobo due to the nature of our jobs. So traveling became a necessity for both of us.

Fast-forward to 2019.I went to school for my post basic training, as usual travelled down to see Bobo this time and one shot, I took in P.T positive(July).I was so happy only to lose the pregnancy at 11weeks.

Bobo and I were both sad. Then December (2019) another journey. By January 
( 2020) another pregnancy we were so happy. 

At 7weeks I started bleeding, Jesus!!!not again.. But I said to God this child is mine. I embarked on 54days novena, coupled with stress of school but God was on my side, then lockdown (no school ,no nothing)just me and my fetus.

Bobo was away as usual and i was again on my own. I could not travel due to the condition of my pregnancy (threatening abortion).When I was 28weeks , i took my bag and told Bobo here I come., stayed for 4 weeks then was asked to resume work due to no school (in-service training)I had to travel back to my place of work again.

I was Always praying nothing should happen to my fetus. Then came my EDD(but before then I did USS 5times due to my condition twice 1st trimester, once 2nd trimester and twice 3trimester yet the sex of my baby was not revealed). 

 I am September born (8th),I forgot my birthday completely because I was already anticipating my baby's birth. My colleagues were like this that you hardly walk can you do anything at all? I will just smile  even at that I was still conducting deliveries at 36weeks being a Registered midwife.

You see this pregnancy, even if I don't know you once you're celebrating any occasion I must attend oh not because of anything but party jollof rice even if there's no animal just rice and I will eat with my hand.

On Sunday 13th September, woke up with show, I wanted going for Mass but my neighbor said no!!

So I took my bath, did make-up and headed straight to the hospital. Met the nurse on duty and She examined me, and said I was 4cm at 8:30am,I told her I will go back home and bring my things. Only to get home I started chatting with neighbors amid contractions without knowing I was in labor. meanwhile I met my midwife on my way coming back from the hospital I told her I will be going back by 12noon.She said I should call her when I am ready to leave the house.

I started feeling sleepy at 10:30am went inside laid and slept off and woke up at 12 :30pm with a sharp pain went to the toilet and peed. I started feeling hungry. 
I wanted to sit down and eat for where? Immediately I called my midwife oya meet me at the junction.

Met her and we started trekking (1.5km) with each step contraction was increasing. It got to a stage I could not lift my leg, I had to stop at intervals, finally we got to the hospital. She examine me I was 6cm at 1:20pm:

 I met 2 women in labor (when I got to the hospital in the morning and they were still there)one gave birth with birth asphyxia and instead of me to mind my own labor, I forgot that I was in labor we started resuscitating the baby with my midwife, the nurse and Dr duty were busy with the mother, immediately I discovered the baby's APGAR score was not rising even with Oxygen, I left the labor room and that was when I became scared for my unborn baby.

My contractions became stronger and more frequent and when I was examined again I was already 8cm @3pm,na that time I know say I dey labor 

Dr just came and asked how many cm and was told 8cm and he said they should give me misoprostol to augment labor and I shouted NO, allow natural process please with this pain you want to add again (she no do),he said he was coming back.

At 4:15pm told my midwife, madam how far with the labor room, is that baby out she said yes and I told we should go back inside, I was examined again and i had a fully dilated cervix with complete effacement. I was positioned for delivery and with each contractions there came the urge to push. Finally my princess came into this world at 4:35pm.No laceration, mother and baby in satisfactory condition.

When Bobo heard the news he almost ran mad with Joy.

Meanwhile I made my hair that I just be doing selfie time in labour room but when water pass garri it was after expulsion of placenta I remember I had a phone to inform that your isoko brother.

Baby dust to all TTC mothers, the 54days novena worked for me, you can try it also.

My baby Anastasia Munachi Oghale was a year old on Monday September 13th. Here are pix attached for your eyes only.

Congrats to you and belated happy birthday to your cute baby geh....


  1. Replies
    1. Congratulations

      Am tired lord.
      Can't cry anymore.
      Father forgive my sins
      And bless me with my own child.

      Stella blog visitors please pray for me.
      Am tired and loosing it

    2. O dear anonymous, from your mouth to God's ear. He will wipe your tears and bless your womb with babies. You shall come back with your testimony soon.

    3. May God give you double for all your trouble

    4. @Anon don't give up, God will answer you and you must testify

    5. God will hear your prayers Anon 14:29.

    6. Anon, it is well with you, you will testify sooner than you expect

    7. You will testify sooner than you think in Jesus name Amen

    8. You will testify next year in Jesus name, Amen!

    9. Anon 14:29

      GOD hears prayers

      Please be renewed in your faith

    10. Ankn I pray God comes through for you speedily. I await your testimony.

    11. Am much better now
      Thank you all
      AMEN to all your prayers I receive them.

      God bless you all

    12. From your lips to God's ear.

    13. Thanks poster

  2. Congratulations to you

    Please can someone explain how this novena is done and how a none catholic can embark on it

    1. 27 days of praying the Rosary in petition (ask for what you want) + 27 days of praying the Rosary in thanksgiving (thanking God) = 54 days prayer Novena

      The Rosary of our lady popularly used for prayer by Roman Catholic s

  3. Congratulations dear, l will try and post mine.

  4. Congratulations poster! What is Novena please? I'm 28 weeks and USS hasn't seen my baby gender and I'm worried. Someone said she should be a girl then. Is this true? I pray for safe delivery and an healthy baby

    1. Novena are prayers prayed for intentions especially in orthodox churches.

      In the Catholic church, (or if someone has serious spiritual issue in any church a strong spiritual man will advise you to pray the Rosary, whether you are Catholic or not)

      The 54 day prayer Novena mentioned above means that for 27 days you pray the Rosary used by the Catholics
      Asking God to - give you something/ help you...(petition) And for the other 27 days you tell God- thank you (Thanksgiving).
      27+27=54 day Novena.

      There are many types of Novena.

      The Holy Rosary is sold in Catholic churches and most spiritual stores.

      Please be advised that your spiritual journey is personal and that you have every right to pray any prayer from any denomination under the sun.

      The Almighty is one. The creator of all, willing to give if you ask the Right way.

      In spirituality there is a formula.Apply the formula the right way and you will get what you want.

      And always treat people well, with respect remember God is Love.

      Until next time

  5. Wow,you are one strong woman. Congrats

  6. Congratulations and happy birthday to your baby girl..

    Novena works wonders. It's not everytime, shouting prayers.

  7. Congratulations dear
    Belated birthday to your cutie 😘😘😘

  8. Congratulations. Happy birthday to your princess.

  9. Congratulations! Happy birthday to your dear Anastasia.

  10. Congratulations! Happy birthday to your dear Anastasia.

  11. Lagos Mainland Girl14 September 2021 at 15:41

    Congratulations and happy birthday to her
    Baby dust to all

  12. Congratulations and happy birthday to your princess

  13. Anon 14.29 cry no more God has heard your cry & will do it for you

  14. Congratulations poster and happy birthday to your little princess

  15. Congratulations. Baby dust to all expectant mothers

  16. Congratulations


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