Stella Dimoko Pastor Adeboye Sends A Memo To Transgenders And Tells Them To Repent...


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Sunday, September 12, 2021

Pastor Adeboye Sends A Memo To Transgenders And Tells Them To Repent...

This is to whom it may concern from Pastor Adeboye on Facebook...

He posted....

“Our God is the God of distinction; He is not an author of confusion. A man chooses to be confused when he does not want to do the right thing as ordered by God and so pretends that he does not know what God wants from him.

“When God creates, He does so with precision and purpose. He created lights for a purpose and darkness for another.

“God, in his infinite wisdom, created mankind as male and female, yet some people feel the need to change their gender as though He did not know what He was doing when He created them!

“God does not make mistakes. Our God is the perfect God of distinction. He created the day for work and the night to rest. If for any reason we do not rest in one night, the following day should compensate for the loss of rest.

“Failure to observe rest produces stress, sickness and ultimately death. Little wonder life expectancy in the last fifty years has been on the decline. Achievements that should normally have taken forty years to accomplish are realised in fewer than thirty, at the price of dying earlier. The God of distinction says in His word.

“A lot of people have mixed many profane things with the sacred. The God of distinction will never lower His standards. It is our duty to live up to His standards.

“Look into your life and see where you have compromised your values as a Christian. Repent and begin to walk in the path of righteousness again,” .


  1. Replies
    1. this is an extract from his daily devotional it is written in collaboration with so many other contributors .

  2. Very apt! My God is not an author of confusion.

  3. Let them know papa! The woke generation will start coming to say otherwise

  4. I totally agree.


  5. Great message; God does not make a mistake...
    Please, tell those inside the Church that are fornicating; the "pastors," the pastored, the members of the church, married people who are committing adulteries, that God says we the believers in Christ should judge those in the church 1 Cor. 5:12 and that he listed them with these other set of people you are talking about (1 Cor. 6:9) as those that will not inherit the Kingdom of God.

    It seems that the churches; especially the Pentecostals in Nigeria have an "unwritten conspiracy of silence" about sexual immorality that are happening under their very noses. They are not warning people about their sins and people are going to hell. Instead, their concern are for those outside the church, the very people that God says he will judge (1 Cor. 5:12-13). Let me paste that Scripture here;
    1 Cor. 5:12What business is it of mine to judge those outside the church? Are you not to judge those inside? 13God will judge those outside. “Expel the wicked person from among you.” d

    Let me ask my questions;
    1. How many times has someone committed blatant sexual immorality, even married people and they expelled (and restored when repentant Gal. 6:1) the person?
    2. All the "pentecostal pastors" accused of sexual immoralities by women (repentant ones), has anybody in their churches (elders etc.) asked them, "what's going on?"
    3. Why the silence of the different "mega churches" in Nigeria on subjects like abortions, some happening even under the noses?
    Can someone answer me please?

    1. On the last question. I was in the hospital on same street with one of this man's church when the choir coordinator fainted in the church and was rushed to the hospital. She was feverish and bleeding. It happened that she had an abortion on Friday and was not properly medicated, a case of septic abortion with septic shock. Sunday morning she was leading the choir. And she wasn't even repentant or remorseful about it when she came around.

    2. Do you attend their services to know what they do? Do you know how many have been suspended for commiting sin but when they bring it to social media ,you lot will scream " let he who is without sin cast the first stone" .

      I'm very sure if you were alive during the time of Jesus you would have castigated him for dinning with tax collectors and making sinners his friends.

    3. @13:12
      Since you attend "their churches" why don't you inform us; give us first hand information.
      Those "tax collectors and sinners;" like Zaccheaus and Mary repented and followed Jesus. They did not return
      to their sins. Those who claimed to be righteous but invaded widows houses and for a show made lengthy prayers,
      Jesus called them "hypocrites." These are the Pharisees and he told them "Woes, woes..." seven times. Read Matthew 23
      and see it. You do not claim to be a Christian, in the church and indulging in iniquity...then come out to chant "...cast the first stone"

    4. Salvation is a personal thing, it's not by Daddy Adeboye is my pastor or I attend RCCG. Judging a pastor by His members is wrong. Some people you preach to them morning till night that doesn't mean they wouldn't indulge in sin. We are in last days

    5. --> Instead, their concern are for those outside the church, the very people that God says he will judge

      BUT that is exactly what you do here. Such hypocrisy!

    6. @15:25
      This your comment is confusing, can you explain please. Let me know if you are talking to me 14:00

  6. Wisdom filled!
    I agree totally with him.

  7. The Truth will always be the truth..

  8. You are wearing suit, God that created you naked did he make mistake?

    1. You are using phone, was the phone put in your hand at birth or in the womb? Answer that first before asking illogical questions.

    2. Anom 14.49,God clothed man with animal skin before sending him out of the garden of Eden.Hence his wearing a suit

  9. I do not know about this God does not make mistakes. God himself said he made a mistake when he made man.

  10. As my friend asked in a blog and got insulted, how do we feel about conjoined twins? Mistake or deliberate act of God?


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