Stella Dimoko The Adventures Of Oko Ashawa The Uber Driver - 93


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Friday, September 10, 2021

The Adventures Of Oko Ashawa The Uber Driver - 93

What a dramatic month September has turned out to be!!!

The recent drama on the social media has taken me down memory lane..

I have heard about how some hotels install hidden cameras and watch their clients in the monitoring room making out. One of the things I try to be careful about when I lodge in a hotel is checking out the room to be sure there's no CCTV camera hidden anywhere. I do this by putting off all the lights and watch out for any tiny light blinking anywhere from the lights on the ceiling and around the AC.

There's a girl I went out with some years ago who took my naked pictures without my knowledge. Thanks to snooping when she forgot her phone as she went out. I deleted my pictures shaperly and that was the end of the relationship .....

This reminds me of a client I had about 2 years ago. We got very close at a point and she confided in me about a blackmail issue she was experiencing at that time.

 She broke up with her University sweetheart after dating for 5 years because he was violent, possessive and beat her at any slight opportunity. Eventually, she met someone else who she was ready to marry but her ex-boyfriend threatened her with a s#x video they had recorded together while in the University. 

The guy had carefully edited the video and uploaded the part where only her full naked body showed as they made out on a popular X-rated website.

He sent her the link and she was shattered. When she unknowingly told me the keywords with which that particular video was uploaded, I memorized it, checked it out later and it was very clear she was the one in that video. Though she said she didn't know the guy recorded the video, I didn't believe her because a lot of people do mumu things in the name of love.

I encouraged her to call his bluff and go ahead with her marriage to the new guy she has found but she told me her ex is so dangerous that he has actually found out the new apartment she moved to by giving her the full address. I told her to get a lawyer and report to the police but she was scared to do so. I also told her to change her phone number and tell her fiancé about the blackmail but she said that was a no go area.

I don't know how it ended eventually because she changed her phone number so I couldn't reach her anymore. I try my best to be very careful these days because you don't know who is recording your conversations, videos and keeping receipts of your chats. I wonder how careful one can be if that is even a possible.

Na wah, even Oko asawo dey fear make him naked photos or voice note no leak Abeg make i laugh


  1. Na wa o, one has to be extremely careful with private and personal pictures these days. Dont send nudes even to your husband, not to talk of lover or boyfriend. Don't be carried away during lovemaking. Open your drink yourself and don't get drunk. Shit can go down really bad when you have blacked out due to too much alcohol.

  2. A guy once broke up with me because I refused to send my nudes to him.... My love no mumu reach to send nudes abeg. I happily let him go

    1. Lol. That was just a acammer dear.
      I'm guessing you met him online?

  3. Anyone undergoing blackmail should first say something about it so it won't be a big issue when poo hits fan. Besides, it's an offence taken serious by the law. Go talk to the police and request for secrecy, it wil be okay.
    Abeg Mama Stella, this picture is so disgusting, I just lost my appetite. Even that former cartoon one was irritating, I prayed for u to hate it, which u stopped but wit yamayama. Living in naija wit it's rots and dirts already put one off, biko another one here is adding to stress level. Ewwwww......

  4. I don't know what meat OA stole from Stella's pot that she feels she must remain on his case😄.

    In the internet era, just have a no-blackmail policy and realize that you can never cover all the bases all the time. The spy cameras are so advanced now and the spying so rampant e.g. in Asian countries that spy cams even come without those red lights to show they are on. What then do you do? Never take a shower? Never dress up?

    I have never watched a sex tape that was released by as a result of a bad breakup or blackmail- not even the Kim Kardashian one. I always ask sheep salivating over such things: is it not the usual two breasts and one navel or what is different about it? It's one dongle, of a certain girth and length, attached to a sweating man right or have you seen a tape with seven of them biologically rooted to one person? How boring is your sex life that you are studying key points to perform?

    Years ago the butt of one PDP chieftain was leaked by an underpaid sex worker and more recently, another pro-sharia senator had his pics splattered on the internet after a threesome. Most recently, it was another senator colleague who is probably a sponsor of a number of religious programs in his constituency. Even Dangote's butt is now online. It may not be the best of companies but at least, these people have not shrunk from living their lives.

    Domestic staff are setting up cameras and spouses are turning their bedrooms to studios. Everyone is playing with an internet that never forgets.

    It seems the breakfast is going round so how many blackmailers will you settle and how many times? If anyone is recording, better jerk off on it and move on because I am not paying nada. Don't waste your data/storage space for nothing. If people need to learn from the master to better their game or watch in order to feel better about themselves, either way, I am serving my neighbor as myself and earning the blessings of heaven. When you are tired, rent a billboard and blow up the pics. Na you go tired.

    1. The way I dey fear these days eh. Ever since I found my nudes in my boyfriend's phone, I have been paranoid. Though he has deleted them, who knows if he has a backup somewhere else.

      The internet indeed never forgets. One can never be too careful though

    2. @18:28
      And why were you nude in your boyfriend's house, why not wait to be nude in your husband's house?

  5. If you go to fornicate in anywhere; hotels, guys house etc. Just know that your porn video is with the guys. They share it these days like kolanuts
    to use to masturbate later. It is so disgusting and ladies should learn to be discrete and wise about cheapening themselves.
    You will not know until you say "I no do again"

  6. No b small o one has to be careful sha

  7. Nawa o. The highest breach of trust aside from paternity fraud. As far back as 2006 when I was in uni, I heard guys were hiding cameras to film ladies and imagine the type of phones then not these phones of today. It is well, stella why you dey laugh? You want our oko ashawo to be infamous ni? Abeg let him preserve his modesty ��

  8. Oko ashawo continue to be vigilant.. Times are perilous. Evil people everywhere.

  9. This is indeed a wake-up call for people to be careful and guard their privacy jealousy. I have done those mumu things in the past. Thank God my partner didn't use them against me

  10. Incredible stuffs ... the length people go

  11. some people have turn themselves to monsters but God will save his people

  12. This's really scary but I thank God that I don't indulge in iniquity anymore. May God help me


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