Stella Dimoko Actress Ani Amatosero Blasts Reality TV Star Wathoni For Saying One Can Only Make It In Nollywood If They Use Their Body...


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Monday, October 25, 2021

Actress Ani Amatosero Blasts Reality TV Star Wathoni For Saying One Can Only Make It In Nollywood If They Use Their Body...

 Big brother star Wathoni says she has tried so many times to become an actress but failed because you need to use your body to make it in Nollywood.

This is an actor's response to her allegation...


  1. she no lie nah.

  2. There are good people working out there too.

  3. From the lady's comment, Wathoni was given a role through her film school but couldn't carry her lines properly. So it appears to be a case of not having talent but using the body/sleeping for role as the excuse for not being in nollywood (not saying that doesn't happen).

    This lady sounds quite aggressive though, you can get your point across without aggression.

  4. Same Wathoni posted her butt cheeks in a pool just some days ago. Honey, you need to be consistent whatever stance you are taking, not talking one way but posting pics saying something else.

  5. Madam forget that Asaba matter,we all know what the majority of actors do in Asaba.I even know some of them.wasnt that what some were doing in ..wood hotel before the place cast?Generalization is the only crime she committed here,aside that she said the plain truth.

  6. Wahala be like bicycle 🚲

  7. Gbas gbos. Nollywood isn't a dumping ground for big brother housemates.

  8. Mtcheew.. see this one..
    You for use the energy face the hoeloshos in the industry tanishing you guys name instead of coming to fight someone stating a well known fact..
    You leave the main problem dey face the consequence.. talk about someone being dumb..
    Dey whine yourself..
    Ashawo industry

  9. The message is simple. Since Wanthoni has acted in a Nollywood movie, isn't she saying that she
    slept her way through to act?😮😮😮😮😮😮

  10. Who dey whine each other for una two 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 hunger dey abeg make una free us.

  11. This lady is uncouth and very rude. I don’t like people who don’t have decorum. How can u speak like this? Particularly when Speaking from a professional standpoint. This rubs me off. U can make ur point without resulting to insult. Especially as the other person didn’t directly insult u.

  12. Na toto dey sell for Nollywood, truth is bitter. Wathoni I'd speaking gospel. That's the only industry where the females are doing better than their male counterpart.


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