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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Boredom Eliminating Post



  1. Replies
    1. If he has never given you money or gotten you anything. He generally doesn't make any effort. You force him to tell you he loves you. He waits for days unend to see you. He claims busy. He still posts his ex and all his female friends. He has zero respect for you.

  2. 1) You’ve dated for more than 2 years without him proposing (starting from when you’re both ripe and mature enough to marry). He’s just stringing you along, break up with him sis.

    1. False prophet ®20 October 2021 at 18:54

      I see this as an ill-advice.
      2yrs shouldn't be used as a yardstick, circumstances could differ.

    2. False prophet ®20 October 2021 at 18:55

      I see this as an ill-advised comment, circumstances could differ. @ Snacks.

    3. False prophet, you are always seeing🤦. "I see this and that"

    4. False prophet ®20 October 2021 at 20:11

      I see your observation is correct. I SEE THINGS @Simply divine

    5. 😂 @false prophet

  3. When he cares less about your feelings.
    Doesn't involve you in his plans.
    Leaves you in the dark about his family; parents and siblings.

    Picks offence easily even when it's unwarranted.

  4. Indecisiveness, playing the 2nd fiddle, Proud, Jealous, Pathological Liar, Stingy, Manipulative and Long relationship bereft of definition and I can go on and on and on and on!!

  5. 1) Your dreams/ambition arent in anyway valid to him or her..

    2) Always use the world "I or Me",not even by mistake will they use "Us"

    3) No respect for you,every talk is about SEX and different style with you.

    Example: My prick go just dey rise like garri etc etc😏

    3) You will never know their immediate family members or friends,just to ensure you never know there is another person after you..

    4) Secrecy,everything about them is more like a mystery to you;cos they see no future with you so why open up?

    5) Even if you are sick;they cant give you time,cos they know you can only offer sex to them so why come over when they wont get it?

    The highest is "sorry,get well soon" and that's on phone..

    5) They are in touch with their Ex,always sneaking around and explaining to you what you didn't or never asked..

    6) No life plan,focus,drive or even income..

    They will never discuss work or Business with you;or even seek your opinion or advice on real life issues..

    life to them is all about from one club to another and looking for what is not lost

    7) They are full of lies and would always use another lie to cover the previous..

    8) video your Sex and "Mistakingly" upload on snapchat..


    1. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. Tiwa, chai

    2. 👏👏 @ number 8, This table that you're shaking ehn 😂

    3. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      What a savage!

    4. Haaaaa... leave my Tiwa out of this o🤣

    5. Martins you have finished me with laugh 😅🤣😂😆 their prick raise like garri 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    6. Martins you have scattered the table and used it for firewood 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    7. EC, it is rise not raise...

    8. Nothing prick no go see for Kpokpogarri hand

    9. A crate of e malt for martins

  6. 😂😂😂😂😂😂Martins you needed to see me rolling on the floor. Was the last one necessary?? This table you want to scatter eeh....hmmm

  7. His words AND actions are not confirming the progress of the relationship.

  8. Learning o. But lack of communication

  9. If the Communication is one sided, only one person calling, checking up on the other, it's a red flag.
    They can introduce you to their ancestors and still play you, so I won't count that one.
    Your partner should call you at least once or twice in a day ( depending on their tight schedule).
    Love is selfless, love isn't materialistic, love sees beyond looks, love is full of sacrifices.
    Your partner should be your biggest fan, your support system, your advisor et all.
    Your partner should be able to offer a helping hand, financially no matter how little (for both gender).
    Your partner should love your people and you do same in return.
    If only everyone could love the way I do (not blindly and stupidly tho),,,, this world would be a better place.
    Besides I'm single....

    1. Besides i'm single got me laughing!! Ibo woman!!!!😜😜kedu?

    2. Okay, Marketer. You are doing well.

  10. Lack of communication

    No respect of any kind

    Verbal abuse

    Abeg he plenty

  11. Stinginess
    Lack of trust and communication
    Self centred behaviour

  12. When a man tells you I'm going somewhere with you but the destination no get address. When he tells you, is plan is when he gets money, he would just rent a bq in town so he can stay for a few days before going back to the outskirts? What happened to pulling your resources together? He has just told you, you are not in his immediate future plans.

  13. Controlling❌

    Projecting past relationship issues on me❌

    Friends with his exes or babymamas ❌

    1. I am going through that past relationship ish with a guy, never experienced this before. It's like he is seeing his ex in my body, not sure his therapy is helping. Seems he's been really hurt and resents women internally from what he says. Always women this women that.

    2. 19:15 His own is strong if even therapy is not helping. If you can’t handle it, leave now

    3. Anonymous 19:15 can you handle that guy at all, if therapy cannot work na mid night prayer be the last bus stop.

    4. @excited,"night prayer"?? she born am?..abeg make run and pray from away..

  14. False prophet ®20 October 2021 at 18:51

    I see the nonchalant attitude towards taking the necessary medical tests.

    I see incommunicado as a huge red flag.

    I see the term "Our wife" used by his family/friends has deceived so many girls, be wary when addressed as such whe ure just a GF.

    I see how he/she is hesistant to meet any family member of yours.

  15. Lies and deception
    Lack of communication

  16. No discussions centered on your future even after you've been together for a while

    1. Why must the discussions be cantered on her future instead of the future of the both people?

    2. Even friends discuss future expectations. This your point doesnt count.

    3. Kai!Anon 20.07, you be correct olodo. So 'your' can't be plural?

  17. Lies!!!!
    Always forming busy
    Never discussed the future with you
    Behaving as if he's doing you a favour by dating you.
    Lies again, never truthful

  18. Martins, no dey do this kind thing na 🤣😂

  19. God's masterpiece20 October 2021 at 20:43

    Hardly calls or makes time for you

    Always sees you at his or her convenience

    No concrete future plans

    You are not always involved in any future plans

    You haven't met any of his or her family members or friends let say after 2years of dating.

    Do not regard your feelings or decision
    These and many more....

  20. Not emotionally ready.

    Everyone is begging me to marry you.

    I am always busy with work and cannot visit or call you.

    Always never available.

  21. Relationship as a word don suffer.
    When I look at lazy guys in my hood that are abusing the word.,I laugh tire.
    Relationship is all they think of.
    All the year they are in a relationship with unknown person they are seeing in their dreams ( mental case ).
    Relationship is a escape route for lazy guys now that are looking for women that will feed them.

  22. Relationship mustn't lead to marriage cos the two may not be compatible. why you shouldn't force it and allow it grow on it's own.
    Don't date too long when is not defined or leading anywhere.
    Heart knows where it belongs and nothing can change that.

  23. When he doesn't involve you in his major plans
    When hes always avoiding talks about marriage or telling you"you are rushing me"
    When he cares all about himself,no checkon,or acting unbothered when you tell him about serious issues bothering you
    When all you ever do is sex,and the only time he's missing you is because of sex even when you tell him you're not feeling too well
    He has the money resources and time but won't spend them with you

    1. Dodge users
      Avoid abusers
      Leave emotionally burnt or stunted
      Ignore time wasters

  24. Ignores your msg for days on end.
    Reappears after ghosting you for weeks and accuses you of not checking on him.
    Run mai dias.

  25. There is flaw and there is red flag. Examples of flaws = dirty, lazy, talks too much, unromantic etc. Examples of red flag = no updates, doesn't call or text, married, secretive etc. Red flags are a threat to the relationship. Flaws can be managed but make the relationship exhausting. Funny enough someone might have great character, no flaws and exhibit bright red flags. Someone can also have flaws but no red flag.

    1. They are intertwined

      Ignore at your own risk

      A man who is dirty with crusted clothing is a red neon sign at the entrance of Lagos state visible to aircraft 5,000 metres away

      A stingy man is not a provider

      A nag will be a nuisance

      A malice keeper is an emotional abuser

      Marriage only magnifies whatever stupidity and foolishness in a person

      E no dey cure stupidity

  26. Enter your comment...when the guy refuses to spend any or little money on me.its not about having your own money.if you are single,stay single &spend your money on yourself.but when you are in a relationship,if the ģuy doesn't want to spend on you,run!!!

  27. He only gives u money when he has sex with u and not for any form assistance

  28. When she doesn't give you enough money on the weekend to go party with your boys. She is a loser.

  29. When the person isn't a giver

    No talks about future plans, not even stylish talks about number of kids or wedding colours etc

    Always talking about being pressured to marry (nobody can force me to marry talk)

    Giving instances in your presence and referring to a third party eg. you're with your guy and he says I won't allow my wife do xyz, my wife must be xyz etc

    Still in constant contact with exes

  30. No effort whatsoever.


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