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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative...



I come from a large family and I am the middle child.

We lost our mum very early.

I am known as the one with a good heart right from childhood (even mocked for it), I used to love my siblings so much that I wouldn’t mind taking a bullet for them if the need arises but series of events has proven that the love is one sided, everyone only protects their interest.

To say a very few things I have done for these people...

Whenever my elder female siblings give birth, I am always the one to stay with them in the hospital till they are discharged.

If they need someone to babysit their children, even if I am out of town, I transport myself back,  just to babysit the kids (sometimes for days or even months) they would still gather and say I babysit the children because of the peanut their husband gives to me for transport when going back....the largest sum I have ever received when I visit is 5,000 naira.

Let me not go into details about how I slaved for my younger ones when our mom died just to make sure they did not feel her absence...I was 13  and in Senior Secondary one.

My father was sick at the time and no extended relative wanted to stay with us, I took care of my sick father and my younger ones.

My seniors gained admission into the tertiary institution and left us to our fate.
Thank God I graduated high school and aced my WAEC.

Now to the gist, all I get from these people is pain starting from my father. It took years to forgive him for all he put me through, he cut me off during my 3rd year in the university with reasons that I should come home and care for my younger ones, he even made my uncles not to help me out with funds, I had to struggle my way through school all by myself.

My elder ones especially the girls have made it their life duty to cause me pain. Whenever they gather, and they have not gossiped about me then their gathering is not And these are people that never taught me a single thing about adulthood, I had to learn from my peers and some of their kind friends.

Something happened recently......

My kid brother who was living with one of my big sisters ran away from home. 
I was really close to that sister of mine, so she always updated me, I kept reassuring her she shouldn’t worry so much about him leaving home that all will be well.

We were all worried, my sister was making plans to go report to the police that he was missing and I supported the idea.

Some hours after my sister told me about her plans to report to the police, my missing brother called my phone, I was so excited that he was fine, I asked him to call my sister and her family which he said he would.
Out of excitement, I called my sister and told her of the latest development and she was also grateful to God that he is fine.

Some hours later, she would call me and start accusing me of giving my brother information, she said and I quote “how come it’s immediately I started making plans to report to the police he called you”, I was stunned , I hung up on her, she called back and was raining fire and brimstone, she said I have a hand in his running away.

I thought the drama ended there, she called all our family members and told them I was the one encouraging him and other stuffs.
I went through hell that period.

I made a resolve to cut them all off, I am still the go to person for my younger ones though......

I just want to know if I am over reacting.

*See drama!!!
Hmmmm family is everything but your older ones are toxic and when i say toxic, I mean real ish toxic.
Since you cut them off, are you missing anything? When you say cut them off, how did you cut them off? completely or partially? Cos your younger ones will still be updating them of your activities...

Just stay away from drama with them.
Older siblings that do nothing to help, advice or support their younger ones should be ashamed of themselves.....


  1. Cut off from them. Families don't take anyone to heaven, it is you that will take yourself to heaven or hell.

    Eat with them with long spoon. It is not a must you must be a good person to them.

    Just stay off from them. Let them not know where you stay or how you are doing, they will surely respect you.

    Ekpele it is well

    1. Having ungrateful and wicked family members is a very painful thing to pass through. Worse is if you started off having a kind heart with them. They'll believe you owe them that & should be their slave for ever.

      God is your strength. Please avoid them. The more you bring yourself like you want peace the more they plot your downfall. Be wise!

  2. Poster Please you don't need all these wahala...This toxicity at his peak..It is sad that siblings cannot live in harmony at least for the sake of your late mother and ailing father...

    Please look out for you self, you can help and love from a distance..But in all, please forgive them and forge ahead..May God see you through...Just hold on to God..All the best...

  3. They're users, you need to learn how to concentrate on yourself and those who share same feelings with you. One sided love and sacrifices either hurt our feelings or gives it perceived strongness.
    Family is beyond blood, do what only you have the capacity for your younger one's, no body get a crown for carrying family problem on their head, if you're not mindful they'll take advantage of your kind heart as well because people perceive your kind as weak and mumu.
    Mingle with those who appreciate you, you deserve some love too.

  4. They see you as d busybody of the family. No carry their matter for head against, face your younger ones, anyone that behaves like Karen, cut off.

  5. Look out for yourself and your younger ones. Ignore them

  6. Stop going to their houses to help them with anything. Tell them you are busy. What nonsense is this? Families is supposed to be your safety net, not people you should be running away from.

  7. Wow! I wonder how siblings hate themselves like this? Well I blame the foundation sha...I'm SURE your parents didn't build the LOVE between you guy's, when something like this happens is always the parent fault 90%. No you are not overreacting, in FACT you really have a good heart, who would sacrifice SO MUCH these day's? A sibling like you is rare these day's...kudos for trying to breach the gap even though the other parties are not making efforts.
    Cutting them off is the BEST thing for now, FOCUS on yourself more, work harder and PRAY often. Bone der SIDE and don't allow der negativity to affect you! I know people use to say "blood is thicker than water" but I want you to also know that "LOVE is thicker than blood" and your siblings do not LOVE you...I hope you will read this, digest it and make use of it. I pray you will be successful in life...take care and don't think about it too much, yeah I know it isn't EASY but you have too look forward and be HAPPY NO MATTER WHAT! I feel like crying *smile* I really HATE siblings rivalry

  8. Dear poster, sibling rivalry, competition etc is real. Keep them at arms length. You are a lady now done with your school I believe.
    Watch out for your young ones. Remember you can only do so much. Make sure you are not expecting anything in return that way you won't be offended.

    Note: You are not God or Jesus. You can't do everything for them. Do your best and leave the rest. And don't feel bad when you can't meet up.

    Don't be bitter. Forgive as soon as offense is thrown at you and move on.

    Stay close to God and keep praying. Only God can help you through this and diffuse whatever strife is going on.

    All the best.

  9. Just face your life, stop going all out for them.

  10. Hmmmm,cut off from Dem but pray for dem.its a nasty situation but u nid ur self to be same oh! Giv Dem distance maybe dey will change.

  11. Hebrews 12:15 TPT
    Watch over each other to make sure that no one misses the revelation of God’s grace. And make sure no one lives with a root of bitterness[aa] sprouting within them which will only cause trouble and poison the hearts of many.

  12. The sooner you realize that "all you have is yourself", the better for you.

    All you have is you. Make the most of yourself

  13. Stay on your lane,leave all the familiarities

  14. Everything I typed just wiped!

    Please call a family meeting, if possible, this Christmas. Let everyone say their grievances. Then you all should make a conscious effort to forgive each other genuinely. Their is nothing as bad as siblings rivalry, you people will lose, your kids will lose more. You might be thinking it's too late, it is not, there is still time to make peace and be at peace with all. Let this hatred not extend to your children. Nobody should be interrupted, let everyone say their minds and whoever is at fault should apologize. Send this link to all of them, the comments will help.

    I hate siblings rivalry, told my siblings that we are all we have. As the last born, I have made peace with the fact that nobody owes me nothing, I try as much as possible to work as hard as them, they are my motivation. If they give me, I genuinely thank them, but I also give as little as I have which they also appreciate.

    Expecting stuff from people makes people entitled and it kills relationships.

    In conclusion, nobody owes you nothing, you don't owe anyone nothing, try and make peace. This life eh, nothing dey inside.

    1. Your last 3 paragraphs - filled with wise words.

    2. Yes you can call a family meeting and make peace but don't send them this link before another war will start. They will say you carry their matter come social media. It will cause trouble. Don't send them the link to this story

  15. Poster, look after yourself, forget your family for now and concentrate on your self for the sake of your mental health. I'm not advising you to cut communication totally but just be indifferent to whatever information you get from them. When they try to drag you into family matter, avoid it a much as you can. Sometimes when they call to report anything to you, play deaf. Do only what is convenient for you. Move away from their environment if you can help it just to stay a bit out of sight. I am advising you from my own personal experience. It won't make you a selfish person. I took my own advice a bit too late but its working for me.


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