Stella Dimoko First Anniversary Of #ENDSars Protest..


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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

First Anniversary Of #ENDSars Protest..

On 201020 the day began normally but ended tragically for many who attended the protest at the Lekki toll gate....

On this day last year I cried out my eyes watching a certain video of shooting on Instagram live ......

Where were you on this day a year ago and what was your reaction to all what happened.

It reported that there is a peaceful rally planned for today, please stay safe and stay out of harms way.

 RIP to all the people who died trying to fight for their rights and others...


  1. Rip to the lost souls

  2. I still have panic attack anytime I remember the video of the shootings.A country where "democracy" is said to be practised and people where killed for coming out to say enough is enough.A year after and no body has taken responsibility for giving the order.May the souls of those who lost their lives continue to REST IN PEACE.And for the perpetrators doom is upon you..Just like yesterday we still remember..

  3. Last year on a day like this, I was at home when I heard about the shooting. I was so pained and angry for being a Nigerian. Lord have mercy on us cos we've got no choice at this point.

    May the souls of those affected rest in perfect peace and may those that orchestrated the killing be judged on this earth and may peace of mind be far from them. Amen.

  4. It was terrible watching what happened on this day last year. I cried my eyes out with all the videos I saw, at one point I was afraid to watch anything on the Internet.

    I pray that God will continue to console the families of all the legendary πŸ™πŸ™Œ

  5. I was at the protest ground at Alausa for a while on this day before heading home.My sister and hubby were at Lekki but left after 4pm.Immediately they stepped in,we saw the news of lekki massacre. I cried my eyes as we joined DJ switch live.All hearts shattered,hope dashed.All we wanted was good governance,police accountability.

    We will never forget
    To our fallen heroes,keep resting
    To Oke,Ishaq Jimoh and many more promising leaders of tomorrow we lost,we will never forget.😒😒😒😒

    And nothing has changed a year today.police brutality and extortion still rampant.

    20!10!20.Water runaway my eyesπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺ

  6. RIP to all who died. I know it is not worth it dying for this great country but I pray God Almighty receive your souls Amen.

    Are they still collecting toll gate money in lekki?

  7. Happy Independence Day to the Youth of Nigeria.. maybe the Southern youth only tho, cos I remember the Northern youth protested against the freedom..

    #EndSars,Suffering,ConfusedGovernment,Nepotism,Ineptitude,Banditry,Terrorism,Unemployment, Stupidity,Unaccountability, Stealing,Lying,Tribalism,Corruption, Inflation etc etc



    1. Wao wao wao Dante I can't believe I like this your comment πŸ₯΄πŸ™„ nice one πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

    2. Not all northern youth were against the protest.
      Youth in Bauchi protested for Days, it was the toll gate killing that scared them

  8. Really sad. Continue to rest on HEROES.

  9. It was terrible watching the shootings live. I cried my eyes out.
    To all the fallen heroes, we will never forget.

  10. Sad day indeed,I remember Daddy Code,hope he is okay.Our country needs divine intervention because it is clearly beyond human remedy.May God heal our landπŸ™πŸ™.

  11. Wow it was just like yesterday.. I was in a terrible shock, I wasn't there LIVE but I protested on all online platforms....I cried for 3 straight days..I didn't sleep for 2 days, I will cry myself very night...Haa it really haunted me... I was briefly happy when Stella posted the "Save a BV'' but after I was just crying...I still have palpitations now cause I dunno what will happen next #Wewillneverforget#

  12. The events of 20102020 are still very fresh in my memory. It was such a horrible and traumatic experience. And no, it wasn't in Lagos, it's actually Abuja-Apo precisely. I thank God any day I remember how I managed to escape that area on this day last year; and to think that I didn't go back to my house till January this year cos of the trauma.

    I saw how shops and car stands(more than 50 cars) were razed down, I saw humans burning in the middle of the road.
    The man I got my mattress from when I newly packed into that area, I saw how his whole investment went down in minutes. I saw his tears.
    A certain young lady who I exchange pleasantries with anytime I pass her shop where she sells cloths, she almost couldn't recover from the shock she got after her shop was razed down with the newly acquired goods. According to her "I learnt that prices of clothes will increase by November, so I used all my money to stock up. Now what do I do?".
    The attacks on people while they were indoors, the sleepless nights...
    I can go on and on but...I thank God that I am alive today.
    The way things that seem menial incite and trigger violence amongst us is still beyond my understanding.

  13. I couldn't sleep all through the night, I cried my eyes out, I thought about the deceased family, I thought about those that just breathe their last, trying to make Nigeria a better place. One of my saddest day. Rest in peace to all those who lost their life that day. It is a day we all will never forget

  14. This was the day I lost all hope in this country ever becoming better, I cried myself to sleep that night, I won't lie I really cursed this country that day��
    Since that day I very stopped praying for this country, I only pray that God should continue to provide and protect me and my loved ones

  15. I still have vivid memories. My sister and I decided not to go to the protest ground that day and for some weird reason, we also were not online to know what was happening. All we know was we started hearing gunshots. While we were still trying to figure out what was happening, my brother called us in panic to find out if were okay. That was when we knew what was going down. He was so worried cause we live not too far from the toll.

    Fam we didn’t sleep a wink that night. How could we, when we could hear sporadic gunshots for hours, and we knew that people were definitely getting killed. May we never experience such tragedy again.

    Rest In Peace to all that lost their lives. πŸ•Š

  16. May God continue to rest the souls of our falling hero's.

  17. RIP to those that lost their lives, and till now nobody have been held accountable, nobody said sorry to the families that lost their loved one in Nigeria ones you have money nd connection you can do anything bad nd still go scot-free

    1. Heard they even arrested those that came to ask for the dead bodies of their relatives for burial😒😒😒

  18. May their souls continue to rest in peace πŸ™πŸ™

  19. May the souls of the fallen heroes continue to rest in peace, amen. Until Nigeria breaks, there will be no change, I don't like talking about this because it gets me really angry.

  20. It was a horrible day. I couldn't sleep and kept on having panic attacks.
    It's sad that justice was not served.
    May the souls of the departed rest on.
    The Fight for a better Nigeria continues.
    One day we will sing the victory song.

  21. I almost lost my brother who went there coz his friends insisted he came.. Only for him to go there and come back home few minutes after coz he 4got his wallet and then. we heard the news.. till date one of his friend is still missing, some injured and 1 died of gun shot.
    it was a hard time for my brother
    RIP to them all

  22. Rest in peace to all the fallen heroes.

  23. It was a terrible experience, I was two min drive away from where it happened. The protesters were singing the National Anthem, then suddenly the Animals in uniform opened fire, I initially thought they were shooting into the air, until those injured were brought into the hospital where I worked, we saw ripped stomach with the intestines coming out, a gun shot wound to the head that the patient later died. Later after the massacre at the toll gate some mobile police came to raid and clean the blood stained evidence, someone was shot right in our presence with a video evidence. Yet Buhari and his conspirators came out to say it didn't happened that the videos where doctored. Your Excellency Mr President Sir, history will not go down well with you with the MASSACRE.

  24. A tragic Day indeed.....I cried my eyes out😭😭

  25. I was traumatised by this. I went to protest a day before. I lived on Admiralty then. Even from our house we could hear the shots. What if I went back the next day to protest again? I could've easily been one of the statistics. May all the fallen heroes RIP. It's really sad.

  26. Nigeria sets another record as the only country where a “massacre“ happened and the parents, guardians, siblings, and family members of the “victims” are not willing to come forward. Come forward if lost any person in Lekki.

    A place where people are sayin "RIP to the dead" but they do not know anybody that died! Nigeria is a funny country.


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