Stella Dimoko Nigerian Army Explain Why They Arrested Actor Chinwetalu Agu


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Friday, October 08, 2021

Nigerian Army Explain Why They Arrested Actor Chinwetalu Agu

The Nigerian Army say actor Chiwetalu Agwu who was arrested recently for wearing the Biafra flag clearly demonstrated uncharitable disposition to negate peace and security... 



  1. He was assaulted. Saw two different videos of him being assaulted. He was assaulted or brutalized should be disregarded? What's on video? Since when did Nigeria army start respecting rights of citizens in this country?

    Evidence on video is supreme.

    1. He was assaulted?? E no concern me sha.
      That's a bullseye he put on his forehead.

    2. He parked his bus in the middle of a very busy main road, came down wearing the upon flag and said he was sharing 10000 naira bread to the poor in the middle of the road…
      You do realise he has been aid to do all this rubbish by the same people who made sure the regular innocent kids of the poor Igbo citizens did not write their WAEC this year ensuring they have lost a year of their academic life… Mr Agu, it is better you return whatever you have been paid and live your life with your integrity still intact

  2. Sheikh Ahmed Gumi and Isa Pantami can make an inciting comments and nobody dares to caution them not to talk of arresting them. Yes I'm not in support of him putting on this cloth considering the current insecurity situation in that state but still what is good for the goose is also good for the gender. Buhari's hatred for the Igbo's is so glaring for even a blind to feel it

  3. And they're yet to arrest the people calling Fulani herdsmen business man,or the man that act as go between while "gumming" with boko haram

  4. I see these so called yeyebrities posting nonsense on their IG and I become ashamed for their stupidity.
    Where were they when innocent citizens were been killed and burnt alive all in the name of biafra and IPOB.
    A job well done to the army, let those touts come out on Monday, the army are waiting. Illiterates.

  5. It's just a piece of material..
    Was he carrying guns...?
    Was he fighting?
    Why the assault?

    1. A piece of material with depicting what? Conveying what message?

  6. Aso rock insider8 October 2021 at 10:58

    If I talk now, Stella will not post.

    Even the army that observe the Mondays sit at home. By the time y'all realize what is happening in Nigeria, it will be too late. All I have to say is get ready for that islamization. It will happen and everyone will witness it.

    1. You know what, you get ready to see the God of Abraham at work in this Country.In case you don't know him, ask Pharaoh to tell you bout him . Even Sennacherib will tell you , just so you know, that Islamization WILL NOT happen because God is jealous over this country and the blood of our martyrs will not be in vain!

  7. I'm still trying to understand this man's intentions..Is he genuine or was he paid to cause confusion?Ekwensu eromansia mammy water.

  8. What i have to say to this is.....

    Ike gwuru...πŸ€¦πŸ˜’
    Ezigbo ike gwuru 🚢🚢🚢


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