Stella Dimoko Nigeria's VP Yemi Osinbajo's View On FOREX Scarcity In Nigeria.


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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Nigeria's VP Yemi Osinbajo's View On FOREX Scarcity In Nigeria.



  1. They should concentrate on building/reviving factories and industries and watch the Naira improve in value naturally

  2. I remembered when I saw this man i said to myself, what a remarkable VICE PRESIDENT he will be! But alas who am I kidding! the MOST USELESS VICE PRESIDENT in the history of this country so far! How can someone as remarkable and learned be this USELESS!!!??? In FACT if not that STELLA brought it up now have totally forgotten we have a VP! Always absent! We don't hear his VOICE at he's so CLUELESS! OMG!!!! mtcheewwww

    1. They silenced him, didn't even go on pilgrimage in london to see their Jagaban, wasn't at the launch of his 2023 campaign Swaga in Lagos, wasn't at his welcome back to Lagos party. All man for himself now

    2. Silencing join but the main Koko be say VP na errand boy work. Check well wen all those deputies no wan do errand boy work again naim wahala dey start with main goal.

    3. Who silenced him? Talk another thing. Forget about him. Man that cannot talk about evils happening in Nija. A pastor that cannot call a spade a spade. Abeg make una leave matter.

      This man fall hands yakata.

    4. Anon,but his hands are tied na. He can only do what the president's assigns him to do. Vice presidency in Nigeria is not it at all. They don't have any portfolio!

    5. Please do tell us the constitutional roles of a VP. You people will just be hyperventilating over issues you have no knowledge of. The. VP is not CBN governor unless you can convince me the CBN roles of Atiku, GEJ & Namadi Sambo as vice presidents in Nigeria.

    6. Thanks El Haj, you guys above are just noisemakers and just making noise. You guys have no idea what the role of a VP is. You are just attacking him because you hate his boss and want him to fight against him, forgetting that his roles are specific. When your messiah was in government, what was the role of his vice (Namadi Sambo)? What did he do? When GEJ was VP, what did he do? When Atiku you voted for was VP, what did he do? Everywhere, all over the world, the VP’s role is not substantial. Even in the US. You only hear Biden, not Harris.

  3. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


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