Stella Dimoko Reality Star Gifty Turns Inspirational Speaker And Wants The Social Media To Be Completely Shut Down...


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Saturday, October 09, 2021

Reality Star Gifty Turns Inspirational Speaker And Wants The Social Media To Be Completely Shut Down...

 She says she wants the social media to be shut down and rants her reasons...

However, she did not indicate if it was the Nigerian social media or the social media all over the World...

She posted...

"I can't wait for SOCIAL MEDIA to be shut d
own totally

It's causing more harm than any other.
Everyone wants to wear a fitted coat
Everyone wants to get in the front line
Everyone is packaging just for this same social media
Youngsters killing people just to be successful in life

So-called mentors/idols having numerous sugar daddies and coming on social media to write sh*tty things like it's "God's grace".. F**k you and that disgrace.

Youngsters faking it till they make it ( keep faking it until you lose that big opportunity).

People finding their answers on Google and faking it like it's their ideas.

So-called transgenders wearing makeup and borrowing their friend's clothes just to prove sh*try act.

I could go on and on...look don't be deceived. I wish not to call out names and yes my chest is full but I will not use it.

Everything you see on social media is fake.
People can go any length just to post cute picture on their page.
There is history behind everything being posted.
Don't kill yourself over things you cannot handle.
There is a time for every season in your life.
Chill... your shine will come

For in every season, there is a test, and from every test there is a TESTIMONY."


  1. Gifty kindly close all your social media account and stop seeking for attention

    1. She's correct tho
      But hanty shut down yours leave us alone oo
      Some of us na social media give us stress free days

  2. And the people that use it as a source of income can go to hell abi?

  3. This girl is the biggest hypocrite I have seen online. She came on Instagram to say that BBN is satanic and that they should end the show, yet this girl still campaigned for a housemate. She asked them to close the show because she was one of the housemates that did nothing with the platform. Now she is saying rubbish about social media. Is there anything that has an advantage without a disadvantage? If you were making a living from social media would you have asked for it to be shut down? You can deactivate all your accounts and be watching NTA . Rubbish!

  4. Allow people breathe joor. Everybody mustn't take your advice. Live and let's live biko

  5. Dear Gifty, please stay off social media and let us be.

  6. Gifty how we wan take hear you now if no be this same social media mbok? Aunty go and rest joor.

  7. I did not read anything she said that is not true.
    The only thing is that the cuss words were not necessary. I think she is waking up right these days.

  8. This gifty has always been dumb, no sense at all.
    Shut down yours and stop disturbing us

  9. I found that writeup sensible...except for a few unnecessary words.

    I don't know about her personal life. But if you read through carefully, you can pick a thing or two, in that seemingly senseless writeup.

  10. Everything is not for everyone. Just delete your accounts and move on. There are real legitimate, successful celebes who are not on social media and will not join, so how much more you.

  11. Gifty no get sense at all, I mean who advocates for social media to be shut down on social media??

    As for sugar daddy and fake life, Gifty are you not among those you’re criticizing? Come off it


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