Stella Dimoko Big Brother Star Dorathy Bachor Rants/Laments


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Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Big Brother Star Dorathy Bachor Rants/Laments

Big brother star Dorathy is complaining........

So, lets get one thing clear, the atmosphere in Nigeria is killing businesses or people are not planning well and opening the wrong businesses?



  1. Knowing the right thing to sell in your environment helps,plus no money na person wey chop belly full dey talk of other things

  2. No biz is easy to manage & get it right, not even d food biz, both uncooked & cooked that is seen to be lucrative, talk less of fashion department. Heard she’s very good in interior deco & event’s planning, which is equally good if u have d A-list connections & clients, so hope is not lost. U are just starting & will surely get by. Ds is why I prefer my 9-5 job, bcoz I’ll just go into depression if I get it wrong in biz. Generally, nothing is free in Freetown.

  3. Is that a restaurant/drink spot that I'm seeing up there? If yes, she should re-strategize, people must eat and drink.
    Btw, I used to think being a celebrity gives them more advantage to get patronage compared to us the ordinary citizens. Business is tiring in Nigeria but we shall not relent 💪

  4. I see through her business

  5. The wrong businesses and poor financial management ...

    Because everyone is doing it, doesn't make it the right business for you. Something you have no experience in, takes a lot of stubborn determination and patience to pull through. Most of these celebs do businesses because their colleagues are doing it. If it then takes time to balance up they get frustrated and most give up.

    How passionate are you about what you're into, how well skilled are you. What's your network of friends like. How financially disciplined are you. A lot of business owners don't know how to manage their funds too. In fact any successful entrepreneur you see ask them, it takes a lot of discipline and patience.

  6. The economy,the government and inflation is killing business.

    My next store neighbour just closed down his restaurant. He said he cant keep up with losses and the high cost of foodstuffs.

    The lord is our strength.

  7. Business, business, business no get name? EVerytime, you spill your breasts on the pages of the internet
    which time you get to do any business? Call the "business" by name.🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

    1. Judge Judy de Judgina 😏

    2. Next time use Google before you judge ehn. She has a lingerie business you hear

    3. @Mrs S
      Does she spill her breasts on the internet? Yes
      Has she told us the business? NO

    4. @18.37
      Did she spill breasts in the picture above? NO
      Did we ask you to open this post? NO
      You are just a bully. Self righteous judgmental bully.

  8. My dear business survives in its own ideal environments. eg lacation,economics,legal and political factors that play on business survival.
    So God help us ameen

  9. It's not easy oo
    But the pay makes it sweet.


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