Stella Dimoko Dr Freaks Journal - The "Greenhorn" And His 'Apėja' "Fisherman's" Suit


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Saturday, November 06, 2021

Dr Freaks Journal - The "Greenhorn" And His 'Apėja' "Fisherman's" Suit

No condition is permanent....


...I think I was a few months old at the Bar at the time, fresh from the Nigerian Law School and I had just co-founded a law firm with 3 (three) friends, full of zeal and zest, but bereft of the requisite experience. Long and short, we elected to disband our "P Partners" partnership in the most peaceful manner.

Our office was located around Catholic Mission street, Lagos Island and for those who are familiar with that terrain, almost all the houses situate (do not attempt to correct my spelling here as the omission of "d" is deliberate and only the lawyers reading this piece can relate) thereat accommodated one "Bukateria" or a "Bar".

 There was this particular one very close to Freedom Park popularly known as "Mama A Buka" where I used to eat "Amala" at the time under reference. Mama A was like a mother to me. She would always reserve "fresh fish" and give me some pep talks over lunch. The topics ranged from marriage to career, to mention but a few. There and then, I met this big Uncle who worked (in fact, still works) in one of the multinational companies. From day one, he took an immediate liking to me.

 He would join me at Mama A's during lunch break and would encourage me the way a big brother would encourage a mentee. We exchanged telephone numbers but I can't remember ever calling or receiving any telephone call from him in 2 (two) years. Then things got better, I got a job in a much better law firm and I could for once afford to get decent suits. Hallelujah!


Fast forward,

Two years down the line, my phone rang and behold it was my big Uncle from Mama A's Joint on the other end of the phone and an ecstatic me at this end. We exchanged pleasantries, without much ado he hinted me that he had an emergency situation at hand, asked me where I was, I informed him that I was in my then office at Victoria Island and mentioned the name of the firm. 

Under 15 minutes, I was in his office at Marina. When he saw me, the first words that came out of his mouth stuck till this moment. Uncle was wowed by the "little" transformation and in a comical but serious manner stated thus: " that you can afford a decent pair of suit, I can introduce you to my friends as my lawyer, not those early days when you were wearing an 'apęja' fisherman's suit."

 Was I angry? Hell no! I was grateful to God. Since then, he has referred clients to me and they are still on my clientele list.


What lessons have I learnt from this encounter? No condition is permanent. Wherever you find yourself today is just for a moment, this too shall pass. Those who laughed at you will laugh with you. I am not "There" yet, but I'm no longer where I used to be and to God be the glory.

Its Kunle


  1. Nice one uncle Kunle. For me I am wondering when my life will change.

    1. Just have a positive mind always. It might be hard but just try, that change will surely happen

    2. Thank you so much Judgesparkling. I am trying.

  2. Change is the only constant in life

    1. The day it will change you will be shocked.
      Just keep pushing ,stay on a positive side ,believe in yourself and don't lose hope.

  3. One day I'll get there because I know that it's a matter of time.

  4. Bros, aswear you no dey fall hand. I appreciate all the life gist.

  5. I needed to hear this words right now,thank you.

  6. I pray my conduct changes for better too. Nice story, it boost my morale that things "kan" get better. BTW,where's Tony kan, Mr things kan get better

  7. This Life eeeeh, it keeps changing!
    Thank you for sharing Bro Kunle

  8. Thanks for sharing.....,life is in stages. Embrace all the transformations & give back the glory to God.

  9. I am encouraged by your write-up Sir. Thank you so much


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