Stella Dimoko Lagos #ENDSars Head Of Judicial Panel Alleges Threat To Life After Panel Submitted Report + Another Member Attacked


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Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Lagos #ENDSars Head Of Judicial Panel Alleges Threat To Life After Panel Submitted Report + Another Member Attacked

In a statement on Monday November 22,2021, Ebun-Olu Adegboruwa, Head of Lagos State Judicial Panel on EndSARS, has alleged that his life is currently under threat over the report on the Lekki Tollgate shooting.

He alleged that since the panel submitted the report last week, “there have been lots of threats and attacks” on him by those he suspected to be agents of the government.

The panel, which was inaugurated on October 19, 2020, to look into complaints of alleged human rights abuses by the police and the Nigerian Army during the EndSARS protest at the Lekki Tollgate, recently submitted their report to the Lagos State Government.

The report which indicted the Police and Army, has generated controversies as some government officials allegedly tackled the panel for making its report available for the public, saying the report has several errors.

Adegboruwa,clarified that he acted on the mandate of the Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, to fulfill his promise by making the findings available to the public.

The statement reads, “I have not committed any crime beyond joining other eminent Nigerians with unblemished integrity, to accept the nomination of government on behalf of my constituency, the Nigerian Bar Association, and the civil society and indeed the masses of our people, for a national assignment.

“Two prominent lawyers of the government have openly incited opinions against me on national television, with mindless accusations.

“I have however refused to be intimidated or bend to the tactics of the government to be silenced.

“I urge the good people of Nigeria, my professional colleagues in the Nigerian Bar Association, my comrades in the civil rights movement and the people of Nigeria, to hold the government responsible should anything happen to me.

“Just last night, one of the prominent EndSARS protesters, Miss Kamsiyochukwu Ibe who testified before the Panel, was attacked and dealt serious machete blows, in what was clearly an attempted murder, as reported by her counsel, with very disturbing photos.

“I heeded the clarion call by the government to serve with the honest belief that the Panel was meant to say the truth and nothing but the truth, which is what we have done. It is left for the government and Nigerians to do the needful with the report of the Panel”.

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  1. Ma Tinubu boys handwork

    1. When I tell people that the APC is an evil party they think an just being a critic of the evil party but no, it's more than being critical but seeing through who they really are - pure evil....🤮👹

    2. Iyke I agree with you..It is more like a cult of every wicked and violent personalities but guess what the party was programmed to fail and very soon the party will go extinct..

    3. WE BUY DEAD INVERTER BATTERY.0814139511323 November 2021 at 09:36

      I am tired of this country

    4. These people also forget that they are also human and so not immune to death.
      God is still in charge.
      You need to see the pictures of the lady that was attacked.

      Later one mumu will say it's all false.

    5. Why has Tinubu got to do with this. Some of you are blinded by extreme hate.

    6. Alexander, don’t mind them. Everything must be turned to APC/PDP politics.
      The stupid so-called SAN is busy defending a useless report that would not be accepted in any sane and organized country. After one year of sitting/investigating nobody knows exactly HOW MANY people died at Lekki that night. Is it 1 like the US government said, 9 or 11 according to the panel, or 98 according to DJ Switch, or was it actually a massacre?
      After one year, we are still as confused as we were on the morning of 21st October, 2020, and this fool, who was not even attending the panel’s sitting, is here trying to bask in the glory for the useless work they did.
      Only in Nigeria!

  2. @last paragraph.. "Say the truth and nothing but the truth" well they didn't expect you to say the truthful truth, they expected you to act like Liar Mohammed and twist lies into truth.
    May God protect y'all.

  3. And people wonder why Nigeria is still.

    May God judge all the perpetrators of evil.

  4. The government ordered the shooting of unharmed protesters.
    Set up a panel with state resources.
    Got a feedback from his own committee.
    Witch hunting the committee members.. 😔 😔 😔 😔 😔

    Government of bloodsuckers and oppression..

    Sanwo_olu is a confused governor..

    1. You couldn't have said it any better..Kpom kwem

    2. After all the criticism you guys will be having sex , watching movies, playing football , gossiping on election days, instead of coming out to vote. There has been two by elections since October 20, 2020. APC won both without stress. Ranting on blogs and Twitter will not lead to changes

  5. Tinubu and Sanwo Olu Weldon. They didn't expect the panel to be truthful.

  6. This was expected. A lot of people have been saying the relatives of those killed didn't come out of indeed anyone was killed. What if they were bullied into silence? Anything is possible in this country

  7. No surprise. That's the modus operandi of Mafiaso of Lagos, the Chief thug of Eko and the characteristics of the fulani government of Nigeria headquatered in Aso rock which he deceptively packed for Nigeria and independently financed with the stolen common wealth of Lagos State. But God from whom nothing is hidden will continue to expose, frustrate, and ultimately destroy them according to their murderous acts and wicked devices.

  8. May the God, who commanded us not to tell lies, protect you and cover you with His Blood, all the days of your life. May The Lord heal heal the lady that was attacked in the name of Jesus.

  9. It's so sad to hear this. When will all this end for God's sake

  10. One of the Panel Members slipped and fell today while taking a bath.
    Investigations are ongoing to determine whether or not Sanwo-Olu made the water on the bathroom floor slippery...
    Stay Tuned.

    Just last night, another prominent EndSARS protesters, Miss Kamsiyochukwu Ibe was attacked and dealt serious machete blows..
    the matter is on Nigeria info FM as we speak . “Why is Lagos State government keeping mum”? The UN must know what's going on. Nigeria must be sanctioned....EndSars Actors In The Mud 😂


    1. I dont do this often on this blog but i must say you are a fool and a very stupid personality. I do not care who you are behind the keyboard. animal

    2. Does it mean because Ms Ibe was attacked it must be as a result of her role in the EndSARS protest? And the government must be behind it? Are other Nigerians not being attacked or worse every hour, everyday? Who do we blame for those attacks?
      Eesah you are right to be skeptical.
      What people should be asking for is a through investigation of the attack, not jumping to conclusions based on what one (interested) party says!

  11. Are u making light of people's misfortune tho? Jeez!

  12. Essah, please stop making fun of this issue. It's not funny please.

  13. Can we jointly ignore that earthworm? Replying that thing will be fueling it's foolishness.

  14. Ignore that APC stooge guys! He enjoys the attention you guys give him. Ignore his comments and watch him stop.

  15. You guys don't know ebira people. Very wicked set of human beings

  16. Hmmm What a country? So much wickedness and bloodshed on the land. O Lord pls hear our cry and heal our land

  17. We expected this since na. We carry God and religion for head in this country but we hate honest truth
    God will preserve you from the wicked and blood sucking demons we've as leaders.


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