Stella Dimoko Nigeria's VP Yemi Osinbajo Denies Ownership Of Collapsed Ikoyi Building...


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Saturday, November 06, 2021

Nigeria's VP Yemi Osinbajo Denies Ownership Of Collapsed Ikoyi Building...

Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo, SAN, has refuted claims that he owns the land upon which the collapsed building in Ikoyi stood.

Osinbajo, who condoled with the families and relatives of all those who have died and those who were injured or affected in the collapsed building under construction on Gerrard Road, Ikoyi, described the incident as a horrible tragedy.

Reacting to allegations that the said land was sold to him by Chief Michael Ade Ojo, Chairman of Elizade Motors; and reports that he some time ago intervened with the regulatory authorities in Lagos State to unseal the said property, Osinbajo maintained that he has never been involved in the development of any land since he became Vice President.

A statement issued by Osinbajo’s Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity said, ”At no time whatsoever did the VP buy this or any other piece of land from Chief Michael Ade Ojo, or entered into any transaction for the sale of that land or any other piece of land from Chief Ade. Ojo or anyone for that matter.

”All property and assets owned by the Vice President have been publicly declared.

”Also, the Vice President has never spoken to the Governor of Lagos State or any other official of the State Government regarding the unsealing of the said building on Gerrard Road, Ikoyi, which subsequently collapsed. He has, indeed, never acted to influence any other regulatory action on the collapsed building, or any other building for that matter, in Lagos State.”

Osinbajo further explained that he has no interest and has never had any interest, in the land, the building or development.

”The wickedness and viciousness of a lie that seeks to utilise a tragedy where so many people have lost their lives, even as rescue efforts are ongoing, and in wanton disregard to the feelings and untold grief of their loved ones for political gain, reveals a dangerous desperation, as well as the heartlessness of the perpetrators of such despicable lies.” the statement reads in part.’

The Vice President added that he has referred the ‘disgraceful’ publication to his lawyers for prompt legal action.

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  1. Who will blow breeze,so that fowl nnash will open?

  2. Why anything good, they don't associate your name only bad. Oga pasitor go for deliverance. You need it badly.

  3. That your lawyer must take prompt action, omo ekos are waiting.
    Three times you guys intimated the owner and builders, before land was developed it was war.
    Building collapsed,you guys blocked standbys from helping in moving stones & rods to rescue victims.
    Some families brought special security dogs to sniff lives you guys stopped them from entering scene.
    A special logistics company was brought in with life detectors you guys said No. Decided to bring yours,the detector machines didn't have sensors so they couldn't work.
    You guys made sure no assistance was given using one caterpillar to work for three days till they died completely.
    Sacrifices and curses have been laid Osinbajo curses and sacrifices have gone up,this is the last fight.

    1. The curses will backfire on all the false accusers. Continue.

    2. Your curses will definitely catch up with you and your ilk. Since false accusations are your speciality

    3. 07:59 why are you lying?

      They brought only one caterpillar??

      You think rescuing people from collapsed building is what you just bring ordinary people to do?

      The pile of rumbles from the building alone is as high as a 10 storey building.

      I agree we dont have professionals here in Nigeria but stop lying.

    4. Timi Frank and co have raised alarm that some important documents regarding the probe of this collapsed building is missing from LSRRA office.
      So I believe the Anon.

      Who is this man that bought majority of the floors in the building?
      Is Timi lying too.

      We all need patience in this issue,stop sweating and trust no Nigerian.

  4. Yemi Osinbajo please tell us who really owns Alpha-Beta Consulting ..... you masterminded its setup .............. then you can come forward after that to deny your ownership of the collapsed building.

    Nigerians are not surprised because they know you have the "experience.

  5. We shall know who truly owns the property. It's a matter of time.

  6. Just the answer I expected from him 'oga pastor' that will never take responsibility and owe it completely but always shifting blames.

  7. Femi may have had a good number of successful projects but it is clear from the quality of the rubble in that building and the letter written by the Prowess engineering firm that he joined the Romans in building with "naija sense", cutting corners and he paid for it. For a Nigerian firm to hands off from your project due to concerns about quality, it shows that Femi had no personal values or integrity. He came to Nigeria and proved he is more Nigerian than most in terms of 419. The buck stops with him as the builder of that project.

    This is the same thing TB Joshua did but unfortunately, he waited a few years before going to join the 110 people he murdered with his greed. Talk true. It won't kill you.
    #Comment on yest's post

  8. he is not the owner

  9. The VP is not the owner.

    There is a political undertone to it but he is not the owner of the building.


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