Stella Dimoko Ogun State Gov Abiodun Gives Directive On How Unvaccinated People In The State Will Be Treated..


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Tuesday, November 02, 2021

Ogun State Gov Abiodun Gives Directive On How Unvaccinated People In The State Will Be Treated..

Ogun State Governor, Dapo Abiodun announced in his speech that unvaccinated residents will not be allowed into government offices, schools, markets and public transport.


Abiodun said this on Monday, during the flag-off of COVID – 19 mass vaccination campaign in Abeokuta, Ogun State Capital.

He also gave a 60-day ultimatum to the unvaccinated residents to obtain COVID – 19 vaccines.


  1. This man brain don dey enter flight mode..

    How possible will that be?

    How easy will it be for police officers to carry out this task?

    Oga,,no deceive ursef jare

    It's good to stay safe and protect oneself from the dead killed disease but forcing it on them will not work

    1. Who born this kin go-vern.or? Yeye dey smell

  2. Oga Abiodun, ori yin o pee sir. You are such a big disappointment sir, i had high hopes in you as an Ijebu man, tested in business and educated for that matter.... what a joke.
    It is like you want to be lynched out, with all the bad roads in Ogun stats, insecurity by allowing high influx of hooligans and fulanis into the state, it is now vaccine that is your problem.
    Sir, please put on your correct thinking cap and not that silly one presently on your head, do a better job that will leave lasting legacy for you and not curses. If only you know how your people feel about your tenure, you will wake up from your slumber and put an end to all your silly partying all over the globe.

  3. Is this the right approach? How many vaccines are even available in the first place? I know of people who have been trying to get vaccinated but unsuccessful as the process is cumbersome and the vaccines are not readily available. Some are told only the second dosages are available and they should come back at a later date for the first dose.
    Who is going to monitor the process of people entering these places especially markets? Are the market people themselves vaccinated?

    What about those that can't get vaccinated for some health reasons or some other reasons?
    Please, the issues are too many.

    In my opinion, this may give rise to fake vaccination certificates flying around. Na Naija we dey. Enough said.
    A word is enough for a while 🤠

    1. The agenda to create vaccine apartheid worldwide is evil and sinister

  4. Everybody cannot be vaccinated. Some people have legitimate health reasons why they cannot be vaccinated.

  5. I think he's scared he might get the virus.

  6. Mahd man. May all the things u wish for the poor masses fall on u and ur entire generation. Clueless bastards. Roads r in a state of comatose, death traps called road. A state with the worst roads in Nigeria if not Africa. Insecurity and killings You’re there saying rubbish. Na God go punish u with what u can’t handle.

  7. The tone of a president really set the tone of his subordinates if not what utter nonsense is this. Are we in a miltary regime? I forgot. See the so called decomocratic president.

  8. I hope they don't go to school, i have kids in boarding over the

  9. Hmm. Is this one a governor.? Low budget anti christ. I am not against getting vaccination. But why is he making it mandatory. Besides how many vaccines are available for the common man.The problem confronting Ogun state is not COVID 19 but bad roads, unemployment and insecurity. Mr governor beg ur tailor to sow a thinking cap for u .

  10. This man is a big disappointment to the people of Ogun state at large. No one can really point out one good thing he has done ever since he assumed office. Fidihe governor. Sango people are suffering of terrible roads yet the ogun state govt is turning deaf ears to then. They make money out of sango where most of the industry are but lavish it in Abeokuta. God will reward all these bad leaders.

  11. Oga go and fix Ogun road. From Sango to Akute, Alagbole, Denro- ishasi e.t.c these are border area with Lagos. Once you get to where Lagos end you must know because that is where bad road starts from. Leave vaccine,face road.


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