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Thursday, November 25, 2021

Wordless Post...



  1. Buhari's government is unraveling.
    Hope the people who voted him in, in the South West are reaping the fruits
    of their hard labor? 🐍🐍🐍🐍

    1. WE BUY DEAD INVERTER BATTERY.0814139511325 November 2021 at 12:15


    2. This is what I have been saying since.

      If only they can stand their ground and not listen to Tinubu especially this time around but all he has to do is bring another bullion van and all that will end.

  2. Lai Mohammed you are saying this because it exposed the government and not massaged your ego...You could have waited for the white paper instead of commenting on a tale-by-moonlight report.

    One would have expected that you had done your own investigation but as usual, you used the lazy way around or rather WW2 Nazi way narrative or propaganda of denying, gaslighting and repeating a certain narrative to establish it as the TRUTH..After you leave government, go check yourself because you are a pathological LIAR and exhibit a grandeur of delusion...

  3. You would answer to God on judgement day lai Mohammed.

  4. Lai's a pity and I don't know how your children will feel seeing you their father acting in an abnormal way

  5. Who even listens to Lai Mohammed or takes him serious? Nexxxxxttttt....

  6. Lai Mohammed is seriously deluded

  7. Why is he trying so hard to make the narrative to work on their favour?
    Na empty-heads and cold-blooded beings full this government sha

  8. Has the white paper been published? I thought they alleged that the report in circulation is fake and distorted, leaked in order to discredit the Government of the day. For an Information Minister to make this announcement without the release of the white paper report ?????? What's really going on?

  9. Seems your parents knew you were gonna be a pathetic liar as an adult, no wonder they named you Lai(liar) , lie lie man

  10. Can someone remind this man that he has just 17 more months to lie for this government, after which he will become politically irrelevant forever. Iranu!


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