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Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative - UPDATE


I'm the lady that talked about leaving her second marriage few months ago.. I saw hell.. we relocated to his family base and because things were not easy, we decided to live in his family house.. my husband has a baby mama that had a son for him..

 I take care of the child like my own and he even loved me more than his father.. I didn't know my husband was sleeping with his baby mama behind my back. There was a day my husband carried his bag and lied to me that he was traveling to another state for a job interview, I held his hands and prayed deeply begging God to make it successful only for me to find out days after he came back that he didn't leave that state but spent the days in his baby mama's house.

 I cried bitterly but he begged for my forgiveness and I forgave him. Being that we live in a family house, this lady can barge in anytime she wish and will be acting strange like a co wife. Because she has money, my mother in-law and father in-law loves and worships her. I later found out that my mother in-law begs her for money and calls her iyawo my son.. Promising that her son must marry her because she has a son for him. 

Meanwhile my marriage is just 3yrs with a daughter. I kept begging my husband to leave this lady and allow me have peace in my marriage. The same you that emotionally blackmailed me when you told me about your child and I called off the relationship. I reminded him how he told me that this lady is his past and if I leave him I should know that I left him because of his past which is like a vomit to him and he will never go back to his vomit. When I blocked him every access he came to my work place with his friend and his friend made 1 statement that made me accept him back ( in his word, if it was a man that left his girlfriend because she has a child people will say men are wicked). 

Now I'm being tormented by your baby mama that I'm the 1 taking care of her child. Sometime last year, my husband told me he loves this lady and she has accepted to be his second wife.. I cried, pleaded with him not to scatter this home because it's my second marriage but he insisted and continued having affair with her. He will carry his bags and go spend days in her house while I stay at home managing my small job and taking care of my daughter and their 5yrs son. I was scared of telling even my parents because I don't want them to be heartbroken because it's my second marriage.. Well, I got tired when his parents openly told me to accept the lady because she has a son for them.

I came from a polygamous family and know what it means so I decided to walk away. The evening I left with my daughter, the lady moved in. My husband kept threatening me on phone to bring back his daughter and go, including his parents.

 It was his father that first called my father telling him that I'm selfish, that I came from a polygamous home yet I don't want my husband to marry the mother of his son. Hmmm it was so devastating to me. Few days later, their house help called me on phone telling me to mark her words, that they will surely call me back and beg me. That with what she has seen so far, that lady can never be humble to them like me. 

She doesn't prepare food for my husband, doesn't take care of even her 5yrs son practically does nothing in the house, only quarreling with my husband everyday. She told me that she herself will soon leave the moment she collect her salary because work won kill her unlike when I was in the house. That she's the one cooking indomie for my husband everyday and the lady will still balance and be eating the indomie with my husband.( the same man that I prepares fresh food for everyday) Well, they are back begging me as if their life depends on me. that he's sorry I should come back to the house because they're missing me. That he’s ready to go rent another house if I don’t want to live in the family house again.

 Meanwhile, I've met another man that has been my consolation. How do I disappoint this new guy with no baggage and I've known him since primary school only that he's 31 while I'm 33. 

I'm only concerned about my daughter that loves her dad like mad and keep telling me she misses her dad, even though my new man has been so caring to us even more to her. Another problem is how to return my bride price. 

My family is waiting for him to come back to his senses but they don't know that mentally and physically I'm done.

*Please even if you decide not to go back to your second husband, enjoy your new relationship and do not rush into Marriage again PLEASE!!!


  1. Fascinating! Enjoy your newly found relationship jare

    1. Pls never go back to that man. Enjoy the attention of this new man. If possible forget about marriage for now biko.

    2. The Original ShugarGirl28 December 2021 at 17:36

      The people from your second marriage are wicked USERS and unfortunately they have a your mumu buttons. Never trust a word from them.

      Egypt suppose don taya you. Never look back and don't slip back in.

      Allow your daughter see her dad in an open place from time to time. And please don't rush this new relationship.

      Being single is not a terminal illness.

    3. If you know in your heart you do not want to be in a polygamous home, do not go back.
      Have a civil relationship with your husband so that your daughter can visit him whenever she desires.

      That baby mama will forever be in your lives because stole things are usually tasty and this will continue happening until you grow older and have no other choice but to accept her.
      Except she finds someone else.

      Give this new guy a chance if you are sure you do not want to go back, don't string him along

    4. Madam stop rushing upandan in marriage.
      Focus on building yourself and career if you have one. You come across as someone who cannot stand on her own without a man.

      If you go back to that man, know that he will continue to cheat, and do other things, and you will be treating other diseases maybe even AIDS.

      You did not put eye down before jumping into this marriage, you were just hungry and desperate and ashamed of your single ness, because in your narrow mind being single is a disease.

      His Baby mama will always be in his life and since the inlaws have openly told you that having a son is more important than a girl, make of it what you will.

      Lastly, dont feel important. The only reason they are are calling you back is before they need someone they can use as they want. Obviously, this other lady is not the type that anyone can turn to doormat.

      Your daughter can visit your father in an open place unless he pulls an FFK and siezes her.

  2. This life no balance at all.
    Inside IHN, Someone wants to go and do the unimaginable to get at least a man to marry her, and here are you unto your third marriage.

    Ara e o bale rara, This is my candid advice for you. Take a break from marriage affairs and face other things for now, this is the devil trying to push you around, got to stop before he stops you.

  3. I wish the link to the first chronicle was shared.

    Poster, seems to me that you are always in a rush to be in a relationship. That's a sign of some insecurity.

    Well, like SDK advised, take it slow, enjoy your relationship and don't rush into marriage. Most importantly, protect your daughter.

    1. Serious insecurity. My advice is that you stay single until your child grows a bit. Dont enter any marriage anything. If you rush in, you'll definitely rush out. So, you're seriously considering going back to your slave master? Just because hes begging you now and playing repentant???. Have some self respect and Please pity your child and offer her some stability in his life before jumping into anything again.

    2. I missed the part where your new man and your daughter are bonding. Please try and keep your kids away from your boyfriends until its really concrete

    3. So as dem no see anybody use, they are begging you to resume usage?

  4. Follow Stella's advice. Your husband and his people have not changed, they only miss the good things you do. Your husband promised before that he was changed and then this happened. If you have peace where you are, please enjoy it and dont make another mistake. Do not rush into marriage with your new man. A relationship of convenience will be better. While you are at this, try to build your brand so as to be fully independent. Like I will always say, use your head and not your heart. Good luck woman.

  5. You don't have any business being married.
    Forget about going back to your 2nd husband and focus on building yourself and career(if you have any)
    Enjoy your new relationship with this new guy and FORGET marriage for now.
    Work on yourself
    Enjoy yourself
    Focus on your daughter.

    Don't listen to your ex husband and his family, they're looking for a house help who also doubles as a wife.

    If you go back to him and his family, na you sabi.
    You only have one life to live,live it well.
    Love God.
    Love yourself
    And love your daughter.

  6. Whatever you are doing please becare.
    May God direct you steps 🚢‍♀️πŸ™

  7. please don't go back...your daughter can have a relationship with her dad without u having 1 with him. let marriage wait...enjoy your new man. 2yrs is notjing

  8. I really Don't know where to draw the curtain in this matter,but I won't just tell you to go back to that man. His concept about marriage is wrong,and his priorities are misplaced.

    He only wants you back now because of what his baby mama has done again. The day he finds another baby mama,he would go back to frustrating you. Until he gets a right understanding about marriage,I won't urge you to go back!!.

    And where's that his friend that begged you to marry himπŸ™„

  9. Enjoy your new relationship and don't go back to him. If dt woman could cook n help in the house he wouldn't beg you to come back. You were his maid/ house girl. Show me a man that doesnt sleep with his baby mama ? Even those with erectile dysfunction still go to press breast. Babe move on

  10. Don't leave a man that treats you with care but then don't rush into marriage with him.

  11. Don't go back to him. He should marry his baby mama and leave you alone

  12. I am just wondering why you did not marry this you consolation since primary school and you now see so much good in him.
    Hope you are not falling into another gully. Try to sort out these issues before jumping into another relationship.
    Can't you stay a few months or years without a man?
    Won't this daughter of yours be so confused at the litany of men that you string along?

  13. For those that will come here and taint all men with the same brush that "men are scum", please note that she is the one that laid her bed and she is lying on it.

    You chose wrongly. Stayed wrongly. Take responsibility that you made a mistake staying with a man from a bad family, bad home. Then move on to where you will have peace of mind.

    You hear?

    Best of luck!

    Cutemista say so!

  14. Wait poster, are actually thinking of going back to that marriage after all you went through? Please don't! And avoid anyone that tells you to. Please move on. You definitely deserve to be happy.

  15. You want to go back to that man poster???
    Are you really, like truly considering going back to that baggage and situationship God removed you from?
    You do not have to marry this man that is presently asking you out, at least not yet. Take your time and look well before you leap again.
    What ever your decision is, make no mistake of going back to your second husband, he's bad news.

  16. Do not go back to your husband unless them swear for you. The father can come visit her. It seems you will go back sha from your tone, if you go back, then h deserve every fucking treatment you get.

  17. Poster, that gossip with the help is unnecessary. I also think you should stay off men at this stage and find yourself 1st. Then you can make the best decision.

    1. I think the gossip is petty but quite necessary, when you leave a relationship, talk more of a marriage, you want closure, you want to be sure you did the right thing, you want to be sure you were not at fault and the house help helped her find that closure, coupled with the fact that they begged her to come back as predicted.

      Poster, forget marriage for now, I’ll advise you work out a way for the man to spend time with his daughter also keep your daughter away from men you date. Date, have sex, enjoy yourself for now.

  18. Madam, dnt be in a hurry to enter another relationship biko. You seem lucky with men this one they are following u upandan, I jealous and covet that side sha.
    Just hold on pls till u get urself,ok

  19. focusing in her new relationship, huh? Has she divorced the 2nd husband? Supposing the new relationship asks her to marry him, won't bigamy complicate the already complex picture?πŸ™„πŸ™„

  20. They want a slave, not that they love you o. Even if you want to go back, let him rent a house for you or look for a house and tell him to pay for it.

    Poster, don't let them collect your girl o,, he can come visiting in an open place.

  21. Hmmmm,so familiar a story,so many women are always afraid to take the step you took because of the fear of starting over again but you seems to be lucky,please get your priorities right and enjoy your relationship well,whatever you do,please don't go back to those people,they will kill your dreams of a good future for you and your daughter,please I rarely comment but I am always here 24/7 as this is my consolation place and this your predicament really hit close to home,been there,done that and still regretting. So happy you took the right step😘😘

    1. HugsπŸ€— Are you regretting staying or walking away.
      YOUR happiness is YOUR priority.

  22. Runoooooooh
    Don't go back biko, u are clearly their maid and nanny.

    Check the relationship out well before u take the bold step.

  23. Poster e be like say you dey enjoy suffering,ur second marriage with experience still be you like say you never still learn.
    Abeg πŸ™ enjoy your new found love until u have boost your self esteem.

  24. Poster if you go back to that fool that doesn't know what he want, okay...let me not talk as i dey vex so i no go talk better thing.

  25. We await your new update when you finally go back to your second husband. With this your talk you go go back, o certain

  26. Do not go back there. Focus on yourself and your daughter. And don't rush into another marriage. Let God guide you.

  27. Can't even remember the first chronicle but madam abeg enjoy your new found bf age is just a number as long as no family member of his will object to you both's relationship

  28. Poster please take it easy with the rush to move on abeg, look before you leap before world people begin count the number husband's you don marry for this life, you are your daughters role model the only female figure she looks up to, please be extra careful around her with this man matter. Jesus is the only piece of mind you should seek if you are a Christian. If you like think this new one you are with is your consolation e go shock you. I'm not saying you should go back to that your former husband o the choice is yours, from your write up you seem like someone who can settle for anything in trouser just because you don't want to be single, if you get job or business marry am for now and give yourself a break abeg.

  29. Well I no dey advice married people because I'm not yet married, don't understand what you're going through poster. But pls for single ladies, hold your ears. Look for red flags and flaws before you leap. Being older than a man by 2yrs is NOT a red flag. It may not be ideal, but that should be the least thing to worry about in a relationship. Red flags are a threat to the survival of a relationship. Flaws are inconveniences that are bad too but manageable and not a threat to the relationship. Have a red flag list. See mine below.

    Physical or emotional abuse
    Anger or hot temper
    Womanizer/uncontrollable lust
    Wickedness/joylessness/frustrated soul
    Laziness (no job, no vision, no plan)
    Disregard and disrespect
    Alcoholism, smoking or drugs
    Bad communication (doesn't call)
    Liar/lies deceitful
    Unavailability/Unreadiness/still hung up on ex

    Flaws - mouth odor, body odor, dirtiness

  30. Why don't you focus on yourself debelopment poster and stop hoping from one man to another. A man cannot satisfy your needs, God can, give your life to Jesus and focus on yourself and service to Christ Jesus ypu will be secured that way.

  31. It is so fascinating how when ppl are in the throws of an affair they think they are just meant to be together and nine times out of ten they can't even live peacefully together under the same roof. I cannot imagine sitting to pray with someone for their success when all along they were simply going to their mistress home. He could have at least felt ashamed and let you stop praying for him at a point, just sitting there accepting prayers under false pretenses. Good lord, some ppl are just without remorse.

    You see, you have to come clean with your friend who has been there for you. Nothing is going to work with anything hidden. He must know the dilemma you face as a second time married woman who is still quite young. There is no guarantee that things will work out with him either, who is to say that one day down the road you have a conflict and he will not throw it in your face that he picked you up with a child and two marriages under your belt before the age of 35, that he is even younger than you. It feeling good now is no guarantee it will always feel good or feel good later. This is why extreme truth need to be put on the table and you watch him, you can't read his mind but you can read his facial expressions and body language and you can listen clearly to every word he speaks and understand not what you want to hear, but what is actually being said.

    No doubt about it you husband is a complete butthole and truthfully you deserve peace especially in such a young marriage. I cannot stand ppl who will sell their souls to anyone for money. So take all the time in the separation you need, do not be quick to run back and do not be quick to run into anything new, your headspace is not completely clear and you need time to sort out yourself. Take all the time you need. It is perfectly okay to be completely selfish right now. Invest in yourself and look at economic opportunities to improve your finances for the sake of yourself and your child. if you do decide to go back to your marriage keep your finances and assets completely separate from your husband, you still live in a polygamous land and as you get older he may decide to upgrade, protecting yourself financially will keep you sane and sound.

  32. Do what the baby mama did, have your own money and apply wisdom to its usage.

    All the things you feared, you created as in fear of polygamy and serial marriages.

    Why are you in this relationship now?, be honest. Is it because of what you told him as to elicit sympathy or he sincerely loves you, you just were blinded by your decisions. You know your truth.

    Enjoy the love and please learn to love yourself too.

    Marriage won't give you what you refuse to give yourself.

    1. Don’t go back to him, it is better to be single than be in that evil union called polygamy.

  33. You daughter can still have a relationship with her dad. It's called co-parenting. Plz do not go back. They are users. They obviously need you for what that woman couldn't give them. As for this new relationship, do not be quick to jump into another. Goodluck to you.

  34. E be like say you like suffer head ? If you know what's good for you, berra dont go back to your Egypt. If you like no hear us o...

  35. They are only calling u back cos they need u to cook,clean and look after them, the new wife is not ready to do all of that hence they have remembered u.
    Ur husband doesn’t love u anymore,that’s the bitter truth.give relationship a break,be sane again,men shouldn’t even be ur priority for now cos e be like say u no fit survive without man,cos I wonder how u have gotten into a new relationship so quickly.Cant u stay on ur own,enjoy ur own company,clear ur head and u too think of where u are making errors or mistakes and try to correct urself.
    U can build urself to be better,be more confident in urself cos those people have killed ur self esteem and confidence that’s why u are hurriedly running into another mans arm.Ur daughter can have a relationship with her father,(co parenting) but whatever u do,do not go back to that poisonous and toxic marriage.Goodluck!

  36. Enjoy the new one jare but take things slow

  37. What I don't understand is why the baby mama left her 5 year son for you and your husband to care of.

    And you said she has money? And lives in her own house? Na wa.


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