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Saturday, December 04, 2021

Doctor Freaks Journal - Seasonal Scammers On The Prowl...

 "Eneke the bird says that since men have learned to shoot without missing, he has learned to fly without perching."- Chinua Achebe, Things Fall Apart.

As a matter of principle, I hardly talk to strangers and I think that was one of the first lessons I received as a child.

Recently, I was approached by a young man who introduced himself as a banker and sought to market some of his bank's products to me. I was in a very good mood though and I actually granted him audience, although I had to terminate the meeting abruptly as I had to catch up with a friend who was waiting for me somewhere nearby but not until I had parted with my telephone no.

Few minutes after, the young banker gave me a call and reintroduced himself. For strange reasons, I was comfortable with him, which is unlike me but I was willing to do business with him. He tried to book a meeting with me for two or three days and finally he was in luck. I agreed to meet with him in my office and behold he showed up as scheduled on day three. I offered him a drink and we discussed politics for a few minutes and pronto, he had presented me account opening forms, the one, current, and the other savings. I opted for the savings account because I really wanted to bank with his bank and I was not ready to open another current account.

The young man enjoined me to fill in my details. At this stage, I was beginning to feel uncomfortable. The banker marked certain portions of the form including but not limited to BVN, date of birth and mother's maiden name most especially and directed me to fill in same. Like a sheep being led to the slaughter, I obeyed.

I filled the relevant portions as requested and the smart boy was just smiling sheepishly, he had "caught" a new "customer" and or "maga".

Meanwhile, I had a very good friend in attendance throughout the meeting who was actually minding his business and pretending not to be interested in what we were doing. I completed the form and the banker was now willing to receive it from me. Then, suddenly, that voice "from da street" whispered in my ears, "o'l boy, do you even know this clown and you want to part with your details just like that?" Even though I'm not "that nice" but I had to still "look good" before this scammer. A thought popped up and I was like young man how long will it take you to complete this account opening process? He quickly responded that same would be done before COB.

 Then, I was like one more thing, you know I'm giving you "my whole life" now (BVN, date of birth, mother's maiden name, etc) so can I take a picture of your ID card? Guess what, he had no ID card, and he works for a new generation bank as a marketer! 

My friend interrogated him further, "where is your branch?" Guess what, "Orile branch" and he was marketing around VGC. Interestingly, my friend inquired if he knew anyone at the branch that was just 30 metres away from our location and he was like "not really". He only knew one of the security men there. That must be his contact within the system.

At this point, the boy sensed that his game was up. I was magnanimous enough to have let him leave my office unscathed.

Please note that this is not an attempt to demarket any bank or its activities but rest assured that since men have learned to shoot the bird without missing, the bird has learned to fly without perching. Scammers are always on the prowl and they are always mutating. The latest scam in town now is account opening. Once you fill that form, you're in trouble. With your BVN, date of birth and mother's maiden name at their disposal, you're nak.d! Just say goodbye to the few thousands in your account. "Won maa wo everything ni".


If you must open an account, kindly visit the nearest bank or do same electronically and even if you must do it electronically, make sure you use a verified app. Never never never patronise all these roving marketers Even when they present ID cards, beware, that can be forged too.

Be careful, "owa December" things.

Its me Kunle...


  1. thanks for the info

  2. Nawa o. Is there anything in Nigeria that isn't a scam anymore? See innocent POS system that people are managing to make life easier, scammers don full am.🤦

    God help us.

  3. Hmmmm
    This scammers ain't relenting, infact it is as if they are upgrading their criminal acts everyday

  4. Thanks for the heads up


  5. Scammers are like virus, they never cease to mutate..


  6. New format everyday,it wasn't like that before, i actually opened my gt account on the road with a marketer in ikorodu while I was still a student in 2010,I just fill the form and that was all,I don't even remember again until when I was serving and they said I must use gt,I got to the bank to open account and they said I have an existing account with them ,it was actually a zero account,that is what I'm using till date but the funniest thing is that my branch is Ikoyi 2 not ikorodu where I met the marketer.

    1. I guess things have changed. Too bad. I opened an account in 2019 with one of them roving marketers. Have had no troubles with that account.

  7. You shouldn't have let him off your hook unscathed because you've given him a heads-up about the ID card; through his contact in the bank branch, he'll be able to obtain a copy and then create one for himself and those who are not sensitive will fall victim.

    If i've my way I won't be patronizing any of our banks again in this country.

    ---Reserved Queen---

    1. Same here. I wouldn't have left him just like that because he is a disaster going somewhere to happen

  8. Thank you Monsieur kunle , this reminds me of an experience I had some months ago.
    Just as we arrived for my dad's funeral preparation I got a call from someone claiming to work with the Red Bank, the person mentioned my full details and said I needed to update my bvn for some reason I cut the call and the person never called back then it occurred to me what was about to happen.

  9. Naaaawaooo!
    Thanks for sharing this information.
    These people are so dubious and unrelenting!
    Such a shame.

  10. Nawao, things dry happen. Someone like me can't easily fall o, I'm naturally always suspicious.

  11. New format everyday,
    Thanks for this

  12. O ga o. Nigerians keep blaming govt but they are far worse citizens.

  13. Nice write up 👍👍👍👍
    Thanks for the information

  14. Am not sure with those details he can do anything with your account, cuz it doesn't have anything to do with your account. Confirm from your banker. Except you give him your pin, password

    1. A bvn is linked to ALL your bank accounts, the personal information can be used to verify one's identity, so actually scammers can do a lot with that info.


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