Stella Dimoko Former Gov Oshiomhole And Edo Lawmaker Indicted In BBC’s Black Axe Investigation


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Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Former Gov Oshiomhole And Edo Lawmaker Indicted In BBC’s Black Axe Investigation

Former Governor of Edo State, Adams Oshiomhole, and Professor Julius Ihonubere, a House of Representatives member representing Owan Federal Constituency, have been indicted in the recently-published investigative report, in which BBC uncovered the activities of Black Axe and other cult groups in Nigeria.

In the report, Tony Kabaka, a notorious youth leader for the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in Benin, Edo, whose affluence among cult groups in the state is known to all, expressed pride during an interview with the medium, where he said he knows people in government that have same affluence as him, and more, in cult groups.

While maintaining that he can identify cultists who are in power, Kabaka showed BBC that amongst the politicians he has met in his exploit, were Oshiomhole and Ihonubere.

Having confirmed that politicians use him and his cultists’ network during elections, Kabaka stated: “I can make a call and in the next hour, here will be filled up with people of different colours.“

Noting that his involvement in politics has made him enemies, Kabaka said after his political overlords were voted out of office, his home was riddled with bullets.

Referring to his multi-million naira mansion, Kabaka said Oshiomhole supported him with it during his days as Edo governor.

“When I was a revenue collector was when I had this. So, Oshiomole did it for me, I was nothing before,” he added.

As revealed in the report, thousands of documents allegedly hacked from senior Black Axe members, revealed that a 2019 APC Party candidate for political office, Augustus Bemigho, was at one point a leader of the Black Axe fraternity and that he had been involved in internet scams, defrauding people in the United Kingdom (UK), and United States (US), of millions of dollars.

Other documents that were seen by the BBC suggest N35 million was funnelled to Neo Black Movement of Africa (NBM), an organisation from which Black Axe emanated.

The N35 million, according to BBC, was funnelled to “protect votes” and secure victory during governorship elections in Edo State in 2012.

As compensation for its efforts, the documents suggest that the NBM was given 80 roles in government in exchange.

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  1. Mehn, only a nuisance would think cultism is a thing to be proud of. Naija we can do better, ain’t nothing to be proud of about being a cultist. Also Good Job BBC exposing these scums of society.

  2. Nothing new here.
    I want to believe that 90% of our politicians support and acquire these cultist to support their activities.

  3. Na wah, see kabaka boasting as if cultism is something to be proud of.

  4. This is not new nah...Edo State is the home of the Black Axe fraternity...So i'm not surprised a bit..More like Port Harcourt which is the mother deck of the Vikings Confraternity..I know ma story๐Ÿคท๐Ÿฟ‍♂

  5. Not surprised, who doesn't know most of our politicians belong to one fraternity or the other, good job BBC.

  6. All politicians are not clean. They are all into secret societies. You cannot be in power and not join them. You have to be sworn in.

    That is why the country is backwards. Nothing good comes out of cultism or secret societies because you have to sacrifice with blood to maintain powers. I wish dem well.

    All powers belongs to God Almighty if they think they can go scot free

    1. That is why Tubaba's song Only Me one of the lyric ''Na community na him make us all, secret societies na him break us all''

    2. You too like exaggeration. Your overt use of absolute words is problematic. Minimise am small.

  7. A large percentage of our politicians are cultist. I was watching news one day, when i saw one of the most notorious culties in Unijos those days leading a group to see the president

  8. When breeze blow ,fowl...... go open.

  9. Na their way na, politics in Nigeria is so filthy with all manner of diabolical cult/societies... It's either you join them or you're uprooted prematurely.

  10. Black Axe is small compared to the demonic sects most of our politicians belong to. You must join them in their nonsense if not you can't hold any political position o, reason why I always give side'eyes to the pastors in politics.

  11. Kabaka don fuck up them go treat am Wella for singing like a bird

  12. Hmmmmmmmmm, if na 'local investigative journalist' that did this exposure, na for Force Headquarters he go see himself.
    Evil politicians with EVIL police force covering them.

    Well done BBC,and our indigenous journalist who assisted.

  13. Most of our politicians are cultists.

  14. I've still not watched that documentary. When I'm free this weekend, I'll watch

  15. Na wa oooo
    How country go better with all this tout and cultist in power

  16. This is stale news na, it's an open secret that before you can be found worthy to occupy any political office in Nigeria you must belong to a secret cult.


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