Stella Dimoko Man Arrested After He Forced Girlfriend To Commit Fatal Abortion...


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Wednesday, December 01, 2021

Man Arrested After He Forced Girlfriend To Commit Fatal Abortion...

One Muhammed Zubairu, was brought before a court in the Adamawa State capital, Yola, for allegedly getting his girlfriend pregnant and forcing her to commit abortion which led to her death.

The 21-year-old Muhammed, a photographer, admitted to the Chief Magistrate Court 1, Yola, to impregnating his girlfriend, Miss Sane Fidelis, as well as causing her death by giving her medicine to flush out the developing baby.

Muhammed allegedly conspired with one other man now at large to procure the abortion drug and to administer it on the girl, which led to her demise...

Muhammed was arraigned for “criminal conspiracy and causing death by an act done with an intent to cause abortion which contravenes sections 60 and 204 of the penal code law.”

The court heard that after administering the drugs with an intention of killing the baby, Miss Sane Fidelis developed complications and then died at the Specialist Hospital in Yola.

The matter was earlier reported to the police in Mayo Belwa LGA by the deceased’s sister, Siyona Fidelis, earlier this month, November 4, following which the police arrested the accused person.

The accused told newsmen that he had s#xual intercourse with the deceased on three occasions and that when the girl approached him with the pregnancy, he and his friend supplied some drugs in order to terminate it.

He similarly confessed to the court that he committed the crime as alleged.

In his ruling, Chief Magistrate Alheri Ishaku ordered the remand of the defendant in prison custody.

He then adjourned the case to December 13, 2021.

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* horrible news... If you are not ready to be a parent, please insist on a condom Ladies and stop letting different men fill you up with their seed.


  1. Jezzzzz!!! 21 years?
    Abortion should be legalized.
    End time children every where.

    1. Why not write "Jesus!"
      What was that?

    2. **** what if it's not "Jesus" shewanted to write? You are a big bully.

    3. If you are a woman and having sex, carry shame to one side and buy your own condoms,dont wait for him to even give you excuses of not having.
      N500/1k can save ur life.

    4. @Miss Aboki
      The World and they that dwell in it are removing Jesus from everywhere his name appears;
      CHRISTmas has become Xmas, "happy holiday"
      JESUS has become Jeez
      God bless you has become bless you

      Anyway, thanks for calling me a "bully"
      May Jesus bless you abundantly.

    5. At this ausp, no one can tell me that **** is not same as ANG. This is how ANG thanks those who calls him or her names

    6. @18:27
      Luke 6:28 bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you.

      This is how Jesus taught that we (the Christians -believers in him) should treat those who curse us, gat it?

    7. @ anon 12: 34
      Take it as you see it. This blog is for fun I can do as I like.

  2. Imagine...abortion of all thing..

    Do not risk your life for any man at matter the condition..Once you are pregnant,just kukuma let the baby be than risking ur life..

    That you have been doing it for long and it's has been successful doesn't mean the next one will be.

    1. 9/10 they dont even marry these girls dat do these series of abortion for them. A girl i heard did series of abortions for a guy in school,where are they today? I went for d guys wedding some time ago,and just said "Look at life". No one cld have imagined d guy wld later leave her with all they went through.
      Na dat kind break-up dey pain pass;when abortion is involved.

  3. useless men everywhere...if you stick your dick in a woman then be ready for any consequences which can include pregnancy. if she does not insist on a condom and you the man have no sense to get one then your excuses like, she trapped me, I am not ready to be a father bla bla bla...if a child happens you must contribute to the upkeep. if you dont you are a dead beat infidel PERIOD

    1. It cuts both ways. Adults must learn to be responsible

  4. Only GOD can Judge....Always hope for the best and expect the Worst.

  5. Thus one is a boy not a man. Its so sad.

  6. Small boys and girls hitting it raw and aborting. What happens to condoms if you must chop what your mamas and papas chop and you don't want babies?

  7. Na wa....see what they caused each other, something they wouldve prevented

  8. What a pitiable sad tale.
    The ladies have a choice; refuse to have sex when he has not paid your bride price.
    After all the argument, ladies are the ones that get pregnant, abort and probably die like in this
    case; entering into an unprepared eternity.
    Once the man ejaculates, the sex is done for him, but this is where the ladies nightmares begins.

  9. 21 yr old??? he can gbensh but cannot keep up with the consequence, now the poor girl has gone for nothing

  10. With a 21 years old boy. Then the girl will be a minor. RIP to the dead

  11. My dear ooo... In as much as I didn't marry as a virgin I advise it to avoid stories like this. Rip to the dead.


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