Stella Dimoko US Based Nigerian Health Care Worker Jailed 3 Years For Abusing Patients...


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Friday, December 31, 2021

US Based Nigerian Health Care Worker Jailed 3 Years For Abusing Patients...


Nigerian health worker, Godbless Uwadiegwu, who pleaded guilty to sex crimes involving memory care patients in the United States has been sentenced to three years in prison..

Uwadiegwu, 59, of Middletown, pleaded guilty to two counts of gross s#xual imposition last month. He s#xually assaulted two women at two different facilities in Warren County.
On Tuesday, Judge Don Oda sentenced Uwadiegwu to the maximum prison sentence, 18 months on each conviction for a total of three years.

 wlwt reports.


  1. Sex is not a right, if you do not have sex you will not die, it is not air, food or water

    Women are not objects

    But will the entitled and foolish ones hear & understand this?

    Only animals think it is
    Even spouses do not like to be forced

    He exported entitlement, he got the reward
    3yrs, sex offenders register, loss of license and income, prison record

    Stupidity and wickedness does not know age

    When blokus thinks for a person instead of brain

    1. Dont mind them. They will carry their dirty Nigerian attitude abroad waving prick up and down.
      You think this is Nigeria where a lady says no and you will still force her and useless police will be congratulating you?

      Go and abroad and exhibit your useless lack of self control na, let them keep you where animals belong. Idiaaats.

  2. All these health workers needs to put a stop to this.... Most of them feel like demi god

  3. he got just 3years? 10years would have been better.His type re the ones that rape girls and go scot-free in Nigeria😠😠😠😠

    1. He should be given life. 3 years is too small.
      Randy epa with no sense

  4. Village people are working over time on his head, 🀦‍♂️

    1. Village people are innocent in this case. His blokus is his problem. They will see beautiful women but will never chat them up. They are not married, I mean most of them. They rush to attend to old female patients even when they are working with female staff.

    2. Everyday, "village people". Every day, "village people"!
      When does personal accountability come into play?!!

  5. I will never forget my experience at General hospital. I was very sick from boarding house and taken to the hospital because the school clinic couldn't treat my case. While sleeping, I woke up to a sharp pain in my vagina. A God forsaken male nurse was trying to finger me. I was in SS1 and a virgin.
    Whenever I remember that experience, the anger I feel....

    1. A doctor did same to me when I was 18 years and in federal poly bida. I was sick with malaria but he kept asking if I had stomach ache. He dipped in without gloves. I still feel horrible as I threw up immediately.

    2. Mehn, so sorry for the experience. So many sick people roaming around

  6. Uwadiegwu..hhhhmmm. Your career don end be that.


  7. at 59 ??????
    God have mercy on his soul

  8. If u have self control, you won't have issues 99% of the time.

  9. US Health Care Worker Jailed 3 Years For Abusing Patients...
    Then perhaps add, of Nigerian heritage, if needed. Nigeria is bad enough, we shouldn't ne in a hurry to add badness to it for crimes committed elsewhere.

  10. When people commit crimes, it is then the media remembers they are Nigerians even after they have naturalized to another citizenship. We reject him abeg.

    1. So, because he has naturalized means he is no longer Nigerian?
      Even if he is an American citizen now (which the article didn't even mention), I am 99.9% sure that he was born and bred in Nigeria.
      The medical field is a dead give away - because even when there is no passion to be a healthcare provider, many immigrants choose that field, because it is a sure way of gaining residency.

      If an American (born and bred) citizen of Nigerian heritage, had been said to invent something would be one of those people reminding everyone, that the person is Nigerian!

  11. How foolish can one be? Someone that has good opportunitiy to better his life. People never learn.


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