Stella Dimoko Olympic Champion Usian Bolt Reveals He Has A Health Condition


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Monday, December 13, 2021

Olympic Champion Usian Bolt Reveals He Has A Health Condition

Not many people know that fastest sprinter Usain Bolt has a health condition....

In an interview with ESPN the 100 meter Olympic champion explained that he has been dealing with scoliosis since he was young. The condition causes the spine to twist and curve to the side, and can cause severe back pain in both children and adults. Dealing with the condition, as well as aiming to be the best in his industry, Bolt had to figure out the best way to manage his condition so that it would not affect his career.

Speaking about his scoliosis in the interview Bolt revealed some of his secrets into how he has still managed to achieve so much.

He said: “When I was younger it wasn't really a problem. But you grow and it gets worse. My spine's really curved bad [makes "S" shape with finger]. But if I keep my core and back strong, the scoliosis doesn't really bother me.

“So I don't have to worry about it as long as I work hard. The early part of my career, when we didn't really know much about it, it really hampered me because I got injured every year.”

Revealing more about his condition within his autobiography, Bolt said that his condition has left him with physical side effects.

Specifically, his right leg is shorter than his left. Due to his right leg being half an inch shorter, his left leg remains on the ground 14 percent longer than his right when he is running at top speeds.

Despite speculation, there is no evidence to suggest that this has either helped or hindered Bolt with his career success.

Although there is no confirmation as to how much of an effect his condition has had on his professional sporting career, Bolt revealed on Twitter back in September of this year that the condition had never been rectified with spinal correction surgery.



  1. This is so inspiring!! See how he used his challenges to spur forward to become the World's greater sprinter...There is no excuse for failure at all...Ehugs Usain Bolt..

  2. Stella, why this emoji nau? I was even thinking it's a love story or something😎😎

  3. Wow.. this is quite touching... May God grant you a permanent healing.

  4. Awwww! it is well with you Bolt.
    Truly everyone has their own silent battle,but we should not let our problem define us.

  5. Hmmm different kind and shape of wahala full this life.
    We all got to remain strong and live our best live as we can

  6. Lemons turned into lemonades...


  7. Wow! So inspiring. And here I am, healthy and all but still complaining. God please forgive me.


  8. Quite inspiring, real definition of using our weakness to our advantage.
    I'm really inspired

  9. So inspiring, wishing him permanent healing πŸ™

  10. Oh my God,this is so inspiring, and went on to be the best at what he does...who would have thought

    1. Talk of making lemonade out of the lemon life throws at one. Kudos to you Usain Bolt πŸ’ͺ what a spectacular athlete.

  11. Even with the said condition,he still went ahead to win multiple world championships.So encouraging.Virtually everyone is fighting a hidden battle the next person knows nothing about,be kind.

  12. This is truly inspiring, I just need to get my black butt and begin to exercise.

    If bolt can achieve so much with such condition what is my excuse not to lose weight and keep fit.

  13. I always wondered why he walked and tipped on his toes at times.

    The first success is believing that you can do it.


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