Stella Dimoko The Adventures Of Oko Ashawo The Uber Driver - 107


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Friday, December 17, 2021

The Adventures Of Oko Ashawo The Uber Driver - 107

I have not been working overnight these days because of safety reasons especially after the encounter I had with hoodlums who attacked me around midnight about 2 months ago. It was by the grace of God that I escaped unhurt even though my car was damaged.

  I had missed all the drama that comes with carrying Slay Queens around until my most recent encounter last week. Moreover, night activities have picked up probably because it is towards the end of the year with increased traffic on the roads and surge trips that make the fares relatively higher.

I picked up 3 ladies (2 light skinned ladies and a dark skinned one) sometime last week from their apartment to a location on the Island for a night party. For some reason, cabs had been scarce at nights due to higher demand and they negotiated with me to work with them overnight.

On our way, an argument ensued. While they were still doing their makeup in the car, one of the light skinned ladies, Temi asked the dark skinned one Bola for the use of her powder but she refused saying that she should know that she does not share it considering the fact that “work” has been done on it. On hearing that, Tinu the other lady who just started living with them said she used it once the previous week when Bola was not around , that she should stop being stingy and that was how the fight started.

The fair skinned ladies now said no wonder Bola is always the first to be asked out whenever they are hanging out together even though she is very ugly. The two of them accused Bola of using juju to spoil their “runs”, saying their market does not sell as much as before. Hmmmmm … I knew it was going to be an interesting night as I drove and I wished silently that they would spill more secrets...

Bola lashed out at the girls too. She accused Temi of being a home wrecker, having snatched at least three husbands from their wives in the last one year; the latest one being an Alhaji who spends so much on her and does not take care of his home anymore. She also accused Tinu of snatching one of her rich boyfriends who does not give her attention any longer.

What seemed to be a jolly ride with “good friends” suddenly turned sour and when it was getting physical, I intervened and told them I was going stop in the middle of the road for them to get down to continue their fight if they did not behave themselves. By this time, Bola had received slaps and they were dragging their hairs and tops revealing their bre@sts in the process. These girls no even wear bra sef. 

Chai …. 

Eventually, they told me to take them back home as they had decided to cancel their outing that night since their makeup had been smeared with ruffled and torn clothes.

After dropping them back at their apartment, I decided to go home to sleep while sulking over the money I would have made from them overnight if not for the unnecessary fight.


  1. Why should they wear bra, do they need bras for their work?
    I see plenty of them on the streets and on that celeb posts. Once a woman dresses like a prostitute, she is one.
    Proverbs 7:9at twilight, as the day was fading into the dark of the night. 10Then a woman came out to meet him, with the attire of a harlot and cunning of heart. 11She is loud and defiant; her feet do not remain at home.…

  2. All these girls are extremely dangerous. I still find it very absurd and disgusting for a guy to pick up a random girl and have sex with. Destinies have been destroyed and homes wrecked.

    Incidentally, it's still the oldest business in the world. Come to Pekas in Ikeja where you see small small girls in skimpy wears parading themselves. This world don spoil finish.

    1. Either it is absurd or it is not. Nothing like very absurd.

  3. much for women supporting women

    We are our own problems!

  4. Stella no red pen today?😯😯

  5. Oko ashawo with the gists.

    I always enjoy reading your stories.

    Merry Christmas in advance

  6. Hmm… what am I reading?

  7. Lol @sulking no mind dem jare.
    All these mamalawo runs babe

  8. Stella i no see your red pen today oo, what happened?

  9. Nawoooh, women of easy virtues

  10. It's the "I wished silently that they will spill more secrets for me". Oko Ashawo,nice gist.. sorry u were attacked by hoodlums.

  11. Nawaoh! God save our husbands from this dangerous girls

  12. Sorry for the attack by hoodlums & sorry for not making huge revenue from the 3 girls


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