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Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Wordless Post..

 What is this?


  1. When you talk they will quickly invoke the do not touch the anointed phrase.

  2. Is it possible to take a loan and the amount doubles after a year?

    To me it looks like this person is over exaggerating the whole thing.. that is if na true self .

    Election time don dey reach.. we go start dey see plenty propaganda from now and some of us go fall for am like the mumu they have tagged us to be

    1. It may not be exaggeration. I use the one of Innoson and GT bank to know about this. It all depend on the interest rate. There's something about loan that almost 75% of people if not more hardly repay loan received.

    2. Exactly! @anon 9:23.
      From the little you know meaning you don't know the whole story.
      He is just speculating. It's a wonder how 4b in 2020 turned to 9b in 2021

  3. Choi! Church has really become a business venture๐Ÿ˜ฒ

  4. Wake up Nigerian Sheeple!!! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  5. Which Pst Bakare? Plenty pipul dey bear Bakare o.

    Mao Akuh

  6. 90% of these guys are criminals, parading as pastors they are smooth operators. Stay away from them especially the ones their Church don't have branches.
    Tunde Bakare
    Chris Okotie
    Anselm Madubuko
    Paul Adefarasin
    Chris Okafor
    Even Bishop Oyedepo and co.
    They're sitting on something serious they don't wish to share.
    Wise up✌️

    1. God will forgive you for typing what you don't know. If you are asked to present an evidence hope you can.

    2. Hope you have FULL evidence to back up your claim for your statement and for each name up there, and not hearsay? Cos surely you will give account one day.

    3. If you know their church branches, list them and stop stalking blog readers comments.
      Anon don't mind the sheeple mumus

    4. Living faith(Winners) and House on the Rock have Branches... @9:36. I guess pst. Bakare bit more than he could chew...

    5. Don't be ignorant anon 11:05. HOTR has branches in nnewi, abakaliki and awka. Winners i know have a branch in akure.

      You run with a wrong narrative and parade it as the truth.
      Do better

    6. Lady Diana, branches are not Fellowship Centers and Cell units.
      Branches have ordained Bishops assigned to them and many pastors reporting to them from various units.
      Winners has only Bishop Oyedepo. House on the Rock has only Pastor Paul Adefarasin.

    7. 12.38 who are you to define what a branch is? Continue peddling lies, you go soon jam.

  7. It's a double wahala something

  8. It's a double wahala something, sorry man, pay up

  9. You dey use loan build church..........Its is well

  10. If only the idiots that run to churches know what the money they give is used for. Christianity is an industry and Nigerian/African pastors are cashing out

  11. So, does it mean that all offerings and tithes are used to service loans?

    Is the church not involved in charity works and other life changing works and activities?

    Please call attention to the church good works too.

    Even though I do not deny the church and that of some Pastors but When it comes to Church issues, swords are quickly drawn.

    I wonder how you all expect church to be built and run without money.

  12. The attacks on churches recently is becoming alarming. The rate at which pastors are being dragged is not pleasant at all. I'm not justifying the bad eggs among them but there are godly preachers of the word out there.

    Let's stop all the negative attacks and evil names calling for goodness sake.


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