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Sunday, January 16, 2022

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative...



Hello Stella, 

 I'm not doing well at all , I feel like I'm losing my life.

 I am a young girl who has severe anxiety, this started November 2020, I couldn't sleep, I had insomnia which then led to somniphobia ( dread of sleeping, funny right?).

No one seems to understand, I have been managing this for some time, I have taken anti-anxiety pills, I have had sessions with a therapist, but it doesn't seem to go away.

 I don't want to ever consider suicide because I'm a Christian, but I have prayed to God to take away this feelings and it's like he has shut his ears from me, I feel so alone in this battle.. 

I don't know if I will ever win this, I wish there is something I can do to snap out of this. I'm so alone and so scared, I need help. please forgive my errors I'm not thinking straight.

Thank you and stay well!!

*Awwwwww so sorry that you are going through this...
If you are having difficulty sleeping, have you tried taking something to relax yourself at night? Like red wine?

Have you been able to trace exactly when this sleeplessness started? was it due to heartbreak or what?
Hang on in there and dont think of doing anything to hurt yourself and you will be fine..... People are going through a lot and trust me when i tell you that your case is childs play..

Snap out of the mood please!!!


  1. Can I prescribe Yoga for you, Sweetheart?

    Yoga is physical and spiritual and will help you exhale bad energy and sound mind.

    Find a good Yoga instructor.

    1. Wow @Sapphire! Yoga is an excellent suggestion. It is relaxing, calming and it's meant for situation/cases just like yours, poster. A good instructor will teach you meditation and how to use the breathing exercise to calm anxiety and restore positive thoughts.

      If you are a Christian or even a Muslim, whatever your religion, take some verses from the bible or Quran and recite it while at it. If your instructor knows about your issues he/her will even suggest some positive confessions you can recite while at it. In fact start this evening; go on YouTube and find yoga for beginners and follow it.

      God bless you.

    2. Sorry for your predicament, it may be a real struggle.
      Meditation works too
      Take time and meditate.

      Anxiety is all in your mind, if you can control your mind you can win almost any battle.

      You can do this for one minute, your mind will run wild but if you keep at it you will eventually over come.
      The Lord is your strength

    3. It is not a 'mood that anyone can snap out of just like that.'

      Anxiety, bipolar disorder, OCD are all disorders that need to be treated.

      This is not a situation, of take this this 500 naira and goan buy icecream so that you'll feel better.

      Poster, you may want to try a different therapist to get a second opinion on your situation and perhaps a different recommendation.

      Also consider, accupressure/accupuncture and other wholistic remedies.

      Remember that your diet also affects mental health.

      My prayers for your complete healing are raised.

    4. Try a different therapist
      Preferably with hypnotherapy training

      Yoga is spiritual doorways opening, as a Christian avoid it

      poster do meditative scripture reading

    5. @Anon 18:57 she should avoid yoga because she is a Christian and go for hypnosis? Na wa. Just say you don't know what yoga is about.

  2. I had this at a point in time. In trying to heal, you have to sit down and put your life in perspective and find out the root cause. This helps starts the ball rolling for healing.
    When you do this then you tell yourself the truth that your life is in your hands and you can direct the cause with Gid on your side.
    Take it one day at a time and confess that it is well with you.

  3. Please poster find out why you can't sleep. Remove thinking. Cos everything will be fine. Change environment if need be. Engage yourself positively. Do things that makes you happy and if you can have friends if you want and continue to pray/seek God.

  4. Problems have solutions. Have you traced this issue to the root when it started?

    In all, turn to God for He is the true healer

  5. Poster sorry I understand you totally because I have been battling with it for years now especially the palpitations that comes with it. Always feeling that the worst will happen.its a bad thing g to fight and people dont really understand you. What I do now is allow anything that wants to happen to happen even some days i couldn't sleep i dont bother about it again. It seems to be helping me cope.we will get better some day that's what i believe

    1. Those palpitations are the scariest. Whenever I feel it coming, I'll lay down and prop up my legs for easy blood circulation. It helps.

      Poster, have you checked your Thyroid? Like do a thyroid function test, your anxiety might be linked to it.

    2. Anon 15:22. You are absolutely correct. I think she should check her thyroid.

  6. Calm your nerves down and stop worrying too much.What happened that led to you having insomnia and others? I know it is not easy but hang in there.

  7. Poster are you staying with your family members? If no always make sure you have people around you and keep your self busy.It will help you, suicide is not an option. May God be with you.

  8. poster start following pastor Jerry on Facebook, listen to his 7 a:m fire prayer from Monday to Friday, you will be fine, just hang in there and believe in God, it's well

  9. You dey alone nahim cause am.. where your Boyfriend or Parents
    Just change environment small and also no let worry disturb you

  10. Loneliness and overthinking the major cause. Try and mix up with people, take walks in the evening, occupy your mind with something, join different groups online, make new friends... Believe me you will be fine. Note: if your financial suitation is bothering you, nothing but faith or hope for a better tomorrow is the answer. God gat you

  11. It is well with you in Jesus name.

  12. Oh dear I feel for you have had such experience some time ago, which if you are not careful will end up developing BP please try change environment, do things that will make you feel happy all the time no matter what that thing is, try to ease your feelings all the time. You will be fine ok

  13. sorry dear,I understand what you are going through,some of us have been there. have you been baptised by the HOLY GHOUST,through the evidence of speaking in toungues? if yes,try speaking in toungue on a stretch, that is after praise,worship and thanksgiving,speak in toungues for 30mins(yes its possible and you can do it)after this sleep will come like magic.

  14. Poster I was depressed since last month and by Tuesday this week I started thinking of suicide but the God that helped me was because I was at work that was why I didn't do anything stupid else by now I would have be gone.

    The only way I handled this was to disconnect myself from those people that made me get into that mood in the first place. I have given them distance, when they came around to see me I walked them out of my house cos that is the only way I can have my life back.

    You need to discover what triggers your mood, what happened that you started having sleepless night. I have been sleeping well since Thursday that I blasted those who want to kill me.

    Discover what is your issue and put a stop to it before some people drive you crazy.

  15. Please seek the Holy Spirit and pray in the Holy Ghost( tongues), accept Christ if you are not born again and never go the yoga route!!! If you try it, you will invite more demons and end up committing suicide! Find out what triggers it and if is people or environment ; remove yourself out of them. A lot of Pastors now carry demonic altars, the more you seek them, the more your problems increase!!! Please look for a Bible believing gathering , could be online or physical and join. You will be fine!!! Shalom

  16. My dear God has not shut His ears, you need to increase your comes by hearing more of Gods Word!Go to a Bible believing church for prayers or write my email address lets pray together 🙏 God bless you mightily

  17. Since you are a Christian, please begin a daily fast; morning till evening or fruit fast and take it on.
    Wake up at midnight for night watch and do meditate on the teachings of Jesus day and night.
    I had a patient who suffered from this after her husband died. She is a Christian too. I met her when all medication
    had failed and she was becoming dependent on anxiolytic. We discussed, shared Scriptures and she began a daily fast;
    Yes, godliness is beneficial in all things (1 Timothy 4:8). She was able to overcome all that. The nightmares of seeing her
    late husband stopped. And she came off the anxiolytics that she was becoming dependent on. May the Lord guide you.

  18. Poster you need to see a Psychiatrist

  19. I feel so sorry for what you are passing through, I have been there many times before now. Please give your life to Christ in truth and in spirit, create a time for prayers and meditation ( think about the good things that have happened to you ) take a long walk, create time for exercise. If you start this your life will never remain the same again.

  20. Sorry for what you are passing through. Always sing praises to God, it will help.


    Insomnia is a sleep disorder that regularly affects millions of people worldwide. Someone with insomnia finds it difficult to fall asleep or stay asleep.

    Short-term insomnia can lead to daytime fatigue, difficulty concentrating, and other problems. In the long term, it may increase the risk of various diseases.

    Common causes include:

    1)having jet lag,
    2) switching shifts at work,
    or dealing with any other changes to the body.
    3) the room being too hot, cold, or noisy, or the bed being uncomfortable.
    4) caring for someone in the house, if it disrupts sleep
    5) getting too littleTrusted
    6) Source physical exercise
    having night terrors or bad dreams
    7)using recreational drugs, such as cocaine or ecstas

    In some people, stress or a
    mental health issue is responsible for insomnia.
    A person may be experiencing:

    bipolar disorder

    Let me say there are natural sleep remedies that are helpful and beneficial aside sleeping with lights out (in the dark), eating lighter meals at night and at least two hours before bedtime.
    Note that taking nicotine, caffeine or alcohol, especially late in the day may interfere with with your sleep.
    May l advise that your bedroom be reserved only for rest/sleep and you should avoid all distractions, like a bedroom television or your cellphone!

    A combination of below medicinal herbs in appropriate ratio are mostly effective and recommended... And like every other kind of medication, consistency in usage is important:-


    They can be encapsulated for usage .

    My very best wishes...

  22. Poster if you take sugary things, stop it. I found out that the sugary things I take was what let to my insomnia, it can affect one's hormones and cause disruptive sleeping pattern. Stop all sugary things and limit your carbs. Try it for 21 days. Peace and love.

  23. Dear poster, get your hormones checked. Thyroid disorders can cause insomnia, so is low progesterone, DHEA, and melatonin. Get your hormones checked and work with the results. Also, uf you have had any form of contraceptives, it will mess up your hormones and insomnia is one of the results. In the meantime, get yourself melatonin supplement, adult can take up to 10mg. This a supplement and not medication, so it is none habit forming.

    1. No please don’t take melatonin. Melatonin is an hormone and it’ll further mess up his or her natural melatonin. It’ll make her very grumpy and even more sleepy In the morning. Poster reset your sleep cycle by using a light box therapy of 10000 lux and fix your underlying issues.

    2. And yes, also check your hormone level

  24. OMG 😳
    Did I write this? Or someone wrote it on my behalf.
    To thanks for the comments guys. Following

    1. When I had insomnia, I was given one drug like that, you need a prescription to buy it, I took it for about 2 years while praying till God delivered me. Work on sleeping well first, it's the lack of sleep that might be causing the anxiety, consistent lack of sleep can lead to neurological disorders.

  25. I had anxiety, insomnia and terrible palpitations as well early 2021, then I joined NSPPD and one day in 2021 pastor Jerry prayed over people with Anxiety and since then I haven’t had any anxiety or palpitation ever since. Praying with NSPPD has helped so much


    1. Glory to God. I pray the poster gets instant healing too.

      But if she doesn't, she should understand God can use doctors in her healing process too. May the Lord perfect all that pertains to her in Jesus name

  26. You have severe anxiety. U have to see a good shrink. Do some yoga and other exercise and u have to totally overhaul ur thought processes ( easier said than done I know). My child has anxiety and I tell u it’s not Easy. U need a good support system around u. Good luck dear.

  27. There may actually not be anything wrong with you. Just try relocating to Europe abd pick up night shifts, if you do 4 nights straight on. Na you go dey beg to wake up from sleep and tiredness. Many people are actually designed to work at night and sleep during days but due to 9ja setting they will be forcing themselves to sleep during the night and then call it sleeping disorder whereas nothing is wrong with them

    1. That’s a lie from the pit of hell!! When your sleep cycle is upside down then you go dey sleep during the day. Folks with night shift actually have that problem because their circadian rhythm is messed up due to their late night shift. Lack of sleep increases anxiety. Poster check your underlying reason why you’re not sleeping at night time.

    2. jesu...I had to laugh at this comment....God designed humans to sleep at night please. do you know the night time is when even some major repairs are done in the body? some medications are even advised to be taken at night because that is when the body produces some chemicals needed for the repairs or rejuvenation if you want to call it that.

  28. Try taking Ovaltine with just water no milk or sugar about an hour or 30 minutes before going to bed . It worked for me after experiencing seven days without sleep when even sleeping pills did't help.

  29. Hi dear, i understand how you feel. I had same problem,couldnt sleep at night will be awake once its 3am sometimes earlier and i can't go back to sleep. I had a panic attack one day while walking and i thought i was going to die, saw a psychiatrist but all he did was prescribe some drugs. I didn't want to take them cos i knew that wasn't the longterm solution i wanted. What helped me was anytime i wake up in the middle of the night i go to my youversion bible app, read the daily verse, pray and also listen to abide meditation app i installed on my phone. Some days are easy and some difficult but I've learnt to trust God cos i believe he only has good plans for me. I hope you find what works for you but always remember you're not alone 🤗🤗🤗

  30. ChopWell Foodmart Ph 0803695261217 January 2022 at 21:00

    I read some teas helps to cure insomnia you can ask your health practitioner. I hope you find a lasting solution to this❤


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