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Friday, January 21, 2022

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative...



Hello Stella,

 I would like to get some advice from your bvs.

I recently got an offer from an electricity disco (NEPA) offices in the country. The job comes with added benefits and compensation that one can get when working for a corporate firm. The job role is sales and marketing- those in charge of NEPA bills, meter reading and so on.

Please, I would like to get advice from those who have done the job or who knows someone in it. Is it like the bank marketing job, because I really do not want to go into that type of marketing job or anything with outrageous targets that would take away my sanity.

This job would warrant me moving to another state and I would really appreciate your response, before I make my decision.

Thank you

What you are doing now is really nice, before you relocate to a Job, find out if it is worth it...I pray you seek the answers that you are looking for....


  1. It is not like bank marketing job o and this one is okay if you ask me


      Stella what is wrong with this generation and their attitude to job seeking? What's the cowardice about? The job earns you a decent living yet you are ready to run away without giving it a try.

      Even if you you have other job options on the pipeline, take this one that has come first, when those other ones comes , you can then swap jobs.

      What is wrong with you and your fragile sanity you are trying to protect. Don't let me shake the cowardice out of you from here o.

    2. Ms Sapphire cool down he stated that the job will require relocation and just wants to have a fair idea...Every individual with their own level of strength...I see no cowardice here...Thank you...

    3. Ms Sapphire, remember she has to relocate to another state before starting the job. That's a big move. It's right for her to ask questions before taking it.

    4. Besides, from Stella's response, she already has a good job. She isn't jobless and desperate for another. Even if she were, you just don't hastily make life changing decisions. Due diligence must be done, which is what she is doing.

  2. I pray say make God guide you o and i no really sabi that one

  3. It is not like bank's marketing. You will be required to read meters, share bills and help customers with their complaint for the area you will be assigned to. I advise that you accept the offer

  4. It's not like Bank marketing, I don't think there is any target involved

    1. There's no sales job without assigned targets.

    2. Well, except na provision shop. LOL.

  5. Poster I think I have a fair idea of what it entails...Ok Let us assume you are taken to Ibadan Disco and assigned to Mushin undertaking where you have streets like Lagbaja, Owonikoko and Zahzoozeh streets..Now you will be given a target like say generate 200k revenue every month for the three streets. Now this amount will shared to each residents on the 3 streets based on their consumption from readings from their meters (I will go to them to know the number of appliances and readings from their transformers too)... Then you will share the bills to them and follow up on payment...Now there is a cut off period where if the previous month consumption has not been settled, you can authorize the disconnection team to go after those that did not pay...

    Also you will handle any power related complaints e.g Wrong or faulty meters and direct them to the appropriate team..You may also need to carry out routine visits to your customers to understand their plight...I hope this helps...

    P.S I got this info from a former marketer who visits us and was very friendly and helpful to our needs...

    All the best Poster

    1. Be* Proofread mbok

    2. 👏👏👏👏👏🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌😘😘😘😘

      You are doing well dear. Good afternoon

    3. All these helpful things that Phoenix typed, your only addition is to correct one single error.

      Dear @15:38, this is not an IELTS exam and while I agree that there are some errors that should be corrected. Proofread mbok makes it seem like there were a lot of errors.

      Take it easy mbok

    4. Hmm, that you St Elsewhere. Very helpful.

    5. Phoenix u are a gem on this blog.

  6. It’s better than bank work. Take it

  7. Poster congratulations in your new job, I pray God locate everyone of us looking for job as well.
    Abeg nepa marketing is far different from bank marketing oh.yours is very flexible and you would enjoy it.i just confirm from a neighbor

  8. It is not like banking job where you have to follow clients up and down in order to meet target. Here na clients go dey rush you. Remember how Nigerians use to react when they see light in their neighbors house and they don't have light?. This your schedule most days comes with insults/ cursing from aggrieved clients. Majority of the people use prepaid metre so the stress of walking up and down looking for who never pay light bill is reduced.

  9. Dear poster I currently work with a DISCO but not as a marketer. Marketer's job in a DISCO involves
    1. bill distribution
    2. meter reading
    3. disconnection of nonpaying customer
    And YES you have monthly target.
    I would have given more information had it been you mentioned the DISCO. Especially the salary side of it, if it's the same company i'm working with.
    But the job role gives some free time, all the best dear.

  10. It's not like bank job, you wont need to beg anyone to buy meter or units 😁

  11. Its not a marketing job like the one you've been seeing, its basically going out to get the bills of post paid users and making sure their bills are paid and also to checkmate customers who are using the prepaid to also make sure they're not bypassing and stealing power.

    Relax,with time you will understand the job and settle in well.
    Please avoid being corrupt.

    Thank you.

  12. Poster you didn't give us detail of how much the fixed pay is.
    Also, do you work at the moment? If you don't, then I don't think you should be sampling any paid job like garri.
    Like Sapphire said, take the job first, do it and see how far you can go, especially if there is a significant difference in pay from what you do at the moment.
    I took a sales job almost 4 years ago (I had always said I will not work in sales and marketing while in school), and I'm still at that job.
    It might not be as bad as you think it is.
    N. B, even the bank marketing job people are condemning here is still rushed like hot cake, forget matter.

  13. Someone is afraid to leave his/her comfort zone. Ok o.

  14. Poster you are doing a good job asking. Ask and be sure before any move especially since you are relocating and you already something doing.

    My first job,most of colleagues realised thier former jobs were 100% better.They didnt do thier due dilligence and were stuck. I learnt that then. Many tried to go back. Only one was sucessfull,he didnt resign he took one month annual leave and japa back once he saw what the working conditions were like. I didnt spend up to 2years myself,it was that toxic so please ask and sure.

    Best of luck

  15. Dear poster,in addition to what Phoenix said. Let me emphasize, your experience will depend largely on three factors: first zone/clients in your zone (Phoenix already gave one example, I will give more); second, support your higher ups give you; third; your skill and capacity to adapt.
    On one, if you are allocated to an industrial/commercial area with high demand meters installed, tends to go pretty easy because these people need power supply for business. But if you are assigned to high income residential area, while it might seem easier, I urge you to thread carefully as I know marketers who have been severely oppressed by powers that be. Which is one of the places items 2 and 3 above come in really handy. Stay open minded, contact the employer and ask more questions to gain clarity before leaving your current role. Wish you the very best.

  16. This one is different ohh! Collecting bills & order 4 discornection when customer can pay. Police will be there to guide incase of breaking law and order


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