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Saturday, January 29, 2022

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative...



Good day house. I met a guy in my girlfriend's place late night and my girlfriend told me she loves me but she doesn't like the way i call her every time and come to her place..

I dont have her key but the guy does.... she told me that she doesn't want to hurt me that is why she cant tell me everything, that she is free with the guy because she is not emotionally attached to him.....

GOD Please help me to help...I am not lucky with woman but i know GOD will help me....SDK I am really hurt....House please pray for me

I will pray for you but please end the relationship as soon as you read this... This is so wicked.... Move on, you will find someone that will cherish you at the right time.



Please why do I dream of me and my husband having s#x? Sometimes not in our house, maybe in my fathers house or somewhere else, I've been married for 12 years, but this dream keeps coming, I always enjoy the s#x please what does it mean?. 

WOW...strange dream.. Abi your hubby is a spirit husband? I don't know though but if you have been dreaming this for 12 years then something is wrong. Get on it and pray.


  1. Poster 1. Keep it moving. Ask someone else and date for some time before awarding her the title of "girlfriend". You obviously have been dating yourself.

    Poster 2, Get more adventurous in real life. What you see in your dream is actually how you want it. See how you can get you husband to flow with this free kinky inspiration you get in your sleep.

    1. Dear Poster 2....please pray very very well...that is serious spirit husband manipulation. I had similar issue.. I used to dream that my husband sleeps with me and very sweet..i just see it as normal ...since its my husband face and body.. I have a prayer partner , she called to tell me that she saw a strange being using my husband's image to sleep with my enemy and in that process causing delay in conception. I was shocked. I prayed and prayed and i went for deliverance on my own.. Day 1 of the deliverance ...same dream but this time around side my private part is hot...and its hurting him... This is serious deception from the pit of hell because when you see your hubby making out with you in the dream you will be very relaxed not knowing is something else... Go to MFM...I forget the people telling you is normal...forming woke...dont sleep on it my sister..pray it out by fire... I thank God for my deliverance and it will remain permernant in Jesus name.

  2. Poster two,
    Fast and pray daily and fight this demon masquerading as your husband. Use the Word of God from the Bible.
    You will conquer.

  3. Please dump that girl for good, read your Scriptures and fast and pray to cleanse your flesh of lust.
    May the Lord Jesus help you.

  4. Poster 1, please move on like Stella said. It might not be easy ooo but eventually you will get over it and be glad you did. Pele.

    Poster 2... I dunno what to say.

  5. Na real wa o @Poster1.Run o
    @Poster2,maybe your husband na spiritual husband o

  6. First poster, u are just the side dude...if u like the sex and not a real believer or born again, you can hang in there and be looking like lucozade at all her shenanigans. But never ever take her serious,just be giving her small money so that her curse later won't get to u.
    Poster two, any sex in dream is demonic. There's a BV here that God will bless tremendously, he or she said to pray that the Holy Spirit should wake her up whenever the evil perpetuators want to do any evil with her spirit or sleeping body, I prayed that prayer that night and was awakened up to 3times, each dream was about a strange monster wanting to have sex wit me in the dream. Maybe u should pray same prayer.
    Good luck.

  7. Leave the girl naaah.. use your brain gentleman

  8. Poster 2 it a spiritual husband.
    Something happened to me.
    The idiots make love to me saMe way my husband do it.
    If I wake up I will swear for the idiot.

    Until it was reveal to me.
    When I challenge him.he transform into a huge creature .I push him away.
    Please pray harder.

  9. Poster one it is well with you. I feel your pain. Just let go and keep an open mind. You will find love.

    Poster two this might be familiar spirit using your husband face so that you won't know where it is coming from.

    You need a bigger power to fight this and it is Master Jesus Christ that will deliver you. It is well too

  10. Poster 2: That's not your husband. That's the generational spirit husband of your father's house. The spirit takes the form of your husband to sleep with you. Deliverance prayer and fasting can stop those dreams.

  11. @ Poster 2

    Subconsciously, I think your marital sex life bores you, and you desire more spontaneity & adventure. If you are the missionary position in the bedroom type of couple, then I can see why.

    Having sex elsewhere and, especially, in your parents' house shows you want to be daring. Perhaps, you want to have sex in places that you could possibly be caught. Maybe even a little voyeurism.

    Take the bull by it's horns and spice things up. Don't let you hubby be the only one to initiate, and dictate where the sex is had.

    1. Poster 2, the dream of having sex is nothing but a familiar spirit masquerading as your spouse. Get more intense in prayers, or if you don't know how to go about it, buy Olukoya's books on spiritual warfare.

      Twins ♊ Squared

  12. Poster 1 you are a side bf to your gf, just move and keep on moving till you find true love.

    Poster 2 spiritual husband is what you are experiencing, travel to your hometown and ask questions from your mother side.

  13. 不不不不不 @ poster one. You and your girlfriend must be teenagers. Come back with your chronicle when you guys are a bit older.

    Poster 2 , I really don't know what to type. If you guys are not ttc and you are doing well financially , I don't see anything wrong with the dream then.

  14. The Original ShugarGirl29 January 2022 at 18:41

    Poster 1 Sorry about how you feel. That's not love. Love is reciprocated. Don't hurt over someone who is not worthy of your love.
    You will heal faster once you understand that true love happens when you are with someone who matches your energy.

    Poster 2. Ask God to wake you up every time it's about to happen. It works. Don't worry it will pass too.

  15. Stella , this your blog is addictive walai! The one you pursued from this blog of recent is back with another id. I can even sight the new id on this post 不不不.

  16. Females in general want a nice guy but are not turned on by a guy that is easily accessible and always available. She sees you as a simp and a beta male. You are not alpha but it can be taught. Do your research


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