Stella Dimoko Doctor Freaks Journal - Married With Pregnant Side Chic Brouhaha


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Saturday, January 01, 2022

Doctor Freaks Journal - Married With Pregnant Side Chic Brouhaha

"There comes a time in every rightly constructed boy’s life when he has a raging desire to go somewhere and dig for hidden treasure." – Mark Twain.

When men were boys, one of us almost got caught in the web in the process of digging for hidden treasure.

"Z" (not real name) like every young man of his age indulged in 2 out of the 3 "Ws" to wit, women, wine and weed. Although not a lover of weed, but same could not be said of the other 2. 

Z met a beautiful lady at an outing and both consenting adults clicked and the rest they say is history. The good thing about Z who was married at the time (and who is still happily married) was that he always made full disclosure to his "side-chics" from the outset. 

Z and Y elected to have an "away-match" and Z struggled to have "it" for less than 3 minutes but who says it cannot happen even in 3 seconds? Two weeks after, Y broke the news to Z, she had "missed her period!" 

Z was shocked and tried to put up the usual lame defence "but we only had it once!" "Omo, even 2 seconds sef too much." Y was not ready to get rid of the fo.tus, all she wanted was N10million, a flat somewhere in the city, a car and for Z to sponsor her trip to a popular destination to have the baby and an international passport of that country.

 Z could afford some of these but how was he going to break the news to his lovely wife?

 Z tried to convince Y to have the fo.tus evacuated but she would hear of no such thing. It is either her Option A or Option A and nothing else. Friends intervened but she was adamant.

By day 2, calls had started flooding Z's line from different corners. One introduced himself as a spiritualist and warned Z against even entertaining thoughts of not marrying Y and threatened to eliminate him spiritually if he did. 

Y insisted on having all her demands met or calling Z's wife to break the news to her. At this point we knew there was fire on the mountain. 

Thank God I am married to a woman who is first a friend before anything else. I opened up to her without disclosing the identity of Z. 

Well, she needed to be sure it wasn't my story and I gave her assurances that it wasn't mine then she gave me her candid advice. She was like let him confess to the wife immediately and that that way he would be able to take charge at both ends before things get even worse.

 It was tough but Z did just that and the narrative changed. His wife was mad, which is normal. She lost confidence and trust in him, which is also normal. But guess what, by the time Y would give her a call, she had already been informed and she was like I'm aware and I'm fine with my husband. That was Y's first major loss.

Then Y ran to the Police. The Police invited Z and he honoured their invitation.

 The Police insisted that Y must go for a pregnancy test in a neutral laboratory and she was to be accompanied by a policewoman. Guess what, she ran away and never came back till today.

How is Z doing today? He's doing very great. What about his wife? She's doing very well and their relationship is stronger than ever. What of Y, the gold-digger? That was the last we ever heard of her.

Always face your fears head-on. There is nothing new under the sun. 

Stay faithful to your spouse.

Stay safe.
Its Kunle!


  1. It is good to always open up to your spouse. Abeg Mr. Z no try how much be condom. The y wan open shop for him head πŸ˜‚

  2. It's really nice to be honest to our spouses. It's hard I know...but the truth is the best remedy. Sometimes we lie out of fear, which may lead to heavy damages

  3. He slept with a total stranger without condom, when he has a wife at home. May I not marry a man that has no self respect for himself or me. I may nothing change who I am to a shameful wife. Some things I read irk me honestly

    1. Even if no fear of GOD
      He no fear disease?
      People gambling with their futures

  4. I hope Mr. Z learnt from this experience and never played any away match again.

  5. Good for him but I hope he's learnt his lessons and no longer looking for side chics.

    1. Looking for Wetin no lost!
      Greed & covetousness is a bad thing

    2. He most likely is carrying on as usual. There were no real consequences. I hope the wife is protecting her health.dazzall

  6. Full disclosure is always the best way in the event of any form of blackmail. But most importantly, don't give the devil room to attack your home.

    Be faithful and contented with your spouse.

    Happy New year people

  7. Emphasis on" STAY FAITHFUL TO YOUR SPOUSE". 🀝

  8. Y is simply a shameless man and I can bet u he hasn't changed,he just got smarter

    1. You mean "Z", right? "Y" is the lady and she is as shameless as Z. There is no need making excuses for anyone of them.

  9. Z may think he has overcome this one, he should just be careful and focus on his wife, if not, he may not escape the next one.

    1. He has overcome this Jezebel called "Y" that's for sure.

  10. See how Z shamelessly slept with a strange woman without protection. What?!

  11. Wow!
    Thank goodness it ended well, millions(my father being one of the them) of families have been turned into something else cos this sleeping around.
    The pain and trauma is something else.

    Happy New year bro Kunle, God bless you!


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