Stella Dimoko Doctor Freaks Journal - Women And Men Are "Wired'' Differently


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Saturday, January 15, 2022

Doctor Freaks Journal - Women And Men Are "Wired'' Differently

 I've always wondered, how come much younger girls are able to "handle" (or even control) much older men? 

You would see an 18-year-old lady gladly dating or even marrying an 81-year-old man and she would even have the "effontery" to call him pet names such as "baby", "sweetie" and the "ancestor" would be smiling sheepishly. 

Choi! Men have suffered.

True confession here now, I have neither dated nor asked an older woman out in my entire life. I "no get the liver!" Don't get me wrong, although I'm not against it but it was just not in my character to so do at the material time.

On a serious note now, I've always sought to know why the womenfolk are bolder and more daring than their male counterparts. Can I still honestly regard "male" as the "opposite" of "female" in today's world "sha?" Yes now, at least in Africa. A topic for another day.

Then recently, I got a clue. I'm fond of giving people nicknames and for your information if our paths have ever crossed in life, I must have given you a nickname knowingly and or unknowingly.

 I give my children nicknames at will. The boys just smile or grumble depending on the sound of the nicknames and they "dare not talk back." Lol. 

Guess what? my girl is different! 

I've attempted to give her over 20 nicknames but she has succeeded in giving me 25, or more. Her latest escapade? She gave me a Christmas card on Christmas day but she withdrew it days later and amended it to bear my latest nickname and she had the guts to bring it back to me and direct me to open it!

 Upon the opening, I found out that this girl had actually changed "Dad" to that nickname which she just gave me and she simply smiled, knowing fully well that she was untouchable. At this point, that puzzle of so many years was solved effortlessly.

Know this and know peace, men and women are wired differently. Women are raised to be more daring and bolder when it comes to certain things and I think it's only natural.

Its Kunle..


  1. I can relate with you on this. Women are changing the narratives now.

  2. Well it is true what you stated up there.
    But these days everybody don bold come wise join am o.
    My 63 year old mom still dey get toasters wey dey in their late 40's and early 50's and professionals for that matter, and she be like I'm an old grandma o, and they will tell her no o, you are a classy grandma.
    My mom has will be blowing them lies on fun just to avoid them, she told me anytime she visits ones office he will always want to see her off to her car and she asked him not to, that she's not a baby and he be like no o, your dressing alone makes me feel proud & he wants to show off 😂😂.
    I told her your own good o, young babes dey find toasters dem never see 😆 lol

  3. Women are specially created. Welldone Mr Kunle.

  4. Smiled all through the read... Weldone sir 🙂

  5. Well written as always. I don't always comment but I look forward to your column. Kudos

    All the lawyers I know are great story tellers and write very well. Is it because of the large number of cases they read during law school?

    1. Some write badly with bad English & mistakes

    2. The most complex, anon said “all the lawyers I know”... not all the lawyers in Nigeria.

  6. I do agree with you. Women are unique


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