Stella Dimoko Former Singer Mo Cheddah Details Her Struggles With Getting Milk To Feed Her Baby + Talks About Mental Health..


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Saturday, January 08, 2022

Former Singer Mo Cheddah Details Her Struggles With Getting Milk To Feed Her Baby + Talks About Mental Health..

 What is easy for one might not be for the other.....


  1. Journey of womanhood. So many bitter sweet experiences. Keep being strong for you and your baby Mo Diva😘

  2. I had very bad experience with lactation when I had my first baby. Come and see recommendations, unripe pawpaw, oatmeal, palmwine, very hot palm wine, different things.
    I was having problem with my bladder after the CS, I don't feel pressed for urination, my husband had to time me and remind me constantly to go and urinate, after urinating, I feel cramps in my bladder. I was battling with this o, and everyone was still complaining that I was not drinking enough liquid for the breast milk to flow, kai, it wasn't easy.
    Thanks to my husband who angrily went to buy a carton of formula and warned all the advisers to leave me alone to heal first.
    It was later we went to the hospital, after checking me up and everything, we were told that not every woman produce enough milk for their baby.
    I could still detect it in some people's talks that we were wasting money on formulas instead of us to use correct agbo that will bring us breast milk.
    But do I care? NO.

    I had my second baby last year, the first question someone asked me was, if I was doing exclusive this time oo, I said no, that any problem?, she just kept quiet, and kept quiet for life.

    At my baby's last immunization appointment, the nurse that was counseling us about breastfeeding and exclusive stuffs said that if you give your baby cow milk, your baby will behave like cow, I rejected it and told her to be guided because there are many reasons why some mothers can't do exclusive. She apologized and continued her counseling on other things.

    Note:- My first child is very strong, brilliant and healthy.

    Don't kill yourself if you have problem with producing breast milk, formulas were made for some reasons.

    Sorry for the typing errors, my phone is misbehaving.

    1. Chai it was really a tough journey. You're a strong woman Tonia💯

    2. Thank God your husband is a reasonable human being🙆🏾‍♀️

    3. Some people don't even know what mothers are going through, yet, they impose their opinions and beliefs on them.

    4. You are very correct Tonia. And it's fellow women that will try and be guilt tripping you. I had that same experience for my third child and the side talks were something else. I was just strong cos it was my third child. Imagine if I was a novice to child birth, that's how I would have bin more frustrated with their talk.

    5. Congrats on the birth of your baby.
      No matter what you do, people must talk so do whatever makes you happy.

    6. Well done ma.

      It's so crazy honestly, like we have not heard cases of babies rejecting breast milk, so what are they supposed to eat? Some of these nurses sha.

    7. That nurse that uttered that statement is a cow, such stupid talk.
      People go through so much stress post delivery and should be allowed to take care of their babies the way they deem fit as long as it isn't harming anyone.

    8. The level of ignorance,even amongst some of the midwives and nurses makes me to shake my head within. I don't bother arguing with or correcting them.

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  4. Had a problem with lactation too. For almost 2wks, no milk. There's nothing in this life I didn't take. Palm wine, pap, pawpaw everything. Oya lactation na started. Just one breast🤦. I was even managing it use the other one, my boy then fell sick. Pediatrician then advised to avoid any stress for the baby. That was how we focused on the one lactating breast, since the other one was stressful(I couldn't take any chances abeg)🤦

    Motherhood is not a joke abeg. We deserve all the 1billion mothers' day😴

  5. By the grace of God,i will carry my babies this year. Amen

  6. I like her approach to this.

  7. People who produce sufficient/excess milk with ease don't know what God did for them!
    I saw whinnn in 2022 in the name of breastfeeding.
    I only kept at it because I was armed with plenty information about breastfeeding before and after I gave birth and because I was 100% determined to give it my all.
    It was exhausting mehn, the amount I spent on trying to maintain breastfeeding (buying 2 different breast pumps, countless lactation cookies and treats, moringa and all sorts) go buy land for my village. I even graduated to baking my own lactation cookies from scratch.
    Or should I talk about having to park car in unconventional places just to be able to pump when I resumed back to work? Ice packs were my best friend then.
    I had sore nipples for almost a month after birth, and kept struggling to keep the supply of milk up so I had to keep pumping to have enough stash in the fridge.
    In all, I'm grateful for the opportunity to experience all that and I know the less experience will be easier for me with all the lessons I've gathered.
    Keep it up Mo Cheddah.

  8. Motherhood! All I can say is thank God for my mom. I gave birth via Cs and my recuperation was slow as.i had never had any surgery in my life at some.point the site was infected with staphylococcus,filled.with pus that was flowing like water. Amidst that,I was struggling with lactation and being able to have my baby latch on. It was soooo painful,for every session I clamped my teeth hard on a carton paper. Soon baby was able to sick amidst sore nipples but the breast milk wasn't flowing well,I used a pump but got very little after hours,so we added one month,my baby wasn't satisfied with just that and I had to introduce dawa at amonth. People talked but I did me Biko,the bottom line was sto have my baby well fed and healthy. Before we were three months my boy was so robust that people stopped me.on the road to.ask if I exclusively breastfed him. In all,my mom was my greatest support. I was in the same house with my mother in law but she first criticised me for crying when baby was latching,turned up her nose when I said I was going to introduce dawa and didn't even care about my mental health as a result of the Cs.One particular ocassion,she made food for everyone else except me that was breastfeeding o. I have much to tell but I thank God for everything especially my mother!.

    1. Kai God. Motherhood isn't easy o.

    2. Woow, while my friend will be breastfeeding on one of her agbalumo breast and put a cup on the other to catch the flowing milk that's thrown away because her children were not heavy breast drinkers. A lucky mother then who wasn't lactating was taking the other milk to feed her children. It was bizarre, agbalumo breasts flowing like Imo River while my water melons were dropping like Uwani tap. This life is a mystery 🚶🚶🚶🚶🚶

    3. Wow thumbs up,what is dawa

  9. Congratulations Mo
    The bitter sweet journey of motherhood

  10. With my first, I had a terrible experience with breastfeeding, my problem was actually producing excessive milk such that my breast was engorged for over 1 year. I breastfed for 16 months at the end of the day but I always came down with fever every month due to engorged, hard rock breast that even when my baby was over a year, I was still going to see the Doc almost every month when the breast pain hits me! With my second, my milk came in the second day after birth and I have been able to keep the quantity at bay by not Pumping breast milk, at least not yet (I'm 1 week post partum today). I'm just breastfeeding no Pumping and no unbearable pain or engorgement ! I'm elated and grateful for this time around.


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