Stella Dimoko Lawyer Responds To FAAN Press Release That His £400 Was Not Stolen At Lagos Airport.


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Monday, January 03, 2022

Lawyer Responds To FAAN Press Release That His £400 Was Not Stolen At Lagos Airport.

This is a response to FAAN Press release after Lagos Lawyer Mr Olakunle Fapohunda cried out that his money was ''fapped'' by FAAN officials at the Lagos airport...

This is his response to FAAN press release denying their officials stole the money...

Re: FAAN Debunks Claim Of £400 Theft At Lagos Airport -

I have painstakingly read a Press Statement that was credited to the General Manager, Corporate Affairs of FAAN, Mrs. Henrietta Yakubu and published in several online newspapers and it has become expedient to respond to same.

The said Press Release stated that the Authority has conducted an investigation into my allegation and come up with a report and I find this very interesting for the reasons stated anon;

a.) the Authority never acknowledged receipt of my petition, to date;

b.) the Authority never invited me formally to provide/produce any shred of details for the purpose of identification and or investigation, and one may then wonder how my identity was established;

c.) the Authority has also stated that the only person who had contact with my tray on the said date was a NAHCO staff which I find strange because I cannot remember having contact with any uniformed person throughout my encounter at the point of scanning, but the Authority is in a better position to identify its own staff;

d.) the Authority has come up with a report in record time which I find commendable;

e.) the Authority would also recall that when I was confronted with a copy of the Press Release in my Facebook Page inbox I requested a copy of the CCTV footage and I was informed that same could not be sent to due to the sensitive nature and the privacy of other passengers and of which I have been promised same upon my return to the country and I look forward to watching same.

For the record, may I state that I do not have anything to gain by alleging theft where I've not suffered any damage. I am a legal practitioner who trained in three of the leading law offices in Nigeria and my past employers and colleagues can vouch for my integrity, or otherwise. I encourage the Authority to carry out a background check on me in any of my past employments details of which are in the public domain. I am not given to frivolities and my life does not depend on £400 but when my money is missing, I have every right to cry out, regardless of the amount.

However, since the Authority has released the report of its investigation, albeit same was done without any form of official input from me or acknowledging receipt of my petition that was eventually acted upon, to date, I would rather say that it is what it is and may also state that I am not unaware of the possible fate that awaits me whenever I return to Nigeria.

 I want it to be on record that my allegation is based on a honest belief and furthermore, I refuse to be gagged regardless of the harassment which some overzealous persons may want to subject me to at the airport upon my arrival in my own country. Let it be on record that my team of lawyers are on standby.

Thank you your anticipated cooperation and I look forward to watching the CCTV footage whenever I return to my country of birth.

Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Olakunle Tayo Fapohunda


  1. Replies

    2. "I would rather say that it is what it is and may also state that I am not unaware of the possible fate that awaits me whenever I return to Nigeria".😭😭😭😭

      "refuse to be gagged regardless of the harassment which some overzealous persons may want to subject me to at the airport upon my arrival in my own country".😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

      Who saw these?

    3. Greatest mistake, having word battle with a lawyer.

    4. I don't know why, I am always scared whenever I m approaching Muritala Mohammed Airport,Lagos.I hv been fortunate not to hv any encounter but nearing that airport,always makes my heart skip...The begging by cleaners, securities, immigration and airport officials etc is out of this world, some will even tell u point-blank, dt they want foreign currency. May God help Nigeria.

  2. They think they are dealing with a novice... this one will drag your life until you say the truth.. bunch of liars

  3. Ghen ghen!!!😀😀 . That CCTV video go lost or the last rain that fell damaged that section of the airport and destroyed the entire section.
    The acts of some of those people at that airport is dehumanizing.
    Hope they've met their match .

    1. First time reading your comments. Very funny and true. SOME Nigerian public officers / administrators create the best alibis in the world.

  4. Beautifully written.
    It is what it is.
    Regular travelers can attest to the fact that these people sure have very 'slimy and sticky fingers'!

  5. Government firms are quick to cover and defend crimes. I am sure they share the money among themselves

  6. FAAN, we know their antecedents. Departure from Nigeria airports to some is nightmare. Good a thing it was only money and was never threatened not to board.

  7. Na wa for this my dear country

  8. FAAN.... Very useless set of people. All they do is extort people. Bunch of criminals. However, I am wondering why the lawyer didn't keep the money in his hand luggage. Na real wa!

  9. 😀😀😀😀SDK bevees will not kill person. Lol at the last rain damaged the section of airport. It is what it is

    1. Na true na. Even the lawyer knows the pranks they might want to play, hence the phrase it is what it is.

  10. It's good you drag FAAN by its' balls, they employ thieves as staff.

  11. I hope he has receipts,he should drag them very well,their cup is full.I wish others affected by this can speak up.

  12. Hope this Kunle is not our own Kunle (Dr freaks journal).

    1. Are you thinking what i'm thinking my fellow anno? if it happens to be our own kunle I'm sure he will drag them wella and if not then they've met their match.

  13. I really hate those trays becsuse there really is a moment of time where you can't see what is going on.

    Let us get back to not keeping allnour cash in our wallets. Stuff your bras or get a travel money belt to wear.

  14. That was how the stole all the money one sister was coming back from Italy when she had problem with her congregation. I mean all her money in her purse that she needs to sustain her life in Nigeria as she was not to travel back. Wicked people

  15. An establishment that is quick to defend its thieving staff is CULPABLE!

    They stole my gold and I placed a curse on those that did. CURSED FOREVER!


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