Stella Dimoko The Adventures Of Oko Ashawo The Uber Driver - 110


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Friday, January 07, 2022

The Adventures Of Oko Ashawo The Uber Driver - 110

Those who regularly use Uber/Bolt services will agree with me that the last festive period the fares were unusually higher than normal.

For me, it was mixed blessings.

 I did not join the race early because I was not too well for a while and needed to rest. However, when I decided to work on Christmas Eve, I was shocked at how much I made within a few hours. I started working by 5pm and before 12 midnight, I had a full wallet.

Trips that would usually cost 2k turned out to be over 4k and for most of the day in most places, it was the same occurrence. While still on a trip, as I got close to my destination with my client, another request would come in immediately. It was such a beautiful experience and I wished everyday would be just like that. Anyway, as the saying goes …. “Every day no be Christmas” but I made sure I enjoyed every moment of it.

I did not want to miss the Cross-Over Service for anything; and I made up my mind to start working just after church service. I started my first trip for the year around 1am and it almost ended up being a disaster. 

I picked up a couple from church and the road leading to their house was bad.
 While I was getting close, I tried to avoid the very bad portions as much as I could but unfortunately, I climbed a very big stone, which I did not notice on time. I felt something break at the rear area of the passenger side of the car and it dragged on the floor. It was a metal sound, which felt like the silencer had left position and pulled along. 

Haaaa … which kain wahala be this on the first day of the year?

I managed the car like that till I got to their house before checking it out. I found that the stabilizer linkage had broken and it dragged on the floor. I thought about what to do as a quick fix since there was no way on earth I would get a mechanic to help me fix it at that time of the night. Luckily for me, I found a rope close by that I used in tying up the broken component to the chassis area while I continued working.

On New Years Day, the least of the surge trips I got was 1.9 times higher than normal. There was a time I even got surge trips of up to 2.8. Working as an Uber driver had never been so good but since it wouldn’t last forever, I worked really hard increasing my working hours. My usual earnings for a week were made in just 2 days.

One thing I observed this period also is that my rating dropped pretty fast from the 4.96 area out of a maximum 5 points to 4.75 in a few days. I was not surprised because clients were not happy with the fares and they looked for any reason to score an Uber driver low.

 I just want to thank God for a beautiful year that has started on a very good note and I pray that everyone reading this will have a wonderful and fulfilling year ahead. 

For the first time in a long time, January is looking like it has only 15 days. I can’t believe we are on the 7th day already.

*As you don get small money for pocket January wey be 50 days don turn to 15...Hahahahahahahahha.
Please do and DO SOMETHING this year nah........*wink* find your missing


  1. He tell you say im rib dey miss. Oko
    go and get married!

  2. Most girls here are waiting for those that have "made it big" to marry.
    it is a shame

    1. And when their times don dey pass, they will be rushing to every fire and mountain.

    2. Nor follow sdk mouth if your missing rib no balance she nor get hand work or nor dey work nor carry oo

  3. Stella don start again this year 😁😁

    January has always been a normal month for me in terms of date

    Oko ashy you hear so, find your missing rib and Teejay too

    1. People that spent heavily during December always says the month of January is dragging too long hence the 50 days talk from Stella

    2. I spent my December salary in just the one week of Xmas/new year. I didn't even remain feeding money for January. The only good thing is that I have lots of stuff and toiletries. Thanks God one week has gone already. 3 more weeks to go to payday. At least I still have t.p to go to work

  4. Hard work pays, Wish you the best of 2022

  5. More blessings to you Oko Ashawo

  6. No be only missing rib😁
    Enjoy o

  7. Amen to your prayers,it was a nice

  8. Wishing you the best of 2022.I said it,yes,the fares were unusually high this season and I was complaining not knowing that Oko Ashewo was smiling to the bank😁.

    Have an amazing year ahead with higher ratings

  9. amen to your prayers and I wish you a happy New year

  10. Wishing you the best of 2022 Oko Ashawo

  11. Most of you drivers had a dashboard of over 700k for the month of December but will still remit 30k a week to partner. When partner says bring your contribution for repairs, you will start your stories. Winter don come, remit without stories.


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