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Tuesday, February 01, 2022

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative...



I was working and living an independent life in the city, till the devil scattered everything that i had to return to the village. It's been 4months since i returned to the village to my family that i thought will encourage me that things will get better, rather i get insulted every day and constantly reminded everyday that I'm in my late 30s as a lady that i should go and marry....

I also get insulted for the food i eat. 

These are the people who i helped when the going was right. If only i can put up a little business and get an apartment and live home as it was for me before now. Will be grateful. Please God bring me back to that independent lady that i used to be i beg you, take me out of this stagnancy God. 

I don't even know where to start from, i don't know if i should go left or right as the spirit of rejection that I'm facing is not here. oh! God I hate myself right now.

*First off, you need to leave that Environment you are in, even if it is to work at a building site or wash clothes for people...look for someone that can house you for a few months while you job hunt.. Don't sit down there calling on God and not changing location.... I wish you all the best and I am so sorry that you have such a horrible fait weather family.


  1. Replies
    1. @ Prudent you are not serious๐Ÿคฃ.

      Poster, so all through the years in the city you were unable to cultivate friendships that will stand solid for you in times of distress?

      We need friendships. No man is an island. Ignore people that peddle only terrible stories of bad sides of friendship.

      Anyway, at the end of the day, you can only attra t your kind. Be A good and dependable friend and the universe will ALWAYS come through for you.

    2. No mind them Ms saphire, they’ll tell you they’re introvert, they don’t like going out, they don’t need friends. Truth is you don’t need lots and lots of friends. If you’re an introvert person, 1-2 close friends is more than enough. Even as an extrovert self. Who needs a crowd. A good and genuine friendship tribe goes a long long way. Me I dey look for my friendship tribe self. I need 3 good close friends in my area. A lot of My friends have moved out of my city so I’m left with long distance friendship. Poster please reach out to your friends if you have any and let them know your situation at hand. Leave that environment ASAP.

    3. Aunties n uncles nko. May God fix it

  2. Hmmmm, i can imagine. Most times I doubt if family is everything!!! I'm also faced with such but I trust God to perfect all that concerns me......

    1. It depends on what family means to you..if it is blood relatives, then that type is highly overated.. they will keep you down, if they can!

  3. poster don't tell me you didn't save while the going was good

    1. I guess you don't know what it means when hardluck happens.
      If you like save all the money in CBN, when hard time happens everything would be lost in a twinkle of an eye no matter how careful you are.
      Your only saviour will be JESUS.

      I've been there and I can say that I know what she's passing through.
      About a year and six months I was close to death. People who knew me thought I had a chronic illness that slimmed me down, I became bony. I thought I had all the savings and investment that will carry me through 10 years even if I lost my job but it seemed as the devil told me to hold his cup. It looked like the whole world was against me. Me that people used to seek assistance from started feeding from hand to mouth. I almost gave up on myself but JESUS was there every step of the way.
      I pulled through and my story is different now.

      Poster please make Jesus your best friend if you are a Christian and if you are a Muslim, Allah never disappoints. Call on Him and He will answer. There's no problem He can't solve.
      It was worse for me when my mum told me she doesn't care if I kill myself or not and that hurt so badly for me. Get yourself together and if you have a friends you can put up with for now, then make that move.
      I wish you heavens speed as you go through this trying times and I pray the grace of God never leaves you. I will also put you in my prayers as I'm doing a Novena to St. Jude for impossible cases.

  4. It is well but you have to look for another place to stay in the meantime

  5. May God come to your aid..
    May God deliver ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™Œ you from spirit of rejection...

    I pray that God will fix it for you ๐Ÿ™..

  6. You will be fine but are you considering marriage or is it that the men ain’t coming?

    May God give you rest on every side.

    1. For real? Marriage with such liability of a life? I wonder why some ladies see marriage as a means of getting out of their liability laced life. Where women are in good position I'm the corporate world putting men in their place.

      Poster please get up from this your solitude and move, if you can't walk, crawl. Don't let one man see you finish as a liability that needs to be pitied.

    2. You be real agadi. Should marriage be a solution to her situation?

  7. I understand you. Like Stella said find something to do, even if they are menial jobs, save and with time open your little business and move on with your life. This is how I used to help my parents back home only for them to insult me daily and treat me like a disappointment,when I lost my job. You wouldn't even think I was their daughter from the horrible things they said to me. Now I am financially stable again, thanks to God I got back on my feet and I am not lacking and now they have started calling me back. Every day there is a problem, someone is sick, the kitchen needs to be changed, there is not food in the house etc. But I have learnt my lesson. Whenever they ask I tell them that I don't have money and I have it only for myself. I told my mother that I will never send them one kobo again because all the money I'm saving is for me and my unborn children. I reminded her of how they treated me back then to the point of them telling me that they didn't care if I slept in the streets and I asked her if she expected me to send them money when last they insulted me and my generation, even going as far as telling me that if I go back home, I should not put feet in their house.
    Some parents think that because they gave birth to you, you owe them. Nah, I didn't ask to be born, they chose to have sex and give birth to me. I told my mother that she has other children aside of me so she should go and ask them for money. One thing I promised myself is that I will never send them money, I will rather give to orphanages. My parents don't lack, they are just greedy. They own a shop and a school yet they are always complaining that they don't have money.
    My dear put yourself first. Always. Think about yourself because no one will help you in your time of need. I know for a fact because I have experienced homelessness at a certain point and no one, I mean NO ONE, helped me. I had to make difficult decisions like living in a shelter since I couldn't afford an apartment and now I am going back to school in September to earn my nursing degree.
    If I could help you I would but right now I am saving for my school fees...I will keep you in my prayers and I know that God will make a way for you. I know is difficult but don't let the harsh words said to you affect your self esteem. Do something, brainstorm and start from doing something, however small it my be. I used to work as a cleaner and babysitter and other menial jobs until I got back on my feet again.
    Sending you love and light.

  8. My dear I understand your plight. I have been through such. It's horrible. I almost took my life during my experience. I bless God for my life now. By the way where do you reside? What are your job qualifications. At this point any job can suffice

  9. Poster pls leave that environment.
    You can return back to the city, register with an agency so you can work as a live in housekeeper, serve them diligently with the fear of God, save your entire salary or the most of it for about two years and use the money to start a trade.
    Some housekeepers in Lagos, Island precisely, collect up to 50k-60k monthly.
    Most importantly, pray, pray and keep praying for divine favour.
    May God direct you to the right persons but most importantly,be the right person yourself too.

    1. Anon 16:22, I like your advice. Poster, this is a good path to tow. Key word is focus. There may be so many distractions in said home you are employed, but focus and save. You may also need a friend to hang in with for a month or two while looking for these jobs. Make sure you register with agencies, it's faster and more secure.

      Since you need some funds to relocate, start doing menial jobs in the village. Work as an elephant and eat like an ant. You can go to places planning events to join people cooking, serving, washing plates etc. You can also buy/ pluck from around you bitter leaf, wash and sale in the market or even events. You can turn fufu and be selling. You can resell/ buy farm produce in the village market.Food and foodstuff sells. I'm just trying to say that there are many ways to make money in the village too. It's not always so bad if you are hardworking and creative. Just look around you and see what you can be doing to earn money. Don't feel sorry for yourself and rejected. I have been down too before but did not remain there. Thanks to God.

      I pray God will turn things around for you and make you smile again. Don't think too much of your parents or family, they don't know any better. E-hugs Sis. I hope to hear your success story soon

  10. It is very difficult when in problems and the last thing is go back to village. That is the worst that can happen to anyone and that is where they are just doing their evils.

    May God help you to run from that village Amen. It is well

    1. As in it gets even more depressing going back to the village. It’s like starting over again but with God, hard work and dedication poster you’ll get back on your feet. Time to take action. Write out your plans (pls keep it to yourself) and start working on them one at a time. If you know someone in the city and work on those goals there, please go back. Like stella said, you need to leave that environment as that’s contributing more to your already sad mood. Time to get up! Goodluck.

  11. Why are family like this? Over and over we read these stories. It is sad and despicable.

    Poster, do as Stella said. Living in an environment with such contempt will only push you deeper down into emotional turmoil and make it harder for you to rise up. When ppl are sending you daggers daily, saying nasty thing uttered and unuttered it will definitely hold you down. The lack of love for each other in this world is at an all time high.

  12. Poster so sorry for what you are going thru. Some family no follow at all. They care for you when you have money but when money goes they will change colours like chameleon. See try and register so they can hire you to be a house keeper or maid with accommodation then you save up money then get your own accommodation and open or get a small place you can be frying puff puff,buns,egg roll and akara buy show glass and display the fried products buy a cooler and sell soft drinks and water. Food business brings money you can never go wrong with Food business if you do it well. I have done this business before I know what I am talking. Take one day at a time don't worry too much. In Lagos you can get a job as a house keeper with accommodation 50k or 60k. I don't know your location but look for a job that has accommodation offer with it. It will help a long way in getting you out of that village setting. Trust in God keep your hands clean and God will come through for you. Take care of yourself

  13. please poster change your mindset first, you are not stagnant

  14. Sometime ago, i posted here how i am a grown woman and still live happily with my family. In that post, i encouraged people to build homes where love wins at all times. I bring this up because when i was down and out, my family insisted i come home and it is from there i rebuilt my life. Family should be a safe haven not fair weather.

    That said, poster, look inward. What are your skills? What service or skill do you have that would benefit people. If you have decent iT Skills, there are people working as virtual customer service assistants or personal assistants. If you are a decent cook, you can get food significantly cheaper and use a friend in the city to sell at a markup. Whatever skill you have, someone needs it. Now is not the time for pride and ego, its a time to hustle.

    I am convinced you will find your way back up. When you do, you may want to learn a bit more about financial planning, saving and investment so you can plan for the future. I wish you the very best going forward.

  15. It is well with you poster. God will come through for you. Amen

  16. What were you doing "when the going was good?"

  17. I am sorry about your plight poster. Please look for people in the city where you were who can accommodate you while you look for job, I pray you find facour. And whenever you find your feet again, ensure to look out for yourself most, save and save, and most importantly don't bear grudges against your family but be very wise in dealing with them, blood is not always thicker than water these days o.


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